League of Legends - Massive Update: All Upcoming Changes For Patch 12. 16



We'll be covering the upcoming changes for patch 12.16, so make sure you stay tuned. I'll cover all the changes that we know about, and it's also worth mentioning that this is the first of the world's focused patches. In other words, these are going to be aimed at more competitive play, so don't be surprised if you see some changes that seem a little bit out of the ordinary.

While these changes are still tentative, we almost always see them make it through, so it's worth noting that some last minute changes and tweaks can happen.


To start off the article, we'll run you guys through what's most important to everybody: the skins, strike commander Camille Cyber. Halo Janna.

For the prestige edition of the skin strike, paladin Lucian and armored Titan Nasus are currently on the list. You can expect these new skins to join the shop next patch, and like always, if you want a preview, you can hop into the test server for yourself or do some web searching for them. For all you sci-fi fans, you definitely need to check these out.

That's covered let's talk about the balance changes next.


We'll begin with the single system change that we have coming up. Even though shroud is set to receive a buff next patch, the damage amplification will also have its value increased by one percent, while the duration of the buff will be increased by one second.

Don't take this buffer for granted, as it amplifies the damage of the owner's entire team, not just a single ally. While the item received a big nerf and patch on 11.24, it's getting some of that power back. Not only will I have a little more kill power during the laning phase, it can easily be the difference between a win or a loss in a teamfight moving forward.

This should ultimately take some power away from the enchanters to give it back to aggressive supports who need to rack up takedowns early and have a meaningful impact. With the system changes covered, we'll move on to the champion changes next .



Beginning with the top lane, we have a small buff coming up for Irelia. If you're sick and tired of getting destroyed by her. I'll at least let you know that there is a defensive buff coming up, so you won't get bursted down any faster by fed enemy Aurelia, but she is certainly going to be harder to kill.

In the next patch, Irelia will receive buffster armor per level as well as base and magic. These changes might even make her more popular with picks in the mid lane, so definitely be on the lookout for that. Another top lane buff coming our way next patch is for Jace.


He's received some buffs to help him scrap the melee range and also has some increased armor and increased damage ratios on his hammer form and passive.

This should make it a little more rewarding than before for players who dive in and go crazy when the time is right .


Next is a buff for Malphite. It's a pretty big one too, though it may not look like it. His passive's early cooldown will be reduced by two seconds, and his w's cooldown will now scale with ability rank.

The former rank is a huge buff to Malphite's landing phase, as he'll have a lot more shielding to work with. As a result, it'll be way more difficult to trade against him overall. He should be able to pick up more farm and have harder matchups, and instead use that shield to win favorable matchups even harder than before.

Lowering the cooldown on his W isn't the biggest deal, but it can certainly come in handy in the late game, especially once Malphine has built some ability to back it up.



That's actually For the top lane, the only buff in sight for now is that the patch is actually very bottom lane heavy, but we do have a few more changes to go over before we move on to those. While it may seem strange that we have a small nerf for Poppy Jungle, she is deemed too powerful and I think the real issue for high-level players is that her flex pick potential is oppressive.

It won't be impossible to jungle with her moving forward, but it'll prove to be a lot more challenging than before as her q's damage cap against monsters will be lowered. Next patch, a reduced clear speed is a gigantic hindrance to any jungler, but she remains an extremely valuable asset to any team because of her immense utility.

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The last jungle change is an adjustment definitely worth mentioning. It's going to be for Diana, and of course, this is also going to affect her as a mid laner. Diana's passive damage is going to be adjusted to my favorite AP heavy builds. The base damage at later levels will be reduced while the ap ratio will be increased.

She's also going to receive above her e's ap ratio. Diana's tanker builds are currently a little bit too powerful and she's able to destroy her enemy carries with very low risk. Once again, we're running into the issue that makes the game hard to enjoy for many players: a tanky assassin that deals a ridiculous amount of damage.

With this adjustment, we'll hopefully see fewer players take advantage of her new build and instead see more high-risk, high-reward one-shot itemization. That covers the jungle.



Next, let's talk about the mid lane. For the mid lane, we have buffs coming up for Zoe. The drop rate for minions under easy damage will be raised. Next patch it's going to be about a 2 increase in drop rate, which can certainly make a huge difference, especially since it already feels like a huge game of chance against her.

The odds have been raised slightly in her favor for the next patch. Now we have to cover the majority of the next patch's changes with the bottom lane.


A lot is expected to change in the next patch, so let's start with the buffs. Tristana's bonus attack speed for mercury will be increased at all ranks.

It's a 15 buff, which is certainly something that can't be ignored at any point in the game. This is still a pretty big buff early on, as it'll make it easier for players to detonate her bomb when they're committing to an extended fight. It's obviously an increase in damage output as well .


League of Legends - 12.16 changes

Caitlyn is next for buffs, and I think she's received a pretty interesting one. Her passive's ad scaling will increase at later levels, but more importantly, her ultimate will deal up to 25 bonus damage based on crit chance. The intent here is to have a buffer against Caitlyn without encouraging players to opt in for a non-interactive experience.

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