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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - core upgrades

Lego Star Wars, The skywalker, saga is here and it is chock full of stuff, now in our Before You Buy article we said we really like the game and we recommend it to Lego fans now. Whether you're new to Lego games or you're a series veteran, the game has a lot of cool stuff to find and things that aren't exactly spelled out for you.

We've got some cool and funny stuff. We stumbled upon some tips and some stuff we found useful, so let's get started. Here's something some people might not realize until deep in the game. Keep your eye out for data cards in the environment. Now the data card system is a thing tucked away in all those messy menus, in the extras section at the end.

For unlocking some really silly optional things that are actually pretty fun to mess around with, just embrace the Lego jokes. Now, in order to be able to spend points on unlocking these things, you first need to find data cards in the environment. They're often pretty well hidden, and some can be kind of tricky now.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - data cards

Each data card you find grants you the ability to unlock one thing, provided you have the in-game cache for it too, and some of the unlocks are awesome, like the one where you can change all the lightsabers into baguettes. There are a bunch, and we haven't even unlocked all of them yet. There's a big head mode like a pew gun sound effect mode.

Keep your eyes peeled for the data cards because they're more intense, but they're on their way. This is way more valuable if you like this type of stuff. Next up, speaking of those data cards, in the data card menu you're actually granted a free one. Scroll all the way down and you can access and swap on and off mumble mode, which is the ability to turn the game back into that old school style Lego game where there wasn't really voice acting, there was just a bunch of grunts and mumbling, and weird noises from some empire cargo ships in the hangar that we've borrowed.

We'll sneak down in those. This game is already definitely built around a lot of nostalgia. A lot of people grew up with the original Lego Star Wars games, so if you're really trying to chase that old thrill, try messing around with the mumble mode feature. They actually did talk about this before the release, but it took us a second to find it, and now you know as well.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - easter eggs

Next up, there is a crate dragon in the game. Did you hear me? I said a great dragon, you can hunt it down and fight it, and it's really cool, so what you need to do first is unlock Coruscant, then go explore it, go to the Jedi Temple, and have a chat with Yaddle in the lobby. Yaddle, for some reason, is kind of like, hey, are you a tough warrior?

Prove yourself or whatever, and go fight this thing. Then you get a side quest to go track down a krait dragon on Tatooine, in the jungle and wastes area like, you know, the main one you start in when you play a new hope. There's a little bit to it. I'll let you figure it out for yourself. But at the end, you face off against a classic old-school style crate dragon in a boss battle.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - fall damage

I look at it. The boss battle is actually really simple and straightforward, but it's still something really cool. The developers threw in a simple and really easy-to-miss side quest that's pretty involved. Most people might walk past Yattle in the Jedi Temple and go "Nah, that's just yattle, no point in talking to them," but turns out Yaddle has a pretty dope side quest, so there you go next at number seven on the top of the in-game data cards.

You can find There are also some secret things you can unlock using codes. There are a couple of places you can input these. There's an option on the main menu and on the extra screen where you bring up the hollow projector. At the moment, all we know you can unlock are some characters and two ships.

Some of these characters can be found just by playing the game, but some of these characters can only be found by using a code, now the code exclusive characters. The many holiday themed ones and Snap Wexley, a character whose code you get from filling out a survey put out by the developers. The game actually prompts you for it.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - gameranx

If you want to discover the codes for yourself, maybe close your eyes for a second, but we've got codes on screen here to unlock. The holiday special version of 3po The holiday special of Darth Vader The holiday special of Dio The holiday special of a gunk droid, the itchy holiday special version.

Poe Dameron, holiday special version, and like we said before, Wexley, maybe the coolest code-exclusive thing you can get is the Razor Crest, the Mandalorians' ship. As far as we're aware, this code is the only way to get the ship, at least right now. Maybe when they put out the Mandalorian DL it'll be easier to get, but for now it's the only way and this is how you unlock it on screen here.

Next over at number six, One of the more difficult things to do in this game is these level challenges. Sometimes it's something basic, like defeating an enemy with an explosive canister. Sometimes it's something more specific. Either way, trying to find these naturally can be pretty time-consuming, so save yourself the trouble and just buy the answers in the game.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - infinite characters

It works just like buying rumors. What makes this particularly helpful is that you don't have to finish a level to unlock the objective. You can do it whenever you want. You can even unlock them for levels you haven't even completed yet. So if you're serious about finding these things, then just unlocking them before you start a level will make it a lot easier to get all of them done in just one playthrough of that stage, rather than in two or three.

Most of the other collectibles and missions in the game can be found without too much trouble, but these level objectives pretty much require you to know what they are ahead of time if you want any chance of actually finishing them. And if you do end up repeating a mission, remember that you can exit out of a level at any time and you'll keep all of your collectible progress.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - jake baldino

So just get the stuff you need and quit. You don't have to play through the entire level again for this stuff to count. Next, over at number five, you know Lego Star Wars is a pretty forgiving game, but for whatever reason, falling in this game is the worst. When you get killed, a chunk of your studs fall out of your character, and you can pretty easily just pick them right back up.

But if you fall off one of the many bottomless pits in this game and die, then it seems like a lot of those studs are just long gone. Now the Skywalker saga is supposed to be a pretty easy-going experience, so if that kind of thing really bothers you and you're afraid of losing too many studs because of a missed jump, then just go into the options, then gameplay options.

LEGO Star Wars The Skwalker Saga PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series XSOne, Nintendo Switch is filled with cool things to discover and a few tricks along the way.
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