League of Legends - How To Easily Reach Diamond As Adc

League of Legends - adc coaching

You just loaded up your sixth coin flip solo queue game of the day, your support starts feeding, your team starts flaming you for something that isn't even your fault, and next thing you know, the game's another 15-minute ff. Trust me when I say that I know how miserable solo queueing as an adikari can be, which is why I'm here with some advice.

Today I'll be giving you five crucial tips every adc should know to make that climb to diamond easier than it ever was. Well, stick around and find out. Let's start off with our first tip for today straight out of the art of war: appear weak when you're strong. A lot of the time when I watch low-elo ads play, they're way too quick to give away what they're planning.

A great example of this is actually a really common scenario: the level 2 power spike. Most of us know about this by now, but how many times has it resulted in a kill? More often than not, bot lanes pretty much give away instantly on the second wave that they're going to try to hit level 2 as fast as possible and run at you the second that they do this.

League of Legends - adc guide

This usually results in the enemy bot lane backing up and missing a few creeps, but never actually winning the lane outright. The best way to get the most out of your performances is to appear weak when you're strong. Let the enemy bot lane think that they can hit level 2, only to have your support use targons on the last minion just before they do.

Do you see where this is going? Let me show this to you in a real game. This clip starts off with me about to hit level 3 on Ezra, with my waves slow pushing into the enemy team. As we've gone over before in previous articles, trading is best done when your wave is pushing out because you have more minions around you to protect you.

Couple this with the fact that I'm level 3 to level 2, and it's pretty clear that I'm stronger than the enemy bot lane, however. I don't necessarily want to give this away immediately. I wore the bush and I waited for the opportunity to arise. This lulls the enemy wall lane into a false sense of security.

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And they actually decided to use both fatal sticks and varus cooldowns, which makes for a really easy trade for me now. I still could have done this earlier, but hiding my intentions here actually gave me a much better trade than I would have had before. In fact, I actually found another application of this in the exact same game in this clip.

Rengar shows up on my warden river to potentially look to gain quantum. I know that I'm safe from his jump range, and so I don't necessarily want to give away that he's in the bush. He ends up trying to gank me anyway and failing, and the second the play is over, I take a pretty aggressive trade and dash in.

At this point, Rengar knows the gank isn't working out, but what he doesn't know is that I still have a ward in the bush. What you're about to watch is hilarious, and I'll just let the clip speak for itself. Rengar is angry. He just flashed on us. He got pissed off and just flashed it. From this play alone, the enemy jungler lost his flash and his sanity.

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On top of this, their wave being stuck at my tower resulted in another free kill and a freeze for me, which essentially won both jungle and bot lane for one play. Pretty powerful tactic if you ask me. Before we head into the next tip, though, I just want to quickly remind you that this guide comes from the number one place to actually improve in League of Legends: {952}.

Most players don't realize that trying to copy pro play or high elo streams will only slow you down. They don't teach you the tricks to climbing through low elo like we do, which is necessary for carrying teammates from hell. Back to the article now. If you've seen Squid Game, then you're no stranger to this next step.

Anytime you can make a play, you want to look for an indicator or a green light before going for it. This can be anything from a missed enemy skill shot to something big like the enemy jungler showing on the minimap. Put yourself in the enemy bot's shoes. What ability would you want to have ready to use if you were to start a 2v2 and punish them if they hadn't uncooled out?

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A few examples of this would be Tristana mindlessly using her e or q to waveclear. Or varus using his e-to-last minion These types of abilities are super effective for trading, and they have really long cooldowns. So if you see your opponent use one of these abilities on the wave, it's basically the green light that you're waiting for to go in.

In this clip, I'm slow pushing into the enemy bot lane and planning on recalling after the next wave. I know that Hecarim started on the bot side, which means he should be back at around 4: 30ish to kill his gronk. However, I end up seeing him stay on top to repeat the gank archer sauna, which immediately gives me the green light to make a play.

I know that our 2v2 is winning, so I utilized both this tip and the one we went over before this, to let the enemy bot lane make the mistake of freezing. This immediately results in me dashing in to punish them and getting a clean double kill to set ourselves up for the rest of the game. Waiting for the green light can turn a good opportunity into a great play.

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It can also save you from making game-losing mistakes. Our next tip comes from something I learned in my last relationship. Don't set yourself on fire to keep others warm. Here we see a samira in a platinum game. She notices the enemy udyr as he clears out her warden river. Shortly after this, Hercules decides to come down for a stroll.

As we see, the enemy support is caught out in the river. Now if you were Samira, what would you do here? Would you commit to the fight or would you bail and play for your wave? You might have said Samira should commit to this fight, however. If you did, you'd be just as screwed as our samir friend over here.

Committing actually results in all of them dying and Jyn getting a massive lead over her. The correct play here is to back off as soon as our leblanc goes in and instantly gets one shot. There were definitely some clear signs that this play wasn't going to work out. Our Leblanc wanted to make something happen, noticing that Senna was out of position, but she failed to realize that this Udyr had been seen on a ward just moments earlier and could be there to counter it.

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Once she gets nearly hundred to zero, Samira should know that the play is over. There's a pretty hefty price to pay for this decision, and if we look at the gold graph before and after the two plays, you can see just how impactful our decision to not let our team die ended up being for us. We were down around 200 gold before this play, but after we all died, we ended up down nearly 1.3 thousand.

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