Madden NFL 23 - Everything To Know

Madden NFL 23 - everything

Madden is here, which means that Madden is on the horizon, for those of you thinking this might just be yet another Madden entry.

Everything to know madden nfl 23

Everything to know madden nfl 23

Let's start with the plot.

Face of the franchise

The face of the franchise is the main game mode. Players can expect to find something even close to a traditional plot like in other article games, but it's not usually the core focus of Madden. That being said, the premise is basically that you can take control of a customizable character and lead a team to the promised land of winning a coveted super bowl while cementing your legacy among the greatest players of all time.

In the past, there might have been more of a, you know, traditional, story, such as in Madden 21, where you were competing for the qb spot with a high school teammate, and your on-field endeavors were weaved with the storyline of your friendly rivalry in Madden 23. From a story perspective, not much has been said other than the story focusing on players, taking their career to the next level, and finding success after having their team option expire.

So what this means is that rather than following your player from, say, the beginning of their high school or college career, you will start at a time when they have already earned a few stripes as a veteran.

Gameplay changes

Gameplay changes

Now we're going to break down what's different about the gameplay and the game modes. Madden 23's biggest change to the core gameplay is what EA is calling "field sense" .


This is an overhaul to several of the game's on-field mechanics. New tackle animations and game logic have redressed the play-by-play nature of the sport.

Wr vs db battles

Time will tell. I believe that a little less ultimate team and a lot more franchise is the golden ticket for Madden to shake off the annual copycat allegations. When they focus on some of these radical gameplay changes, sometimes they come off as a little gimmicky, such as last year's dynamic game day or m factors, which gave Madden a kind of sillier version of Call of Duty kill streaks.

If you think about it, despite my hesitation to consider field sense a true game changer, there are a lot of subtleties about the mechanic that will undoubtedly flesh themselves out once the game launches and gets into the player's hands. Field Sense also brings one of the more significant changes to your offense.

Skill-based passing

Skill-based passing

Sports fans that have played MLB The Show might recognize similarities to the gameplay as skill-based passing turns quarterback play into something more like fielding the ball in a show with an active throw meter that determines accuracy. This added level of control in the passing game can help players make back shoulder catches and hit tight windows.

The larger Madden community seems to agree that once you get the hang of it, there's no going back. So when it comes to core game modes. Madden has many of these core game modes that are kind of cleverly designed to push you into ultimate team if we're being honest, but the game modes from past iterations of Madden do make their return, so you'll have head-to-head and exhibition matches, the aforementioned Face of the Franchise mode.

Superstar Ko. The Yard, and the much anticipated Ultimate Team mode.

Franchise new features overview

Madden NFL 23 - madden

fan favorite franchise mode The franchise mode has been a point of contention in the past several years, with Madden fans pleading for a significant overhaul, or even just a return to the franchise mode of the earlier Madden days that were full of different features absent from the more recent Madden iterations.

Some good news is that this year's game will improve certain features like the scouting system and make for a more frantic free agency period. The biggest takeaways include that your scouting reports during a season will reveal more relevant information for each player. For example, instead of unlocking a qb's break tackle attribute, you are more likely to learn something like throw power or short accuracy.

There are more factors than money to consider in free agency. Players will, of course, still get their paycheck, but they'll have other factors to juggle, like the team's roster depth, the quality of the quarterback, or even if your team is in an income tax-free state. All of this now impacts a free agent's decision, which is kind of cool.

Free agency bids are also revised, so you won't know if you're at the front of the pack for a player, which in past years would let you repeatedly tweak an offer until you suddenly saw your team leapfrog other offers in the free agency menu. This change should make the system a lot more fair for both rival CPU and human players. Now let's talk live service , and trust me.

Live service

Live service

In Mutt, we've now got the field pass, which provides a clear path to progression, letting you know what you need to do next. Basically a battle pass, you can see the level rewards and a bunch of objectives to completely let you make progress on every field pass.

I say every because there will be multiple live service style seasons. Starting off with season one, there will be multiple field passes with the three primary types of season: competitive, and ultimate team program specific passes. EE says that you can earn these rewards with no additional cost to access the field pass, but I'm not sure if that excludes certain types of field passes.

Starting with seasonal, this field pass has 60 levels of rewards ranging from coins to packs, uniforms, and a high overall player item. There won't be infinitely repeatable objectives, but each will add more periodically. Season 1 is estimated to run for about 60 days. A competitive pass will be available at launch and includes objectives for the comp modes like solo battles, head-to-head season squad seasons or mutt champions.

The rewards include the coins and packs, which are usable in Mutt. The comp pass will refresh twice a month while solo battles and mutt champions will reset weekly throughout the year. There will be program-specific field passes available. One of the launch programs, called Headliners, will introduce the first program-specific field pass with its own rewards and objectives related to the program.

These program-specific passes will let you double dip with progress as both of them will contribute towards your seasonal field pass. Multiplayer, naturally, is a core part of Madden NFL. It is the bread and butter of Madden where players can expect to spend a significant majority of their time in the game.

Release date

Release date

August is always a maddening season And this year's game continues the recent trend of spreading the release date out a bit depending on different variables. The global launch date for all platforms is August 19th. It is coming out for Xbox series X and s, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

EA's latest entry in the Madden series brings players back onto the gridiron for another year of football.
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