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Let's talk about the 23 things that were added to Madden 23. Starting with number one, the new passing system This passing system visually shows you the catch radius of each receiver and where you can put the ball within that catch radius, but there's also an added extra to this new passing system that allows you to freeform pass by holding the left trigger or the l2 button, and when you do that, you can move the reticle outside of the catch radius or the ellipse of the receiver, and try to put the ball where only he can get it.

This opens up a lot more possibilities in the game, as you can now make throws that you just have not been able to make in previous Madden games. But if all this seems a little too involved for you, there is a setting where you can go turn on the classic passing system and just use that one instead.

They try to lay hits on the ball carrier if he's in a stand-up tackle. They'll come in and help with gang tackles, and they also do midair knockouts, which is way more trying to separate the receiver from the ball. Number three tackle battles This was in the game not that long ago. They took it out, and now they've brought it back.

When you get into a tackle battle, you can mash a button to try to help you break the tackle, but keep in mind that when you do this, if another player comes in, he can knock the ball out, so you have to be careful. Number four The new 360-cut mechanic Now this is actually something that's pretty underrated, in my opinion, when you have the ball.

Madden NFL 23 - eric rayweather madden

With the ball carrier, you can hold the left trigger or the l2 button to do a hard plan. This helps a lot in the run game, especially. If you want to hit a cut back lane, if you see a hole and you want a hard putt, change direction, and hit that hole, it is much easier to do it now, whereas in the past you kind of had to round your player out and you just couldn't hit it the same way.

This mechanic is also really good in the open field when trying to perform stop and go maneuvers. If you have a defender coming up on you, you can hard plant and then change direction and go the other way to try to fake them out. For example, Aaron Rodgers now has the new dots x factor, which grants him perfect pass accuracy once he's in the zone.

Madden NFL 23 - ericrayweather

You've also got new abilities, such as goal line back with Jonathan Taylor, which gives him better blocking once he gets inside. That 5 yard line now really quickly. We're trying to hit 500k. Number six, free agency, overhaul, in franchise mode. Now that the free agency period is going to be a little more difficult, you can't just send out unlimited offers and you can't just get any player you want as players now have motivation.

If your team does not align with what they want, they will not sign with you. It also makes it a little harder to re-sign some players as well. If your team is not fulfilling what their current needs are, they may want to just test free agency. It's a little bit more of a bidding war now, which is nice number seven player motivation.

I just spoke on this briefly in the free agency period, but player motivations This is a big feature in itself, and it ties into free agency, so now players are going to have motivations for where they want to play. Some people want to play close to home; some want to play in a state with no income tax; some people want to play for contenders; some people just want to be at the top of the depth chart.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23

There are a bunch of different motivations, and this is going to make the team-building process a lot more interesting. There are eight player tags. Now, these are not the same as motivation. These are a little bit different. Player tags kind of help describe some of the players in the franchise.

Every player has motivation, but not every player has a tag. For example, if a team has a guy that is labeled a franchise quarterback, they will not look to draft or trade for a quarterback, which is something that's been a problem in the past. You also have bridge quarterbacks. Where it's the exact opposite, he's just kind of a guy that's there until they can find somebody better, so they will be looking to upgrade.

You also have mentors who can help young players at that same position gain experience and upgrade faster, and there's a bunch more on top of all of these number nine scouting improvements. Last year, EA overhauled the scouting system for Madden, but it didn't really work that well. This year, they've made the improvements to make that better.

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They've doubled up on the number of scouts, they've added more players that you can scout, and they've let you find out a lot more about each prospect that you scout, and much sooner you find out the most relevant information about each position. So you're not learning a quarterback's. Break tackle rating, which isn't going to be something that's that important to his position, number 10.

Rollover, cap The NFL salary cap rules have many intricacies most fans may not be aware of, but this year they incorporated what is often referred to as a rollover cap. This allows teams to carry over unused cap money from one year to the next, and this gives teams with low total salaries the ability to spend heavily in the upcoming offseason.

Number 11: 3,500 new animations Yes, that's a lot of animations that were added to the game this year. A lot of them have to do with the new tackling and hit stick systems. I know there were about 30 new hit sticks added alone, but there's a ton of new tackle animations, throwing animations, catching and running animations added to the game, Number 12 defensive.

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Last year it was a horrible defensive game with Madden 22. Every offense was overpowered. This year a lot has been done to make the defense play a lot better zone defense. While not perfect, it is much improved from last year, and they now do a better job at picking up things like crossing routes or those one-play touchdowns.

better than last year. Yes, they can still get open with the proper route combinations. I think this is going to be a defensive year, at least early on with the way the game is playing right now. You're kind of somewhat of a bust and you're trying. To turn your career around, they've dialed back some of the cutscenes and made it more focused on just playing the game, and there are some little side quests and things you can do.

They're not really too detailed, but there are some little activities in there for you. I don't think the mode is really good, but there is a brand new story this year if you're into it. Number 14, Side Missions for Face the Franchise Now, I just touched on this briefly a second ago, but this is one of the bigger parts of the mode.

In this Madden 23 tips video, I'll be going over the main 23 things that were added to Madden 23! For more Madden 23 gameplay, news, tips and tricks, money plays more.
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