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See what we can do. Right away they chase into your cs or into your minions, so autocue walk away into your wave. You should be good. I don't really get as much healing off with minions anymore, so the q's alpha champions are quite good, and it didn't place, I didn't hear the sound, okay, hit the q got shielded shield q.

What cooldowns can I use to make her waist gap close to me like this? Not bad reset here we got flash, not too bad so, crocodile time go here here. Going back to land, it looks good. Pink wood's always fine. Once you have lane control, lane control means you can stand in the wave and your opponent has to be kind of afraid.

That's what I mean when I say lane control. My opponent just can't walk up to clear the wave, push the wave in, and go kill my pink wood for free. You know, I won't allow that to happen. I'll fight back right, so my pink ward will actually get value. Although I already see the jungle bot side, I might wait here.

This wave's going to slowly push in. Once it gets here, she might go down and place a ward. I started pushing out my pink. I've got to wait seven seconds. Now what she's trying to do is look to trade me because I just essentially wasted my ability. Well, how's she going to deal damage? Then a lot of this is bad because the bride hates Renekton.

League of Legends - how to counter riven

I'm still waiting on my e-w, which should be good here now though. This seems like a great situation for slow fishing to me; obviously jungle, lurking, reset. I'm not messing about with towers right now. I don't know if the jungler still has that ward in my inventory that I was talking so much about, but it's kind of how it played out.

You could always go for like boots and some cloth armor here if you wanted, because this actually isn't giving me that much value in terms of fighting. The long sword is great, but maybe the long sword in their boots, or the long sword and the cloth armor might've been decent too, because Ada Dad and we got tenacity shit.

This is going to be a weird game. I don't know if I have tenacity here, but I'm not sure if I might need more. I might actually have to get murk treads versus triple a d. This guy's got a ton of CC, Thomas CC, and then these two still have a bunch of CC as well. I want to hold this, maybe outside my tower.

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Four is the magic number, so see, this is literally what I was trying to explain earlier. I would freeze the wave outside my tower. She dropped the word because she was overextended and then I could start pushing and then pink it and then take control. Maybe just all in here. This is ridiculously stupid.

All right guys, I mean, that's why we want the wave on our side of the map. There's not really much she's going to do. She wasted two abilities. Ah, you son of a shit. Okay, did I call my mid laner my juggler earlier? I think I did. Well, so far, this gives my jungler time to roam into the enemy jungle.

If you look at the mini-map, it looks like nothing is up. I do want to reset here so I can spend a lot of gold. I don't want to stick around with 900 gold. It seems kind of stupid. Go spend it. Get some better items. And sell this now. I might grab those boots here. Mobility is pretty nice against Riven.

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Yeah, your main goals against Riven are to use your empowered w into her shield. That's always good. Force her to use multiple abilities just to get to you and then as she tries to escape, because like what she did here, she was like q e forward third q w'd, so I'm stunned on both of those parts, and then she tries to walk away.

While I'm stunned, what do I do? I don't just stand there like, "Okay, well you're just gonna slap me." I dash in. I use my cooldowns, and then I immediately leave because her stuff is going to be up before my stuff is up a second time, obviously right, and some people will make the mistake of going back in on that trade.

They'll either not go back in and just let Rippe get a free trade, which is not what you want to do. She's used all of her cooldowns. She has nothing available to dash. You could double dash and queue at her and it would still be fine now. The other problem is that they overextend and they overstay, so they'll do that double dash stun cue and then they'll stand around like auto attack, like if you can't kill the person in the next like auto one or two autos, like they're going to have all their cooldowns come back up and then you have nothing left and you're going to die, so you need to leave.

This is a good idea. You've got a slow pushing wave towards you. There's no reason to walk up and try and get any form. It would just result in you potentially dying. It's way too risky for like 15 or 20 grams of gold. You want to wait and let this wave shove into you.

Welcome jimmeythecook to the crocodile crew!

Welcome jimmeythecook to the crocodile crew!

The only downside here is that this does set up a situation in which I could dive. You know, I stacked up a bunch of fury, but you're full hp, so I wouldn't really worry too much about that. Let me get our pink board down. I tried to trim the wave a little bit, but that's fine.

That's what I left to do on my pink board. This guy's got like 200k points in rhythm too. He might be a little tilted. They were a little too close, just a little too close. You need to be under the tower. I mean, not under the tower, but you can't allow yourself to die there, like you just cannot die.

It's a massive mistake because that whole wave, like you have to force me to make the play under the tower, maybe I could kill you under the tower. Maybe it's kind of rough, the towers hurt. They fixed them so they actually ramp up so they do the correct damage this patch. But as a slow-pushing wave is happening, there's no reason to fight and contest the wave.

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Think of the products like what a slow-pushing wave means. That means you can just wait because it's going to keep pushing and it'll keep pushing to your tower and eventually get there. So no, you have no incentive to go out and play aggressively. You just need to be patient. Yeah, I may have played this matchup a lot.

It's also a hard counter matchup. Renekton absolutely shits on ribbon if you play it correctly. I've lost this matchup plenty of times to the god-tier ribbon players. But, I don't know, I used to play it against things like boxing all the time. I used to play it against when I was back in my day when I was good in like season three or four, you know, just in high elo and I played against Ribbon all the time because we remember super meta at the time and you had that red pot meta.

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That shit was my favorite; those matchups are so spicy. I am still worried about their team comp. I mean, they have a ridiculous amount of crowd control, and crowd control destroys you when you play Crocodile Man. Please click the ball is popping off three kilos too. It's explaining the match up when I like to walk through the explanation for you guys.

SoloRenektonOnly is back showing you how to make someone uninstall League of Legends with my main champion! Renekton is back and better than ever baby! . Season 12 Renekton runes guide League of Legends.
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