Madden NFL 23 - Madden 23 Old Gen Vs New Gen Side By Side. It's Not Close

Madden NFL 23 - eric rayweather

Today we're going to be comparing Madden 23 on the older gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, and also the PC, versus Madden 23 on the Xbox One Slash and PlayStation 5. I'm going to show you the stuff that is the exact same on both generations, then I'm going to show you the things that are different on the newer console so that you understand exactly what you're getting with each version of the game so that you know which version you want to buy.

If you want to stay up to date with all the latest mad news, make sure to subscribe and turn the bell icon on so you don't miss any of these important articles. Starting with the pre-game presentation on the left, you're going to see Madden 23 on the old consoles and PC, and on the right, you're going to see Madden 23 on the new consoles.

So for the old gen, it's the same intro that the game has had since Madden 21. It has not changed a single bit. If you've played either of the last two games on the old gen, you know this intro. On the right, it's the presentation. That was mostly added last year in Madden 22, but they did add a few new cut scenes and a few new cinematics to the beginning, so while playing Madden 23 on the new consoles, it got a little bit of an update this year and a bigger update last year.

Madden NFL 23 - eric rayweather madden

The old gen has been the same and this is the third year in a row for that, so you're probably sick of seeing it by now and that's one of the main areas that the games are different is that the presentation hasn't really been touched on old gen. Now we're going to look at some player comparisons. On the left is the old gen and PC, on the right are the new consoles, and just like last year, of course, on the new consoles.

The players are going to look a little better; they're going to look a little more realistic, but that's not reason enough to jump to a new console. You don't really see the players' faces in the game that much, maybe some cut scenes here and there, but they wear helmets, so yes they are gonna look better and a little more realistic, but it's not that big of a deal for a football game in my opinion, but for the people that like to see these things.

Madden NFL 23 - ericrayweather

I just want to show you the comparison. Some players look pretty close on both chins. Some look a little different, but as you can see, they did actually update a lot of the characters, faces, and models in the old generation. As you can see right here with Justin Fields, he doesn't look that much different, but they did actually update a good number of the players on the old gen.

They don't do that just for next gen, they do that on the old consoles as well. You can also notice something that I found interesting is that they did adjust the bodies on the old gen as well, but not to the same degree that they did on the new consoles. You can see that there are more varied body types on the new consoles, and they look better, but look at this example.

So right here, what you're looking at on the left is actually Madden 22, on the old gen, and on the right is Madden 23, on the old gen. On old gen so you can see that even on the old gen, this year they have actually adjusted the body types a little bit. The bodies and the archetypes have a little bit more, just not to the degree that they have on the new consoles.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23

Here are some of the rookies on the left. You've got Madden 23 old gen right. Madden 23 new gen On the other hand, you will notice that the pads are still big and bulky, on the other hand. That is one of the few things that are exclusive to the new consoles. They slimmed the pads down and made them a lot more realistic on the new consoles, but on the old consoles they kept the bulky pads, so the players all look a lot bigger than they really are.

Now, let's look at the Super Bowl intro presentation. So it's going to basically be the same thing as the regular game presentation. The same type of cut scenes and cinematics You're going to see it again. For old gen, it's been untouched just like the regular pre-game presentation. On the new gen, you've got the updated cinematics, and then like I said, most of the pre-game is still stuff that was added last year, but Madden 23 has at least been touched a couple years in a row for the pre-game.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23 gameplay

So for old Jan, it has not been touched in three years, so the same thing is true for even the super bowl presentation. And here's the Super Bowl celebration. So again, if you have played Madden at all for like 10 years, the celebration on the left is no surprise to you. This has been the same for countless years now, Madden 23.

Olgen still has the same old super bowl celebration that we've had for, I don't know, seven, eight, or nine years at this point. It's staying the way it is, so I guess that's just is at this point. They're clearly not changing it. Now we're jumping over to franchise mode. So this is exactly the same on both generations of consoles.

All of the new features for franchise mode are on both sides. You can kind of pick and choose from that which you can customize, but also use the templates that they've put in the game again. Same with old and new-gen players' motivations. Right here, this is the old gen on the screen. This is not the new gen.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23 pc

You can kind of tell by the player model that the motivations and the tags are there. The John Madden Legacy game is also on both consoles. The only real difference here is that, of course, the player models are a little different and the gameplay is different, but the actual feature itself is that on both generations of consoles you can play with past players and current players on teams together.

You have coach John Madden on each sideline. The point of this mode is to kind of just relive John Madden's history through a game and the commentary. The team talks about John Madden. It is also the exact same on both generations of consoles. There's a new story where you're a fifth-year player trying to find your spot in the league, and you try to sign on to a team and see if you can make things happen.

There are new side missions and things like that. It's the same on both. Modes like the Yard and Super, Ko are the exact same on both generations of consoles. Both of these modes went pretty much untouched. Maybe a couple minor things that really aren't even worth mentioning, but they're both still on both generations of console, all of the superstars.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23 ps4

And x factor ability changes are the same on both consoles as well, like Jonathan Taylor, who has the new gold line back ability, or Aaron Rodgers, who has the new dots x factor. Also, the escape artist ability has been removed and is only now an x-factor in both generations. The playbook changes are also the same on both generations of consoles.

In this Madden 23 video, I'll be showing old gen vs new gen PS4, Xbox One PC vs PS5 Xbox Series X S. For more Madden 23 gameplay, news, tips and tricks, money plays more.
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