Mark of the Ninja - 20 Best Stealth Games That Truly Test Your Sneak Level



stealth games We love them and we don't get enough of them anymore, so today we wanted to highlight some of the great ones we've loved throughout the years. Stealth games that you know truly test your sneak level. If you know what I mean, we've got 20 fun games to talk about, so let's jump in with number.


Origami is a third-person stealth adventure game where you play as an origami, who's like a spirit. You have some abilities and tools, most notably the ability to teleport to any shadow. And essentially, it really makes what would be a standard third-person stealth game into something a little bit more special with a really cool art style, a pretty good vibe, and multiple difficulty levels.

It can be pretty challenging, and I mean not to mention the fact that it's just a straight-up good old third-person stealth game. You could be a sneaky murder man, or you could try and be completely undetected and just kind of disappear like a ghost, and it can be a lot of fun. Actually, more recently, we've gotten a sequel, Origami 2, but unfortunately, it's not quite as good as the first one, so we're going to focus on that.

Definitely check it out if you haven't. It's affordable, it's easy to pick up, but you can spend a good amount of time with it.

Sly cooper

Sly cooper

and now over at number 19, we got to give some love to one of the OG's, Sly Cooper. He just really plays all the Sly Cooper games. Sly Cooper really perfected that kind of old school one hit and you're dead type thing and integrated a little bit of stealth with it. You know, hiding from security systems, hiding from enemies, and if you were young when these games came out, you felt like a sneaky badass.

That's why people just love these games and are still clamoring for another one to this day. Will it ever happen? We don't know for sure, but we had to give some love to Sly Cooper.

Assassin␙s creed

Next, over at number 18, we thought they were worth at least highlighting. The Assassin's Creed games, of course, in more recent years, this can be a little debatable.

The stealth is pretty simple and straightforward. Watchdogs, 2. They've really played around with stealth elements a lot in different ways, and really with Assassin's Creed, in particular with the social stealth and the earlier days, we thought it was worth giving some props to just because it's unique and different, and it really worked well in that incredibly underrated multiplayer mode.

Deus ex mankind divided/human revolution

Deus ex mankind divided/human revolution

Next, over at number 17, the Deus Ex games, you know, we're going to mention a couple of simulation PC-style games where you have a lot of freedom to approach your gameplay scenarios, and Deus Ex is worth highlighting, specifically the newer ones. Human Revolution and Mankind Divided, because they just had some really good scenarios that if you chose the stealth option, were just really fun, and the game gave you a lot of really interesting tools to do so should you choose to embrace them.

For mankind divided especially, even though that one wasn't quite as awesome as Human Revolution as a whole on the story front, there were some really well built scenarios and levels that were fun to sneak around in. If you don't believe me, go back and revisit it.

Tenchu series

Next, at number 16, the Tenchu series, of course we had to mention awesome ninjas creeping around.

I feel like when you watch these youtube articles like nobody ever mentions Tenshu anymore and Tenshu Stealth Assassins, it really was like one of the first games to give you that real feeling of creeping around as a ninja using your tools, climbing and creeping around on rooftops and sneaking up on dudes.

Of course, the series had its ups and downs. Of course, I was really into Wrath of Heaven. The games aren't really around anymore, but at the time they were something else. They were incredibly unique, and they had a really good stealth experience that was unlike anything else on the market. It was pretty challenging.

It could be gory and, of course, it was entertaining. This is still a series that we're really, really hoping will eventually make a comeback.

Alien isolation

Alien isolation

Next over at number 15, believe it or not, we're going to highlight Alien Isolation for its pretty damn fun stealth elements. There are a lot of horror games out there that involve running away and hiding from a creature or a bad guy, but Alien Isolation felt like it was fully fleshed out. You had some options.

You have some tools. It just felt really well crafted but like you take that stuff and you couple it with the tension, the fear, the dread based on basically the original alien movie. That type of atmosphere, it's unmatched, with stealth is the perfect combo for us, so yeah, that's why it's on the list.

Chronicles of riddick

Now over at number 14, if we're talking about movie tie-in games, we've got to talk about the Chronicles of Ridick's Escape from Butcher Bay. This was one of those games that we all thought was going to be absolutely perfect. But it turned out to be pretty sweet. It's based on the whole Vin Diesel pitch for the Black Chronicles of Riddick universe thing, and they made a really damn good game out of it that like really stretches out the lore and really expands upon some things, and it was just a good old solid first-person stealth adventure.

Long story short, you are, of course, the titular riddick, and you are in one of the most brutal jails, and you have got to get out. The game had some guns and some first-person hand-to-hand combat, but the stealth sections were absolutely the best, and they were pretty challenging because you could die pretty quickly.

It was an unexpected and really cool one and still doesn't get enough love, so we wanted to highlight it.

Invisible inc.

Invisible inc.

Next over at number 13, we have Invisible Ink, which is essentially top-down turn-based stealth, which might turn some of you off, but don't get it twisted; this is actually really cool and even if it's turn-based, the tension and the strategy are still 100 percent there like any other stealth game.

It's not only like the cool stylized spy, corporate infiltration, futuristic type thing, just a really good vibe, a really good setting for a game, but the actual amount of creativity within all of this is pretty sweet. It's from some developers who have proven themselves to really know stealth from another game we're going to talk about on this list, but here you're able to choose from a bunch of different characters and kind of build them out with different tools and skills, and all the encounters are randomly generated, so it felt like there was always something new and it was always a big surprise.

Invisible ink is super underrated and really special, and stealth game fans should check it out.

Here are some of our favorite stealth sneaking games throughout gaming history.
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