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This is eggs, and in today's article we're going to be revealing 10 champions who, well, you're probably not playing, but lots of people in high elo careers are playing these champions and abusing them for free. LP at 12:15.


Our challenge to players and coaches is to upload daily content. These might be champion courses and guides where we teach you how to play a champion at a high level; they might even be some high-elo vod analyses.


Now we'll start in the mid lane with a champion who's one of the best roaming mid lanes in the game. This is Galio. Galio might not have the strongest 1v1 in the game, but what you're really playing Galio for is to help your teammates, and I know that does not sound too enticing. And if we think about this for a second, how often are your teammates picking champions, like maybe Darius, or Rengar, or Vayne, or Jinx?

These champions get picked a lot. They are big carry champions, and by picking a mid laner like Galio, where you can actually give up your own lane to support those big carries, it's actually a very good strategy. So you're playing this champion, like I said, to use your ultimate to protect those carriers of yours and to get them going, if you have a carry jungler who needs a bit of CC and setup.

Galio is a great champion to lock in because you provide that for them, and it's kind of interesting that even though Pred was nerfed a few patches ago, the Koreans are still running this and with a bit of ingenious hunter, which is going to help your everfrost. Zhonya's hourglass and Minion D materializer. As well, which really helps with your wave clear, because Galaio loves priority, then he can move around the map, so Galaio is the first champion to consider picking for the rest of 1215.



Now next up, we have a champion who's really flying under the radar and his pig is nowhere near as much as he should be, This is the blob in the top lane, Zach.

So for Zach, why is he so good in the top lane? Well, it's really because of that barmy cinder buff a couple of patches ago. So the fact that it went from 1100 gold to a thousand gold, that's like one minion wave earlier in the top lane. So this is obviously amazing for like other tanks who are building Barbie cinder, but for Zach it's really good as well, and you can see that in close to 300 matches, this is not just in like 20 or 30 games that Zach's played, he's very popular.

He has a 55 percent win rate in master and above in the hardest server, arguably, in the world. You might have something like a soraka or jada support. Zach will probably provide enough crowd control for your entire team in those mid-to late-game team fights. amazing scaling champion, strong when you get barmy cinder, awesome setup , great champion.


Now moving down to the bot lane here, let's talk about one of the most fun supports to play at the moment, this being Ash, and I know what you're thinking. Ash Support: Why not just play as an ad as well as support? Funnily enough, she is actually very popular in Korea and also very popular in pro games, to the point where sometimes she gets picked up and banned because she's so good.

The main reason why she is so good is because of Ultimate Hunter and your enchanter, Chris Solara. So with the low cooldown you have on this, once you start getting cool down, so with lucidity, boots for a mandate. If you're going mirror manner, you get a cool down from that. The ability to haste is going to enable you to spam your ultimate off cooldown.

Ash is actually quite a deadly support. Yes, she's very killable, but even if you do run it down during the laning phase, remember, you always have your ultimate to kind of fall back on, and if you do get snowballing.



The game is just gg, just make sure you're taking halo blades and domination, So you're not going to comet, you're not going to scorch, even though scorch did get buffed a couple of patches, so take this rune page on your screens now and you will thank me.


For now, let's head back to the top lane where we just talked about Zack.

Well, how about another aep champion, but this one doesn't go by me. This one goes by Knight Harvester, and wants to rush sorcery, shoes, and rumble. Now I just mentioned for Ash, right, you're not going to take comet or scorch, but for rumble in the top lane, that's exactly. What you're going to do, and if you look at this page for me here, with Comet and Scorch and Resolve as your secondary trees, these high elo Rumble players have a 72 percent win rate in close to 700 matches overall.

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Regardless of what runes or builds you have, you're going over a 52 percent win rate. And this is for a very killable champion. Like rumble, if you gank him, what escapes does he have? He has a bit of movement speed from his w, but that's about it. If you get on him, he's going to die. So this really just goes to show how much power this guy has in the lane, and the key to playing rumble effectively in the top lane so you can dominate the lane on 1v2 with the enemy top laner and enemy jungler is to try to maintain your heat at above 50.

So that bar of yours when you use your abilities is going to generate heat. You don't want to overheat, 24-7, and you don't want to be low on heat because your abilities won't deal more damage, so you want to try to stay in the danger zone as long as possible. And by the way, guys, if you are up against bursty champions in the top lanes, you might be up against champions like Jax.

You really want to be running on bone plating against them, not second wind, because you do need the tankiness in those little trades. So rumble in the top lane, guys. If you feel as if your team needs a bit of ap, or you feel as if the matchup's really good for you, lock this champion in. You will stop playing like no other now.



Speaking of stomping lane, this champion in the mid lane and s+ champion in close to 600 matches of action and a high elo career has over a 55 win rate. Now why is action so broken? Well, if we think about it. I think, just innately, speaking is very strong, but if we also think about the movement speed buffs to the lethality of mythics, this means that for action with eclipse in the mid to late game, once you start getting the movement speed from the mythic passive ticking over, this becomes pretty deadly, especially when you pair this with ghostblade.

As you can see, this mythical core item setup is very successful. If we also think about the sudden impact buff from the last patch, this means that when you use your e or come out of your w, you will be one-shotting champions. And if you think about the lethality of eclipse as well, this just means you're going to get way more kills than before.

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