League of Legends - 10 Best Early Game Carries To Dominate With



Welcome back to another pro guide article. Early game carries excel at getting their team ahead as soon as possible through sheer damage and utility. While they may not scale the best, they are great at forcing fights and coming out on top. We're going to be breaking down what makes them so good as well as going through a quick rundown of how you can best build them anyway.

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Starting this off strong, we've got Darius in the top lane. Darius is a champion that is notorious for his early game cheese potential. Thanks to his passive, he's able to stack up a massive bleed stack that can go ahead and deal half of the champion's HP early on.

Pair this with his w and he's got somebody who can easily 100-to-zero anybody in the early game. Darius may not scale as hard as other top laners, but his ability to carry early on is nearly unmatched. If you need a juggernaut that can guarantee a level 1 victory, then be sure to check out Darius.

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Taking a look at Darius's itemization, be sure to grab flash and ghost as your summoner spells. This will let you chase down the enemy with ease. As for your runes, you'll be taking conqueror triumph, legend tenacity, last stand, second wind, and unflinching. These ruins will make you a great fighter while also helping you use the same through the lanes for your items.

You'll be grabbing Trinity Force plated steel caps, Dead Man's plate cerex, and then finishing off with your choice of force of nature for that extra mr or guardian angel for survivability. Early game champions may be powerful, but they're also extremely unforgiving. If you fall behind, you almost have no chance of coming back into the game.

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We have Warwick in the top lane. While Warwick may be a little bit of a cheese pick, he has both the win rate and early game power to back it up. All of his early power lies in his ability to duel any champion in the game thanks to his high sustain.

Pair this with his ability to turn into a hyper tank later on in the game, and you've got yourself a champion that can absolutely 1d9. While he does technically fall off, his strength early on should give you enough of a lead to tilt the enemy enough to let you snowball into a victory. If you enjoyed the non-traditional top lane, make sure to check out Warwick before Rio catches on and nerfs him diving into his itemization, you start off with Flash and Barrier as your summoner spells.

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Early game barriers will let you quickly turn early game fights as long as you use the same with your q and your autos. Don't be afraid to let me test the barrier early on for your runes. Be sure you take lethal tempo, presence of mind, and alacrity. last sand, second wind, and revitalization. Those screens will give you great dueling potential and sustain.

Moving on to your items, you'll be rushing the blade of the ruined king into plated seal caps, sunfire titanic, death stance, and then finishing off with your choice of spare message for Mr. and sustain or cerex for survivability and damage ).


Moving us into the jungle, we got Olaf. Olaf was well known for his early carry potential.

Thanks to his granting him a ton of lifesteal plus attack speed as well as a shield, he is able to win any duel with ease. On top of this, he gets Bama's cube constantly for bonus damage. After his mini rework, Riot took a bit of his early game power away, but he's still fairly strong. Thanks to this, he scales far better into the mid and late games, which means that if you can gain an early lead, you can carry your team to victory.

If you love the concept of being a powerful berserker that lives off of fights with your entire family, then be sure you put in some time to learn Olaf, taking a look at Olaf's atomization. Make sure you take ghosts and smite as your summoner's spells. You'll be taking hillblade as your spider choice, but for more dueling potential, feel free to take red smite instead.

For your runes, you'll be taking conqueror. Triumph, last sand, magical footwear and approach velocity, This will let you take early game fights and then win them with ease. As for your items, you're building core drinker plated steel caps, death stance sterax, spirit visage, and then finishing off with either a black cleaver or dead man's .



Taking us to our next champion, we've got none other than Rek'sai in the jungle. Rexxar offers a powerful early game thanks to her high mobility, versatile game paths, and overall great burst.

While she may have worse scaling than Olaf, she is easily able to get fed things thanks to her ability to dive over walls and knock up enemies and secure kills. That being said, she may be difficult to play at first since you can't really see much while burrowed, but with enough practice you'll be 1v9 in games thanks to your early strength.

If you'd love to get fed up with ganks and snowballs, then Rexella may be the right champion for you. Move on to her itemization. Make sure you take flash and smite as your summoner spells. Rexella will often take blue smite for that extra burst early on. As for your runes, take conqueror, triumph, legend of lagritte, coup de gras, magical footwear, and cosmic insight.

While you'll lose a bit of power thanks to not having halo blades, your overall fighting strength will increase. For your actual items, you'll be building prowlers' club play to seal caps, edge of knight death stance bob memories, and then finishing off with the guardian angel .


Let's take a quick break from these champions and move on to our favorite pro-guy tradition.

Today we want to ask you all what your favorite style of champion is. Personally, when I first started playing, I really loved the 80 casters. I fell in love with the champions that dominated the early game. Let's get back into the article and dive right into our next champ, Pulling us back into the article, we've got action.



Ever since his release, Auction has maintained his reputation as one of the strongest early game champions in the game. This is due to how powerful his short trades can be. His passive lets him auto-champion twice as long as the first basic attack connects.

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