Madden NFL 23 - 6 Madden 23 Skill-based Passing Tips

Madden NFL 23 - how to pass on madden 23

I've got a great Madden 23 tutorial for you guys today on skill-based passing presented by the ea creator network. I can help teach you guys a little bit about skill-based passing to dominate your opponents. As always, keep in mind that this is a work in progress. access to the game, so you may see some bugs or glitches here and there, but just remember it's a work in progress.

If you don't know what skill-based passing is, we're not talking about the vision cone for the past, we're talking about a really easy system, and what I love about this system is that it rewards you if you really master it, but if you're sort of new to it, it's pretty easy to work through too. To help you guys understand it, I'm going to show you guys in slow motion sort of how it works, and then we'll look at it in real time.

For this particular play, we've got Sample going pretty much straight down the field, so we can hold his receiver button and then move the left stick left or right. I push it over the right after going left, and it throws it over the right hand side. We also have Hurst Crossing in this place. Let's say, for example, I wanted to throw it a little bit more underneath.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23

To him, we simply hold the button. We pushed it down. You see, at the bottom of that reticle, he gets able to move forward, and then if you look at it deep around here, for example, we've got Higgins going deep, we sort of throw this one at the very top of that circle, and that's what it looks like, but I think there's a better way to do this now to access the skill-based passing menu.

You simply hit the start button. You go to options, settings, then go to game options. You'll see skill-based passing right here. More than likely, it'll be placed on hold when you originally started. You can also go to Classic. If you are just someone who doesn't want any change and doesn't want to do this, I honestly recommend using it.

Placement is sort of a skill-based passing test. It's solid it's a way to sort of figure things out, but I really recommend you work your way to placement and accuracy. passing slowdowns, which you really saw where it took a really long time to get that throw off. It was really just to show you guys sort of how the system moves, but I really recommend playing with it all because in online play you can't use it at all.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23 advanced

One of the biggest things to pay attention to is the freeform reticle max distance. So your three options here are: you have near, you have far, and you have no max distance. What this essentially allows you to do is see how far the reticle is from that little circle that's on your screen when you're throwing it to a receiver.

If it's near, you have a little bit of a range, you can go past that sort of circle. If you go too far, you have a very good distance. You can sort of go, probably five to ten feet. If you go to your max distance, you can literally throw it as far as your mind can imagine. Now if you're wondering why someone would go to no max distance, well there's a couple of reasons, but I think one of the main ones is just to really figure out throws that maybe weren't even possible before switching to different receivers, or if you want to be able to throw the ball away.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23 advanced tips

It's significantly easier while still targeting the receiver. It's kind of an easy way to do that for most people. I recommend using it near, but honestly, just play around with it near or far, as it's going to be a personal preference for a lot of people. One of the most underrated features, though, is the freeform reticle speed, and there is nuance to this.

Believe me, it defaults to, I believe, about 7 out of 20, but think of this as sort of your sensitivity. If you were playing a shooter, and you're looking at, you know, how your reticle's sort of moving around, it's a very similar thing. Now, obviously, this is going to be just like any shooter. You might play it really down to personal preference, but keep in mind this also is going to have an impact based on the qb release you're using.

If you're using a quarterback that has a really fast release, then you might want to, you know, play around with a little bit more to have a higher sensitivity or a higher speed. If you're using a quarterback but maybe a slower release, you can probably move this down a little bit. It really will be a quarterback by quarterback situation.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23 beginner

So whether you're playing franchise, mode, or mutt or any other mode based on the quarterback, you have to mess around and see what really works best for you in that quarterback, the last two settings reticle visibility. Measuring visibility is pretty much exactly what they say. It will either show or hide that.

I recommend keeping it on unless you're a demon and, for some reason, you don't want it on. So to give you an example of what far looks like versus near, let's use a little round here with our titan. He barely got to that one, but it's still a good place and we use the high point pass as well. Now what if we have a linebacker sort of trailing them?

We can throw it inside and, as you can see, the big fellas do not get into it. This is super useful if you have a linebacker and are sort of shading them in one way or another. You want to sort of get it over. I was a little bit better, you know, with how I threw that one and it was on target. It's also going to help supremely if you actually time the pass to get in the blue zone.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23 beginner tips

That one was in the blue zone, but again, I threw it a little too far. Now keep in mind that was also me pushing it to the extreme. If you push it to the extreme for long enough, it's a little bit easier for that tight end to get to or that receiver. Your biggest goal, though, is to try to get it into that blue meter.

I threw it in the green there, so it's a little bit of a sloppy pass. You see them drop. There are tons of variables through your quarterback's accuracy. What x-factors do they have? You can see, for example, that Joe Burrow has perfect accuracy on throws outside the numbers. He's immune to defensive pressure while in the pocket, so he's got power when the lead bullet passes with set feet.

Those things will obviously help out an absolute ton, and you can see that here again. Another good throw, we're in the blue, and it's good timing now if we happen to put it to max distance again, running the same thing. Just to show you this one can go significantly further than what we probably wanted.

Madden NFL 23 - madden 23 gameplay

That was also, to be fair, not great accuracy, so we'll try again with even worse accuracy, and you can see it's nowhere close to our receiver. See if we can actually get one on the money here. This one's a little bit better, and he's almost there, but still you have to be careful. You can't just max it out.

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