League of Legends - Renata Glasc Champion Spotlight. Gameplay

League of Legends - champ spotlight

She climbed her way from rags to chemtech riches, becoming the most powerful kem baron and zahn. Now her eyes are set on Piltov, and, as a master of persuasion, she knows exactly how to get what she wants. It's just business. She's a proactive enchanter who weaves both sides of the battlefield at her command.

Of course, I'll make you kill your loved ones. is a more effective threat than any gun. Welcome to the RENATA GLASS CHAMPIONSHIP. We don't have to be enemies. Let me change your mind. This boss is used to having the upper hand thanks to her passive leverage. Her basic attacks apply a mark that deals bonus damage, which your allies can detonate, dealing even more damage.

I'll make a killing off of this. Like any business deal, be sure to choose your targets wisely. Only one can be marked at a time. Her q handshake sends out a missile that damages and roots the first enemy hit. She can then recast the ability to nudge her competitor in the right direction, which is, of course, whatever direction she chooses, the hapless fool damages all enemies hit, and if she throws a champion, those enemies are also stunned.

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Put her there. Renata Glass is always willing to lend a hand so long as there's interest. Bailout buffs an ally with increased attack speed and movement speed toward enemies. You're welcome allies who manage to kill an enemy during the buff will reset its duration. High-class tan tech If her investment dies, a well-buffed bailout grants her ally a fresh full health bar that quickly decays before finally dying.

However, allies that get killed or assist in this decaying state heal and stop the decay, saving their lives. This health bar reset won't interrupt channels or abilities as they don't die just yet, so teammates at the death door can take full advantage of Renata Glass's incentives. Remember who helped you in your hour of need with her loyalty program?

Ronaldo Glass fires a missile that detonates at the end of its path, damaging and slowing all enemies encountered. Your valley has dropped. Similarly, allies affected by this missile receive a shield. Better sign up! This deal won't last forever. I'm a giver. With her ultimate hostile takeover, Ronald Glass sends out a cloud of toxic chemicals, and enemies caught in the fumes succumb to her influence and go berserk.

League of Legends - champion spotlight

While berserk, their attack speed increases and they'll attack the closest target, starting with their own teammates. Don't think, just do it. If other enemies aren't around, they'll go up the chin of command, starting with Renata Glast's allies and ending with herself. Everybody wants to be my enemy.

In the early game, we're not able to rely on leverage to punish poor positioning and help for business. I mean, lane partners win trades, make them pay, and create opportunities for kills with slow roots and pulls that dominate the market. If you chain your CC, you'll win the fight before it's even begun.

Be ready to take control. Your teammates need a bailout. No problem you must rescue your assets at the right time, or you can always turn a fight around. So wait for the right moment to secure the deal, and you can watch Ronaldo Glass's enemies destroy themselves in time to make some new business partners and set up plays for your team with opportune buffs.

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shields and roots, and when they succeed, make sure you take all the credit. I'll build you later. Don't underestimate the pull of Renata Glasg. One way or another, you'll be working for her eventually, ready to invest in the Cam Baroness.

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