League of Legends - How To Dominate As Ekko

League of Legends - best ekko build

You know, you know what I'm playing is the echo game. I'm doing the echo game. I'm not about to be depressed. depression absolute depression Who's mid I guess Irelia, I have a trundle jungle, so I mean, it's either teleport or ignite. I think if the trundle doesn't come up, it's better to have TP.

What happened to Tony Top? He still plays the game. Apparently, Darius is Tony Top. You know, I think the funny thing is that if I didn't have this rune page that I'm having and I had free boots instead, I wouldn't have killed that guy. If I hadn't had free boots, I would have had the movement speed to kill graves.

The graves are, if you're happy and you know what spam dog jamis are, I mean, I almost got it off but I died. I didn't see the graves because I wasn't looking at them. I didn't see the grave attack man. My flash, my blues are gone. Man, that would have been real awkward if I left the base like that.

That would have been very awkward. You think I can get this blue buff without dying? Let's find out. It's good true damage. Nope okay, well you know what, we are kind of having fun a little bit, but, I one shot, I one shot, Lucian thought, well, we forwarded it a bit, but it's fine. Why does Lucian have sword boots?

League of Legends - best ekko na

Because of the nami damage, also known as gale force, I guess. I thought it would last that long. I thought it lasted that long. I thought I didn't know she could hold it that long. What the hell? It seemed like the irelia lasted forever. That was crazy. How much AP do I have? 404 my sun impact has done a shit ton of damage.

I mean, the reason why I did so much damage in Echo is because it procs on lich bane and e all at the same time you get a buff. Yeah, I got buffed by one magic pen and like two lethalitys. Holy shit, the game's gonna be good. Actually, you know what the double force here is? I'll just show you how the games have gone.

I'll show you that games are all right. I don't really give a shit how the games go to be honest, but what I can show you is the start of the day at 43k. Let's look at the graph really quickly. Let's look at the graph. All right, So let's get the graph really quickly, or let's look at the match stream.

League of Legends - best ekko player

At the start of the day, we played a die-ending game and, actually okay, it doesn't really look like I did well, but I did, but our warwick died level one at his red buff. He ran back to his red, died again, ran to his blue, and then died again, so Warwick Lilly died three times within one minute.

I'm not exaggerating either. He died three times within one minute, so he lost, as you can kind of tell, and then in the second game of the day we had a 0-11-3, top laner, it is what it is, so we lost, and in the next game we had a 0-11 in one top laner, it is what it is, and then the next two games were remakes.

It's been an eventful day at least, and then this game ended, and I won this game. Whatever this game is, it is what it is. We were out-competed and then the big echo game happened, but at least the first five games were pretty shit funny. It's like, you know, int double remake, man, but that's my, that's been my last one.

It is what it is. Sometimes you lose games. All right boys, I'll catch you all tomorrow.

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