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So this article is presented by the ea creator network. Remember, it's a work in progress. We are trying to get it pop right here right now and face of the franchise. Now we're picking our side activities. If you have no idea what this is, make sure you check out my previous article. You basically go through and select some of the things you want to do on your off days, which will give you a temporary attribute boost as well as some events that will give you cred.

On our final day before game day, you know. I want to hit the hot tub with Bretta, and if we do that, it will give us a plus one speed and stamina for the next game, and some events even have a cut scene that you can check out. That is going to be our bonus workout that we chose. See this right here.

This is what coach Bishop's talking about when she speaks of controlled chaos. Everyone's swarming to see the football. Man, the offense looks absolutely shaky. I love it. Yeah, I feel like the defense is really starting to gel, so I'll read and react. It's all instinct now. Well, look, we told you everyone needs to play 100 miles per hour, but that's just chaos.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23 activities

We learn about our opponent's tendencies and fix our own mistakes here. Then we don't need to second guess anything on the field. That's exactly right, man. That's exactly right, and I told you to start a camp. This is a super bowl caliber, the limit baby. Let's go that's a fact, coach. So I'll have one more cut scene, and then we will get into our first season game, which I'm very excited about.

Okay, I need to see everyone bright and early tomorrow. Hey, I really need you to step it up at practice. Okay, bring your A game tomorrow. Let's see it. I just want to let you know that the entire staff sees the work you've been putting in. Keep taking advantage of the reps you're getting. Hey, let's go.

Thanks coach i will just do you a favor. Don't get complacent. Nah, I'm not. I'm just going to keep building my game. There's always another level to be reached. You know exactly what? Now we just need you to keep getting better. You have all the physical tools, but we are going to ask a lot of you this year.

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I'm ready i came here to win. All camp we've been preaching disruption and chaos, but there's a discipline to all this too. In order to play defense like we want to, it requires constant communication on the field and a dedication to learning the concepts off of it. Well, I'm dedicated, I'm locked in, I've got this playbook with me 24-7.

Now that is what I like to see. I just need you to keep it up. The more comfortable you are with our schemes, the better our defense will be for it and all season long. I got you, coach. We'll make it happen today. Okay, let's have a good practice. You see, our offense is starting off trying to drive down this field.

Now we are on the road, taking on the chargers. You know this is going to be a big game. We want to come out with our new additions to the team, Devonta Adams and London Beast, and see exactly what we can do in this game. We are getting a touchdown. That is what I'm talking about. A great way to start off now Look at the camera angle.

I'm loving it. It is more zoomed in this season, as you see the way that it used to be over here on Madden. Instead of being able to use the whole team or control the whole team, you are player-locked to your guy. We ended up with 15 credits, and all of that is going to go towards upgrading our players.

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You know what I'm saying? So we are ready to get it pop on our next drive and say, "I can actually select a goal." You know, you know, I'm going to go home. I said I was going to get an interception. I'm coming up to help out with that tackle. Second down and three brad. They are trying to drive down the field.

I thought I was about to get hit with a stick dog. I was ready to lay down the wood. You already know that your boy was flicking that right stick up. Three down, six to go. We need to get a stop right here. Herbert to the end zone just picked up some fans. Come and come again, come again. They do what I do.

I'm like Simon says, Keane and Ellen are coming down with that one, but our offense is looking like a well-oiled machine right now except for that sat. We're trying to get into that end zone once again. On third down, we are going to score. Derek Carr is killing it. So this drive has one fourth fumble.

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Yeah, we're going bigger, going home. You know, I'm coming out here trying to lay down and hit sticks. He's going to find somebody down the field, so they keep the drive going. Second down, don't let me get started. You know London is going to knock that ball out, pushing the run back out of bounds.

Now it's going to be third down at five. We need to get a stop. Look at Herbert throwing it. If you throw it our way, we are going to make you pay. That's exactly what we do. So look at that on that drive. We are going to get 45 total points. We had 75 for the whole game, and our offense is still moving it down the field.

We get another score. The car already has three passing touchdowns. He has come out this season and is not messing around at all. We've got to make a stop right here. It's second down for the Chargers. They are trying to run it. Eckler was not ready for that. You see, the hit sticks are looking nice.

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Wait, can we get Devonta Adams in the end zone? He needs to get himself a touchdown too. You know, he just came to the raiders' playing with his boy, Cory, and he is going to get it to them. Let me find out if the Raiders offense is looking this good right now because we have the ball back yet again.

Another reception over there for Devonta. There's a Russian touchdown. I thought the Chargers' defense was supposed to be lit this year. Let me find out, we are out here. I'm coming up to help out with the tackles. You're going to see a lot of gang tackles. A lot of the cleanup tackles are a lot better on Madden 23.

So we've got to stop on third down. We're still making progress now. We're moving on to the fourth quarter. We're in we're in clutch time, crunch time, whatever you want to call it, we're in. Man, I am feeling it right now. First and ten, over the middle. I'm coming up to help out with that tackle, so the Chargers at this point are trying to make the score look a little better.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23 face of the franchise

You know, we've got this thing locked up. So I am going to be bringing you some more Madden 23. I could do some more of this in this career mode. You know what I mean? We can focus on something else if you want, but I'm having a lot of fun so far. I'm going to continue to upload these articles. Make sure you leave a like and sub and all that good stuff, but wait, we still have a little bit more time to do a little bit more damage.

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