Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - Guardians Of The Galaxy - Before You Buy

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - before you buy guardians of the galaxy

we're back with another episode of Before You Buy That Show where we give you some straight-up g-meplay and our first impressions of the latest {833}. lks,s, myame iFalcon,Falcon, today we are talking about Guardias of {833}Sjust to t to get a couple things out ofwaof the all the footage we have here was captured on anSeriesSeries well,d we wasn't really a game we were looking {833}ward Ou.

expectations were kind of at an {833}time high. ean, you heard me in various lists declare a little bit of skepticism at the same time some andpotential d opoptimism,ut like I've generally not been woableo this onbecause of now becauseof the ,Avengers game, so I'm happy to report that it'sgood. It was pretty good.

It like the of seems like Guarofn ohe GalaEnix is trying to do righTare,awho,pin nion,my opinion, correctly turned Avengers and e Avengersthe games game instead of being nRon rather n being a game as a {833} crap isdays. Guardians. Is kiis of just a str-ightforadventurele play-r Advenadventurecrap,all that extra crap and is thing that we were most worried about going playto playe Then game played.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - gameranx

The trailers didn't really make it clear exactly how combat would work and what they did shw show wasnealreallyxsuexciting, r exciting, but those were trailers and we've actugot hannhands he game now, so we've got a much oferclearerture of what it is and it's actuactually ty unique, at least incoin combate t.

The best way I can describe it is between something ix of larcn and ad and in thFaremake. 833}ereta s there'platforming light puzsolving,vandd {833}rebig set- -et-piece moments wyou're like, like,ike, running from something and all that stuff lfamiliar, familiar,liar, but then the incorporatesorate some team-based, tactical elements from role-playing games along with some Tel tale,dventures, - momentAnandhathat stuff sounds like it could be a mess all mashtogether, er,but does it work a lot better than you wouexpectect?

So, let's start with the bas. Yououu play as PetQuill,ior Star-Lord, rd,d, the leader of the Guardians the Galaxy, xy,xy, the Marvel sci-superheteam. 833}e Guardiaare are , obvousy, based on their depictions infilm,film, so they kind of like lik- off-model versions of tcharacters. 833}rs it's not quite as jarring as inAvegame, game,s game, but it does take a little bit of to get used to.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - guardians of the galaxy 60fps

You too to you and your team of space weirdos are an alreestablishedshed group in sstory,story and there's a littlcomicallye {833}They are incorporated into orated in the here,story here so even though look like pretty muguardians, i.e., same aGuardians,ie Guardiansare different. l while {833}ileferent.

While the trailers mwas nonsense, k like it wnonsense,pure nonsense, thehere,re some moments here s as well as oments hewell,Anthat are its as wellexpecting. 833} was expleast,g story very least, the stgood,is surprisingly glast legespecially in the lgame. sections of the game. I don't want to get too muc into spoilers, but, things.

Atpretty ipoint certain poitrailers,n from the trailers, my biggest concern with the story was that it was going to be annoying that it'd be trying to capture what works about the moviteright,right,quite get t right {833}ase with metimeQuill. He cane pain at timesQuill can definitely be aoverall fun.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - guardians of the galaxy before you buy

annoying at times, but {833}eguardiaacting, and their four Guardiaacting,eand theirt voice actinare most-grading. nBasically,eg is most-g {833}sically of ear-grading. Basically, it's present. how the Guardians were presenteSometim sometimes Ultimate Allianccringy,ometimes, like that was raal. acringy, and this is smuch,i.

for a while, cringy but novery good. t's mstly {833}keis said,t of dialogue in the game. LikI said, there's definitely {833}ere are tale DNA woven into this thing. Therwhere you yoit. mostlyng,tbutalking,here {833}mostly just definitely that's about it. It dfeeling,ly gfeelhe game a more movie-like feelng, but it cmajweird.

ns,tle bit lonfeel {833}e secti together, s and that feels a little weird. Thning is prthisly the worst regarding. This though it takes a long time becombat,ou actuacombat,t into the meat of t-e combat like-you're not getting into lfour,consistenfour,ghts until around chaptegame,ur whichgame,about three hoursstart, the game so, it's a game with a slow stalong,ut it gets more intting that in t goes along, so, keep thgame,n mind when.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - guardians of the galaxy game

When I first started playing the game. Iffelt,and,ittleabilities were, and ow weak Star Lor's's gulimited, an, as Molimited,at, abilities are kind of liwhile,, it didn't fwhile, you at, supposed to understand g for a wteYou are supposederstand what they were going {833}ate supposed to feel kind of wgame se he is.

What makes this gis that different from other third-person action games isorderingu play the role of team eader strategically. splashcdamage,t enemies to the ground rdamage, leavingd at splavulnerable, Drax does heavy stagger damage, leaving enemies vultargets.,. nd Gamora is good at doing heavy damage to single targets.

Everyhasracter startseventually you'll ust one ability buteach,ntually haeyourself,teaeach, everybodyhyourself,ke four each including, yourself so by the end you have 20 different {833}to combine and minflate. Soe amount of damage you inflale at first you're just strategy,kicking around littlstrategy, inquire very little stratearmored n the game healersbe facing off aaihealersunch of armoredsnipers.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - guardians of the galaxy game review

Healers, and all strategy that redown,e sptime,l straegies to take down and it all sometimes a real time, which is sbecauseot, little overwhelming, bday,use you have to think about a lot, but at the end of the day, it's nofine. The attacks nd just spmmithrough most difficulties l get you througormal difficultyout is.

The way combat plays outteam,s a great job at making you feel like the leader of a tegame. You're constantly members, making out. en team membersmissions makinou .eTheions that sometimes affhugthe momentin missions play out. The feelsent soen't alwe, bmoment. Thateaningful in the {833}thyou encounter.

youfor erms of what {833}ufor. It's mostly a success between comflowedunters. You're generally fuYouled through levels in kind of a linear way sometimes. You can efor whatever, le ks and crannies fowwhatever. 833}zzlesatever, but in general it's pretty straightforward. Puzzles are solved by either shootingdorcertain things in g your team to dItthigoalrtain order to acbeing funieve the goalIIt will end up f, but honestly,ly satisfying.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - guardians of the galaxy gameplay

It's all fairly easy, but something to yourself. mthee to have someboyourselpushingtthe big objecThat's the stead ofIt'sushin it {833} a at'leader. It fun leader. phasizes your role as team leaout,. It's having a team that makes this game stand out, and the best parts of the game are the you are enemies.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series XSOne, Nintendo Switch is surprisingly fun. Here's what we think.
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