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Madden NFL 23 - eric rayweather

Well, great i'm here to help you, and we're going to walk through them all together and try them out for the first time, starting right here with skill-based passing. So if we pass the lead this year, you can see there's a little gray ellipse. Okay, so when I pass the ball, you can see the little white circle.

That's the reticle. You can move around the ellipse. Now that's the same as last year, but what's different is you can hold down the left trigger, and I can kind of freeform it, so see how I move that circle much further outside the ellipse. So the idea here is that you hold down the left trigger, or L2, as you're passing to the receiver, and you can freeform, move where you pinpoint the ball.

We're adding defense in now, so let's see how this goes, so we're going to try to leave this up and okay. I kind of see the vision of it. We're able to just put it above the linebackers, a little bit more than versus a cover two. I could see this being really useful right here. Like trying to put it right over the safety like that.

Madden NFL 23 - eric rayweather madden

Of course, we drop the damn ball, but the idea is that you're putting it where only your guy can get it, so either your cat catches it like that or it's incomplete. You're not throwing a pick. As long as you put the ball in the right spot, at least you don't have to worry about it getting picked up.

He barely got his hands on the SWAT there, but he was not able to get an interception. I think it's also good for like just trying to find the softer spot of the zone, so right there we're able to get rid of it a little quicker because we can get it over the linebacker's heads. Here's the hard cut mechanic, so you hold the left trigger and you can kind of like stop and burst in the other direction.

Now, this actually is. I've messed around with it a little bit, and I actually really like it. It's just you got to kind of time it right so you don't overdo it, but you can really stop on that dime and just go the other way if you time it right now. Okay, let's add defense to the mix. Okay, cut all right you see right there, you can't really do that as well on the older games or even on the old gen because it's not on that game.

Madden NFL 23 - ericrayweather

See right there how we hit that nice little cut back? I actually really like this move. I like the fact that you can just hard play it and go when you see a hole like that is so nice. I think this might honestly be the most underrated change in the game. Look at the moves you're able to make. You really can stop on a dime.

Direct action and just turn the page. Those may have not been big runs into big runs, and even in the open field against a user in an online match, you can use this as a way to fake them out and just create bigger plays. I really like this. Okay, let's check out the tackle battles. We got to see if we can get one to engage, but it doesn't pop up every time, so we're just gonna see if we can get one to trigger here and that's a nice run tackle battle there.

We went to mash a mash, so we would have been able to maybe break that, but the gang tackling came in and stopped us. But that's basically all it is. I believe you just mash the button when the opportunity presents itself. See, there it came again, but a lot of times it looks like the gang tackling comes in and stops you.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23

There we go. There we go. We broke one. Okay, that's what it looks like. I think usually you just stiff arm and when you break one, okay, new abilities and X factors were added to the game as well, Jonathan. So Taylor's goal is to line up back stronger and run block within five yards of the end zone, which is a new ability that's in the game.

Let's test it out. We are within five yards of the end zone now, and I mean, yeah, the blocking looked pretty good there and he had a nice stiff arm. We're just going up against a random defense. Let's see how often we get in. I mean, the blocking does look pretty good. This might actually be a really clutch ability because inside the five, sometimes it's really hard to score, so if you can get better run blocking inside the five yard line, that's actually pretty clutch.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23 gameplay

I mean, we haven't gotten stopped yet, so this might actually be a really good opportunity to go up and score. Just as I said, we got to the inch line, but still not a bad shot. Run Okay, so Aaron Rodgers has this new X Factor called dots, and says you've got a complete six passes of five plus yards in the air, so I've just set the defense to cover three, so I know right where to attack.

We're going to activate this. We're here to try out the new features, not waste your time, so we're just going to make this as easy as possible. Okay, we're activated. So this is said to give you perfect accuracy and a quicker throw velocity, which are two things that are extremely important. We're just going against a cover three here, so the seams are going to be open versus the cover three, but just kind of trying to test out how accurate he is now.

The ball's definitely coming out faster, but he already has Gunslinger, so I mean, it's probably not a huge difference. Perfect pass accuracy is a really big deal, especially in this year's game, because even when you're under pressure, that perfect accuracy will still apply. I mean, my guy has not been off the mark yet.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23 new features

It's all been right on the money, and the ball's coming out super quickly now. Those are the important gameplay changes, so let's transition now into some of the game moves. They doubled the number of scouts and franchises this year, so that should definitely help with scouting, and I believe now the scouts can scout multiple positions, which is also helpful, so for example.

Johnny Rose right here, if we wanted to scout wide receivers and tight ends, he's our guy. He can handle both. Okay, so the mock draft is out. We're halfway through the season and we know a lot about quite a few players. This is definitely better than last year. If I remember correctly, I mean we know 50 percent of a ton of players already, so we're projected to take a right outside linebacker.

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As of right now, that might not be who we would actually take, but if we click on them, we already kind of know a good bit about them. We know the range of his block shedding, which is kind of a wide range. Same with his pursuit, but as we unlock more, we should get more concrete. In sixth grade, we know that he's excellent at tackling and we know that his own coverage is at least going to be okay at best.

If we go to his skills, we have some things uncovered. His play recognition is really good. Let's check out the top prospect at QB. For example, his key ratings are already known, and his deep acting seems really good. His medium accuracy is going to be good and his short accuracy, we know at best, is going to be good.

In this Madden 23 gameplay video, I'll be going over and breaking down every new feature and upgrade for Madden 23! For more Madden 23 gameplay, news, tips and tricks, money plays more.
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