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The modern stoplight that we all know today was invented in the early 1900s by entrepreneur Garrett Morgan, and while the idea has evolved to be used as a tool for games that may or may not try to save lives, for the most part, it has been an incredibly useful innovation when it comes to preventing deaths.

Unfortunately, this doesn't exist for League of Legends, or at least it didn't until today. We're going to be giving you the magical stoplight that will prevent the league equivalent of this from happening in your games. It'll prevent you from ending, it'll stop your teammates from running it down and, overall, just make your playing experience more like a casual drive to the supermarket.

We teach League the right way by creating the best guides designed to climb out of low-elo's stupidly fast. Trying to mimic pro play or high low streams will only slow you down as they don't show you how to exploit low elo like we do, which is definitely necessary for carrying teammates from hell.

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In fact, we're so confident in our methods that we're the only company to guarantee you'll get at least five divisions when actively using our service. So check us out after this. The green light rule exists to help us identify when it's okay to actually go for certain plays, and it all starts with one idea: recognizing your state of advantage.

This game started off almost like a mirror. I set up to gank Bod after my full clear while the enemy jungler did the same on the opposite side of the map. I get to kill bottom while Lili gets to kill top. The difference starts when I channel my recall but my opponent doesn't. After walking towards my gromp to find it, I spot her on the map and by pressing tab I can easily verify that she hasn't recalled yet.

Almost instantly, I want to think about how I win now and what my advantage might be. I might be out of the gromp, but that gromp definitely didn't come for free. Let's listen to what I said earlier in the game when I had the chance to make the same play and take hers and play for her grump respawn, but it does take a long time.

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I knew that it would cost me a lot of tempo in order to stay and take the gromp. If Lili recalled and came back here after I took it, she would have a timer where I wouldn't have items and couldn't easily protect my bot lane from a gank or whatever other place she wanted to look for here. Basically, we're now in the exact situation I just explained, except I have the item advantage, and Lili does not.

When you recognize this state of advantage, a green light should appear in your head, giving you the go-ahead to make a play. She actually stayed and didn't recall. That's insane she's super delayed now. Her raptors are going to be up and she won't be there to defend him because she's going to reset to her bot side most likely.

I was just assuming that Lilia would base here and then recall to her gromp, giving me the window to then just go to her top side and trade back to that camp, but that's not actually what she does. I can't take a gromp because I'm losing push bottom unless I gank it, or she just does this. I don't have the ability to really respond to this, but I can just like threaten to go kill her on our gromp.

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This is why we like reset timers. It's so important because it just opens up so many possibilities for people. Because I recognize this state of advantage, I'm easily able to invade and take away her bot side camps while getting her flash in the process. If I had played it a bit better and even placed a ward before leaping, I would have ended up with a kill too.

Regardless, I still get a huge lead here because I even managed to get the gank off bottom afterwards as well, propelling me into a great state to carry the game. Okay, so that's it, right? Well, that seems simple enough, but not really the extra layer, and what makes this rule so effective is actually the next step.

Recognizing your own green light is relatively simple. Any form of advantage is great for this. Usually, this is just when you have a lot of resources over your opponents, whether it be health, mana, summoner spells, or time. Really, anything in the game can be thought of as a resource, and we have plenty of guides that talk about specific strategies for advantages to watch right after this.

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The hard part, though, and the part that's most critical to the success of this rule, is recognizing your teammates' green lights as well. Well, what do you mean, didn't you literally just walk in and get the thing even after you just said you couldn't? Well, yeah, but if we look back in the game, you'll see the point at which I realized my mid laner actually had a green light as well.

After witnessing this trade earlier, I now know that Victor has a massive advantage in terms of health in the mid lane, giving him the go-ahead too. If Katarina stays in her lane. I know that she'll be low and a non-threat when rotating to me, or at the very least, if she recalls, she'd be missing a wave or more at her tower for coming over during the invade.

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The fact that Victor and I both had green lights is what made this play possible. The most important thing when using this strategy is to make sure that the majority of teammates involved are on the same page. Let's expand on this by looking at another example quickly. This is from a coaching session for a high-platinum adc player that I was doing last week.

I identified his green light as having baron, but the fact that his teammates were at red lights stopped a massive throw from happening. Okay, after this, you can go to the top wave and just take the top tower for 600 gold. Hopefully your team's gonna team goes mid. Of course, now we want to use our big advantage.

The baron buff lets us siege easily, so it makes sense to just pressure their base as much as we can during the limited duration of the buff. Ideally, we want to have both our top and mid pushed up at the same time, so it becomes difficult to flank us. Senec could set up a lot of visions, and then it puts our opponents in a difficult position.

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They could answer the top, but in doing so they would need to send the resources that they needed in order to protect the middle, letting that tower go. Then the opposite is also true; if they sent resources from top to mid, Sivir would be able to take things for free, and overall, the opponents are just in a really awkward spot.

While we feel strong with a lot of items and barren, while we do have a green light individually, the same is not true for our team. No one is pushing midwave and Mort and Zoey are in base. Clearly, this means that they are not ready to go and should be thought of as stopped at a red light. You can hear me make this call to leave once we realize this.

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