League of Legends - The 1 Macro Mistake Every Low Elo Player Makes

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Yes, even a lot of challenger players don't understand this. It's these secret tactics that you're about to learn that actually help you climb the ranks. Most players don't realize that trying to mimic pro players' high yellow streams will only slow you down. They don't teach you how to exploit low either, which is necessary for carrying teammates from hell.

That's why we can guarantee you'll climb five divisions while actively using our servers at {934}. It actually works. So check us out after this. In the meantime, let's uncover the secret strategy. In today's guide for this game, I'm playing Orianna, versus Zero and Masters Elo. First, look at these team fights.

Twitch appears out of stealth with Yumi on him. I miss playing like a noob. Then the enemy moors our jungler and we kill him as they come out. So we won that fight slightly since we got one kill and they got none. Now take a look at this next one. Sadly, it starts out with me missing my alt again.

I kind of hate that I chose this replay, but after a little bit of trading in the river, we see Mordekaiser in mid lane, and Camille jumps on him, then he flashes away, just barely surviving. I linger in mid-afternoon looking to poke them until the enemy azir jumps in and tries to flash all of me into them.

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He flashed too far, so I just dodged, but I still need to flash over it. Because of this misplay from him, we killed two more, making that fight three to one. All right, and one more thing to look at. Then, this lets us kill the 7-0, Fed twitch, and once I arrive, I finally land an alt and clean up the fight, and we get an ace.

He comes out of stealth and I miss my all. Then I notice he walks straight back under his azir tower, so we couldn't really kill him after that, but in the last fight, Twitch was caught in pretty much the same exact spot, and notice. Because he didn't have a tier 1 tower, he had to take a different route and was cut off; and in the second fight.

Mordekaiser was trying to push mid and noticed it was too dangerous for him too because he didn't have a mid-tier 1. So he got him to flash away with low health. So what's the hidden wind condition and the reason these fights are going the way they are? mid-tier, one tower. It's almost impossible to lose a game with a mid-tier one tower up.

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I've been playing for almost 10 years and I've yet to see it without considering forfeit, of course. Let me explain a bit more. The key here is to understand that it's not about us winning these team fights. The team fight is actually irrelevant; it's about how dangerous it is for the enemy team to try and get any kind of mid-priority.

If you don't know, mid priority is the most important macro concept in the game, even in pro play, and it just means whoever pushes midway first, because whoever pushes midway first has the first move to anywhere on the map. Think about that. Let's look at a few scenarios. Scenario One: There's a 2v2 happening in the top river, and the other three players are in the mid lane for both teams to break it down piece by piece.

First, the blue team pushes the mid wave before the red team. Now this means they can be the first ones to move into the fight happening at the top. I know what you might be thinking, though. What stops the red team from just leaving at the same time and ditching the mid wave? It's only six minions.

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Well, then they also leave their tower completely vulnerable. So then the blue team doesn't even need to move to the fight. They can just keep pushing and taking one, if not two, towers until someone stops them. So the red team needs to clear the minions first. Then they can move on to the top fight.

Let's say that it takes them 5 seconds. That's where that fancy word you've heard before comes into play: tempo. The blue team has a 5 second head start to the fight, so that means they have a 5 second tempo advantage because they can get there first. They should obviously win the fight. For this next scenario, both teams have three dragons, and the soul dragon is about to come up.

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The baron is down, so don't worry about that. The blue team gets the mid-prior, which lets them move towards the dragon before the red team. Now the blue team can get visual control of the area and the red team will have to face check them. We all know how those scenarios turn out, so those are two simple scenarios showing you how important mid-priority is.

There's plenty more, but those should do it before we go any further. You might be thinking, "These concepts probably don't apply to my life because nobody's thinking about this stuff." And you're right about the second part; nobody's thinking about this stuff, but these kinds of things happen without you even realizing it.

and give you more chances to make plays now that you understand what's happening. In a low-elo game, if we take the same first scenario, instead of respecting the mid wave, the enemy team will just leave it and run to the fight. This is where your knowledge from this article comes into play. You can take a look at the fight and think about whether you would win it or not.

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If you can't tell or if you think it's a loss, you just take midtower and push, until they make you stop. If someone comes and makes you stop, well now you have a tempo advantage that can be used if something else is happening. If you have mid tempo, the enemy team has to take an l somewhere. It's just up to you to punish them for not understanding this, all right.

So now that you understand mid prio and why it's important, let's think about mid tier 1 and why it's the win condition. If you keep that tower up, you can pretty much always be all the way up in the middle of the map and be safe. Let's say the enemy team actually gets a mid-priority. Well, it's only going to be for a little bit since the wave hits the tower right away, but if your mid tier one is gone, you're all the way to tier two instead, so they have double the tempo advantage.

On top of this, look at what they get access to when they have mid prio and your tier one is gone. They can walk into either side of the jungle and contest any jungle camp, and if you want to get into your jungle, you're basically face-checking. This is what I mean when I say this stuff happens without you realizing it.

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The enemy team will have a lot of map control because they took tier 1, but they don't know that that's the reason. Let's look at another scenario. Let's say your sideliners aren't doing too hot, but you're winning mid lane, so you have your tier 1, but the enemy team has taken your bot and top tier one, and they are pushed up on both sides.

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