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This is eags, and in today's upload we have the tier list for the past 12/16. It's going to be super fun to go through this, so make sure you stick around for the whole article.


You don't have to make the rune page, just one click of a button and bang, you're ready to go. But that's not all, because the app also allows you to scout your opponent, and the app will give you their stats on how well they play their champion, so you can know more about your opponent than they know about themselves.

And the app also gives you an in-game overlay so you can compare your statistics on your kill participation. For your rank or even challenge your players like Faker. There's a reason why three million people have downloaded this free application. Guys, it's because it works, so get around it in season 12.

Top lane

Top lane

As always, we will begin by talking about the most outstanding players and the worst top laners for 12 through 16. So, as you can see, approximately Darus olaf Shen and these four champions. From the current 12 to 15 patches being the most broken, so aatrox with Eclipse, Darys because he's Darius, Olaf because he's Olaf, and Shen because you've got a million builds that are really op.

Now as far as the actual champions in the top lane getting changed, well, the first one who's going to cause a lot of promotion this is Irelia. So your armor per level increases. So you're going to be tankier during the late laning phase and during the mid-to late game and your base magic resist is also going up.

League of Legends - 12.16 best champs

It doesn't really matter too much for the top lane because there isn't too much magic damage going around, but still, this is going to be useful. If you're going to pick Aurelia in the top lane, I'd really just recommend picking her as a counter pick. Blind picking her leaves you open to champions like Tryndamere, who just absolutely destroy you, so do be a little bit careful about just picking her, but she's going to be even stronger as a counter pick in 1216.

That's why she's in the underrated tier. Another champion getting buffed is Jay. So your base armor is kind of getting reverted just a little bit, so you're getting a little bit more armor in the early game too. In fact, your melee's q-bonus ad ratio is going up 10. So this means that in the mid to late game, as you start to stack that attack damage with eclipse mirror mana and whatever else you're building, your hammer is going to deal more damage and also increase your ultimate damage bonus ad ratio.

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When you switch forms, this goes up from 25 percent to 30 percent. I think really good jazz players will make use of this. As a result of all this, Jace is also just like Irelia, underrated. It might take a little bit of time to really master the champion, but he's definitely going to be a bit of a pain to deal with, but one champion you can pick in Jace, who also got buffed, is a male fighter.

So Malphite your character's cooldown is going down in the early stages of the game from 10 seconds to 8 seconds. Now it's still going down to 6 seconds in the late game. But this is really nice for Mou because, without your passive well, you just feel useless and really squishy. So having this up more often during that laning phase, which is really when you're most vulnerable, is a really nice buff.

Your warmdown is also going down, so it's no longer going to be a flat 12 seconds, it's going from 12 seconds to 10 seconds. And you might be saying, but I maxed my w last on Malphite. Well actually, it's probably better to max your w second. even at the moment and definitely next patch because of this buff, so that's why Malphite is in Beats.

It might not be the most OP champion, but it's definitely good to pick up some top laners, and that's really it for the top lane guys. Nothing else is really changing, just make sure you don't play Rise and we'll go through some of the other underrated titles.



Heading into the jungle here with the most broken champions These, as well, aren't really changing, so we have Vel, Diana Fiddler, and Red Kane Rast now. As for Belv, she's here because of that extra attack range and the damage reduction. I don't know if it's just because her kit is just so broken that Diana is here despite getting adjusted, and most of the time these adjustments mean these champions are getting nerfed, so it's happening to Diana.

Your base damage, your passive is going down, but the actual ratio in it is going up five percent, and your ease ap ratio is going up as well. In fact, it's probably even better because Sunfire is the only tank item you get after Sunfire. You can get demonic embrace, you can get Zhonya's hourglass, you're still getting Nash's tooth right, you're still getting a lot of ap, so you can actually make use of these buffs while still going Sunfire, so it just sounds like a straight-up buff for dinner.

That's why she's in broken alongside Fiddlesticks. Because of the bus recently, to him and Ray Kane, because the meta is still about durability. Redcan just frosted now. As far as the rest of the tier list goes, we'll jump into it as you're getting changed in the jungle. Well, the only other one apart from Diana is Poppy.

So what's happening for Poppy is that your Q's monster cap damage is just going down by 20, at each rank. This means you'll be dealing less damage to those monsters, so your clear speed is going to be affected by this. This is important for a champion who doesn't really have the most amazing clarity in the game.

So this is certainly going to slow you down. That's why Poppy's dropping all the way down to B-tip. Rek'sai, trundle, volleyball with Kem tag There are so many options here, so don't feel as if you have to lock yourselves into the four most broken champions in 1216 ).

Mid lane

Mid lane

We're now heading to the mid lane. We've already talked about Irelia. She is in the most broken because of the magic resist buff, most of the time you're going to be playing against magic damage champions.

We also have to consider the armor per level increase. This helps you as well against these champions because some of their damage, if not most of it, is going to be in the form of auto attacks, so the armor is really going to help when you're copying it from those ranged champions. It also doesn't help right now, like the last patch, second wind getting nerfed health pot refillables.

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