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Need some coins for that god squad you've always wanted, for the cheapest and fastest coins anywhere, make sure to check out {943} and use code zerk for five percent off your order. Madden 23 is finally out and you want to know what to do first. I've got you covered. Now I don't give a shout out to Rams Fnatic for being a part of the Noti Gang.

If you guys want a chance to shout out in the next article, drop a like in the article. You know the game also, guys. We have the NFL season coming up gonna be a lot of specials included in that as well. I'm very excited about that, so let's talk about what to do first. Of course, he is going to be dropping it with your article on August 19th.

Whether you're watching this article in October or not, this article is still going to work for you. I'm just going to go over the basics of exactly what you guys should be looking to do as soon as you get the game. Okay, as of the time that I'm recording this article. I'm currently in New Zealand. Okay, so I don't have my pre-order packs.

I'm waiting for them to be released in the US and I believe I'll get them, but with the all-men's edition you do also get 4,600 Madden points. The pro, platinum, and elite bundles are without a doubt the bundles that you want to do. The pro, platinum, and elite bundle gives you 14.80 plus overall platinum players.

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That is a ton of coins now. Jared Ramsey, and all that the market's going to be really expensive. I would sell. I actually would not buy anything. So I actually would just do any packs you're going to do, and sell them. Keep whatever players you're going to do. Don't open up your pre-order packs yet.

Don't get your all-mad edition players. Don't do your rookie premiere just yet. Now, after you guys have done that, I would go ahead and open up your pre-order packs. Maybe pick up your Micah Parsons Maybe pick up your Barry Sanders if you get the all-mad edition before July 22nd. You will get that if you pre-ordered it all.

You get that free 82-headliner player. I'll make you guys go ahead and do that. Then right after that, if you guys play Madden 22, come in here and get your rookie points redeemed. As of the time they're recording for you on August 15th. It's going to be a fantasy pack of 10 random players, and it's going to be locked to your item miner, so you can't sell the player, you can't trade whatever.

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This one you need two tokens to do. You can do this one three times. I believe you can only do that once. This one, though, you can do it three times and it's a complete The fantasy pack gives you all 32 player options, and then, of course, you have this one, which is auctionable. And after doing that, you guys are gonna want to come over here to solo challenges, and I would say to hop in right away.

Obviously, you have to start your ultimate team, but then do the team captains. Get your team captain if you want. I have a article going over the best team captain if you guys want to check that out. You're not sure what choice you want to go with, but definitely play your solos. I'm still working on these.

Now, once you guys have gotten all your free players, you open up packs, you have your team assembled, it's going to be a lot easier to do all that first, and then hop into these early access solos if you guys have them available to you, because you get a bunch of coins. 3k coins, 4k coins, 4k 4k.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23 best packs

You can also earn some stuff for your field pass by playing these solos as well, so it's worth it to do. You know, you get the early coins and as well, you might want to check out these headliners, because you'll get a headliner's xp for the field pass. After you guys have done all of that, that's when I would probably start to look at these field passes, because you guys get a lot of coins, you guys get a lot of packs, and you get a lot of players from completing them.

The field passes now. I will have another article out, probably later today or maybe tomorrow, going over the fastest way to actually level up the field pass, so that way you guys can get in here and get your rewards as quickly as possible, but there are a lot of good rewards. I did make a article going over all of them, but there are a lot of players in here as well.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23 best tips

Are all the players you get at level 11 to get an 83 overall? Up here at level 21, you get 85 overall with Zach Cunningham at level 31. You get a CD-Lam, which is a pretty good card. At level 41, you get a Stefan Gilmore, which is a very good corner, and then at level 51, the final player you get here is 91-year-old Dave Casper, a speedy tight enemy.

It's just that card is absolutely insane, so you want to keep track of all the players going to get it, so you don't go out, you know if you're leveling up pretty quickly, and you're looking at potential wide receivers. Well, you have to remember that at level 31, you're going to get this CD-Lamb who is very good and he's buff.

All these cards are ef mirror bnd, which means they're locked up in a minor, you can't sell them, can't trade them, and he's 86 speed, 88 acceleration, a wide receiver with 85 86 85 route running, great after the catch, 87 change direction, and spin as well, so you really want to keep in mind all the players you're going to get for free, so you don't go out and spend a ton of coins on a wide receiver.

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If you don't need to, but of course you need three wide receivers, but you don't need to buy three super expensive ones because CD will do the job, but as you guys can see, when it comes to actually leveling. There are some really easy sets to do, but then as well, take advantage of these. Look at these: scoring touchdowns, getting points in any mode, passing for yards, rushing for yards.

For two days, you get 15, 000 xp. That's a ton. Now to the competitive stuff. I really want to worry about this right off the bat. You really just want to focus on building your team up. There's really just a ton to do when it comes to solo challenges and just trying to build your team, but also the competitive stuff.

You can start looking at here where you get stuff for passing for yards and mutt champs solo battle season games, and you do get a lot of stuff, like you actually get season xp to help your regular field pass from completing through here, so there's a lot of good stuff in here, like even a free rookie premiere at level 11, but I wouldn't necessarily focus on that.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23 day one tips

The first thing you're going to be doing—and this is something that I definitely would focus on—is headlines. So as you guys can see with the headliners, you get season xp here, you get a 74 plus overall headlining player, a bunch of xp for your regular season pass, and you get Derrick Brown right there with more xp.

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