League of Legends - How I Fixed The Worst Scaling Champ In Lol

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So this all started last weekend. I saw a post on the main subreddit about who the worst scaler in League of Legends was, and once I got over my initial shock that the unlovable prison inmate jizz bank babies that are in charge of that subreddit let a non-pro place news fest post get through. I dug in.

It was mostly a bunch of arachnophobics, crying about Elise being more useless than a chocolate teapot after the laning phase, and while that may be true, she still has CC with her sperm strings and the ability to go untargetable by becoming an itsy bitsy spider and going up the water spout, so I felt like someone had to be worse.

Then I remembered this crazy cat lady who I never see in my own games unless it's a Smurf visiting from Korea or someone with a fetish for getting shit on. So I looked at the data and no champ falls off harder than this spear chucking shit as her win rate drops below half before games hit 20 minutes.

So I set out on a mission to fix the chasm that falls off the most. My first thought was that I would just Spark Notes a jungle shit guide off of some mouth breather site like MOBA. Fire, and then follow the six percent of it that I remember, which is why my start in general pathing makes me look like you handed me a GameCube.

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controller and said do a full clear but it worked out because this flatulent Chimney Sweeper was more over extended than the song Free Bird, so I came in and saved my cooldowns, like they are part of some chastity related religious beliefs, and I wanted to do anal with God in the afterlife, but turns out abilities weren't even needed.

I get word that my mid laner has already placed a bulk order for Plan B pills because she's getting screwed way too often as I come in for my spear premiere, as I turn what should have been a free gank into something that I would delete from my browser cache history if I could, but I don't need to be flashy on 101 and nothing will stop her.

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I bought some sick ass kicks. I got a mad craving for some pizza, so it looks like Bot Lane homicide is on the menu, but I apparently forgot my eyeballs in the car, which may or may not have led to an unsuccessful gank that obviously had nothing to do with how I played it fast, forward through 15 minutes of gameplay that was uglier than most chicks who say words like feminism, and my co-workers just wanted to go next and question why they still play this dumb game again in 25 minutes while giving me the advice to never play this champ again.

So I did what anyone would do in this situation: I made a mid-beast article of him watching some 18 billion Mastery, sold his soul to Nidalee, one trick devil, and pretended like skipping around in that article for like six minutes would magically make my Nidalee TSM signable. Not that that's saying much.

League of Legends - the

I even learned that Headhunter. Nidalee is slightly paid to win, and I'm totally down to just throwing money at my problems, which is why I have a total of three friends, and all three of them would sell me out for a Twinkie. I'm here trying to replicate the smile I saw on the K-pop smirk when Tiki Hut troll tit comes in acting like he should have custody over my diabetic frog as I win the Smite war in the losers bracket before having to tuck my tail between my legs and come to the realization that the enemy jungler's name is Napoleon, and unlike 1812.

Russia, or some shit because I'm too thin to get invaded But seeing as he got the toad. I figured I was free to enter my forest again. I was wrong, and minutes later. I figured when it comes to experience in the jungle. I'm not exactly stealing any chicks from Disney's Tarzan, so my next attempt to find a way to make this champ scale better was to play her support, and this is how the first game began.

You don't have to be Einstein to guess how this one was trending, but you could use one of his quotes to say that I was just finding all the ways that don't make Nidalee. Scaling correctly is the idea behind her being a bursting mage assassin, and letting her carries die in hopes of landing big chunky toothpicks is the problem with her falling off.

I knew what I had to do. I had to stop caring about the weaponized stripper poles that I was throwing at people and start prioritizing. Something else, the bursty builds, had to be benched because there was a new cast in town, the enchanter ball cuffing crowd. Then all I had to do was slip on a sexy maid outfit because the way to make this Tabby tit scale is to build her in a way that helps and protects others, just like Nordvpn.

But NordVPN is more than just software that protects you from online threats like malware scams, ads, and trackers through its cutting-edge threat protection. NordVPN is a lifestyle. This is you. You've grown old and fat from spending too much time on the Riff, but you know who you are and are happy that all your Discord friends are talking about the newest anime and sending you clips, and all you want to do is enjoy it yourself, but you can't because it's only available here while you are way over here, practically on the other side of the world where it simply is not available.

just like you are there in the flesh getting drunk with a cast. I'm in my made cosplay prep to cuff the balls of the fuzzy cuffs who, if Arcane taught us anything, might like some of the V in addition to the P, but all I know for now is that their ADC slipped out to take a piss, so I'm ready to get some shit on these Paws until the mall cop does a lot of walking into danger without any fighting, so she gets moved to the recycle bin, leaving me alone to retreat wondering where it went wrong.

psych shit give me a bite of that ass as I make the trade, which is not too shabby for a support tabby, I stuck around because overstaying is practically a personality trait for me at this point. As you see. Since I feel negative feedback is too common after bad plays in this game, I wanted to make the effort to express my love after a good one to hopefully start a trend here.

Their mid was too busy dropping words in chat instead of in the shrubs, so when Ash made her deep throat an SUV Arrow. I was there to make a cat kebab with my spirit, so generously giving the kill to Legolas's wife. I am on my way to Enchanterite, in Paradise, with plans to focus on funneling my abc latecomers who were showing lots of potential there.

My mid is still having Rift Tourette Syndrome at all times. Instead of realizing that she is at the center of the universe and certainly not the only cat on this riff, she sits on the stun, eats the spear, tries to spin on the ash, and despite my patience. I panic and steal the kill, but I said sorry, so eat shit if you think I'm a bad person then.

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