League of Legends - New Updated Tier List For Patch 12. 15



Siobhan, the top lane. the new sleeper op pick for solo q with the help of our challenger players and analyzing the most recent data, we set out to bring you guys a complete update on the soloq tier list along with any new emerging trends, but before we get into it, be sure to check out skillcap.

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Top changes

top lane) Shyvana has made a few appearances in the pro scene as of late and is highly slept on for solo queue right now.

League of Legends - 12.15 changes

The strategy is quite unique as you'll be running ghost and teleport for summoner spells. Inflamme with teleport can work as well against comps with less hiding power. The build is very similar to what we see on Shyvana Jungle, but Warmog's is highly prioritized. Frostfire rushes into Warmog's second and demonic embrace.

The third is the core. What makes this build so lethal is the synergy from health stacking. Demonic embrace passive converts your health into AP, so once you complete this core it's really good value. Early levels with Shyvana aren't anything special, but once you hit six, jump all over the enemy if they waste cooldowns.

With ultimate and ghost popped, you can easily chase opponents down and take advantage of their mistakes. The skirmish power with ghost and r available is what makes Shyvana Top so powerful. Optimal rune pages press the attack with triumphant tenacity and last stand to grab conditioning and overgrowth for secondaries.

We'll be the first to admit the sparked changes have landed beyond our expectations. On the analytical side, Singed held around a 49 percent win rate prior to the buffs, and he's jumped up to over 52. The now singed r is very unique in the sense that it affects so many of his stats, so it being increased from 20 to 30 is actually a massive spike.

The passive buff was definitely underestimated. As well as on paper, a five percent increase doesn't seem that big, but when you're procking singed passive on multiple targets in a fight, it really starts to add up. We'd already moved Singed into a tier for our pre-patch tier list, and we'll move him up even further and into a tier for our mid-patch update.

Top tier list

Top tier list

For the top lane tier list, we have Aatrox, Darius, and Shen's three picks. If you really want some elo from the top lane, then Shen should be in your champion pool.

A good Shen player can have some of the best impacts for any top laner right now, and with his e-buff that he really didn't need, Shen's become even more godlike. He is one of the most underrated top lane picks as his recent buffs combined with a new build are giving him some sneaky power. Blade of the Rune King into Sunfire Aegis The two-item core blade is super nice on cled because it has great synergy with the sunfire aegis, adds a nice layer of durability, and combined with the blade, gives cled incredibly strong dueling power.

Dragons' becoming more important as a recent is another reason cled should be prioritized. He can roam well and find good catches to play with bolts. The best low elo top laners our analysts recommend include Garen Mordekaiser and Darius, who are the best values in Toplane Bands .

Jungle changes

League of Legends - best adc

Viego has fallen off quite hard over the recent patches, but a new build has emerged to help alleviate that, especially with Divine Sunderer nerfed in 12.15.

Every VG player should be trying the Frostfire. The gauntlet setup blade of the ruined king remains your rush item, so the early game damage is still there. Frostfire is slotted in second, and then death stands third, for a nice layer of durability. The blade movement speed combined with frostfire slow offers immense sticking power.

This works super well for Viego, as once he's used to going in, he can then ensure that the enemy has no way to escape. Overall, Divine is pretty lackluster now, as is Viego's Mythic, so look into Frostfire if you haven't already. It's starting to be played by a ton of professional junglers in solo queue, but it's with a very unique setup.

Chem Punk Chain Sword is the rush item, followed by Frostfire Gauntlet second and Freezing Art third. This build seems pretty trolling at first glance, but actually works really well. Chem punk is a great rush on VI, especially into comps that heal a ton. The item provides 80 health and 25 ability haste, which is the big one.

So much of I's power comes from her ultimate, so being able to purchase a cheap rush item that offers 25 haste helps her early to mid-game massively. If you're rushing the more common divine sunderer, it's 500 gold more expensive and offers five less haste with a sunderer nerf in 12.15. It makes building gauntlets even more valuable.

Jungle tier list

Jungle tier list

The OP jungle carries for 12.15. Nunu, Diana, and Fiddlesticks. As YI is still a good ester jungler, TALIYA and Kiana have both fallen down, while RAMMUS has seen a nice spike up. It's a sad time to be a Lee Sin main, as his buffs have been fairly negligible, to say the least.

Lili, on the other hand, is the one jungler who has exceeded our expectations as a result of her buff, so she'll be moving into a tier. Amumu Master, Yi, and Shyvana are three of the most optimal low-elo junglers. Fiddle Master YI and Diana are some of the best jungle bands.

Mid changes

It was a bit confusing as to why they riot nerfed Kiana instead of just fixing her bug, but it's left her in a much weaker state.

The first strike bug was inflating Kiana's power level, so they fixed it but decided to nerf her passive damage on top of that, and she's fallen quite hard as a result, considering zed was just buffed in 12.15. As well, Kiana is no longer a priority when it comes down to 80 assassin mids. With that said, Kiana's not a terrible pick either, as she finds a spot in our a-tier, but her relative power from last patch being an OP mid has dropped off hard.

Speaking of Zed, we decided to give him a bump into op for mid patch 12.15. The buffs have been slightly more impactful than anticipated, and with Kia dropping out of the op tier, Zed has now become the number one solo queue assassin. It was really just a matter of time for Zed to make the leap, as the past couple patches have been extremely generous towards him.

Zed's scorch buffs, potion nerfs, biscuit nerfs, and resolve tree nerfs have helped him out tremendously. As long as you're banning Silas, you should be having a great time on Zed at 12.15 .

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