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Horizon Zero Dawn horizon 100 yards away. More like Horizon Zero New Ideas. Horizon. Forbidden West is a game that I forbid you to buy, not because it's a horrible game, but because this type of game needs to die off. It's time for game developers to make a new article game. Even though I never beat the original Horizon game, playing Forbidden West felt like returning to a game I've already beaten 50 times.

I beat this game when it was called Assassin's Creed. I beat this game when it was called Just Cause. I beat this game when it was infamous. I beat this game when it was called Batman: Arkham City, Saints Row, Far Cry, Borderlands, Crackdown, Cyberpunk Dx3D. I mean, just talking about this year alone, I've already played the new Spider-Man, and I like to play the new Pokemon.

I've already played four open world games this year, and we're not even two months into it. Come on now, game developers. You've got to make some new kinds of games here. I guess the thing that sets Horizon apart is that you fight big robot animals. The robot fights are the highlight of the game, but because it's an open world, that element is often minimized in favor of talking to non-player characters.

Horizon Forbidden West - dunkey horizon foribbiden west

Smelling stuff with your witcher sense Clearing out enemy camps, gathering herbs, crafting looting boxes There was so much looting in this game, but you can't just swipe stuff while running like a Zelda or monster hunter. Your character has to come to a complete halt just to grab some berries. It's a minor gripe, but when you're looting hundreds of items, that minor gripe turns into a big pain in the ass.

That's the thing with these open world games. There are so many games just like this for me to compare you to. I end up going, "Well, this mechanic was done better in this game, and this game did this better." I feel like a teacher grading papers. You know what I mean? The race of man was gifted 10 ps5s to govern the 10 kingdoms of the world.

I was one of those kings that got the thing, and let me tell you, these graphics are the best graphics in the entire world, but my immersion was slightly broken when characters started to pop in and out of reality in the background. It's good to see you. Well, this old guy sounds like trouble. And then this person over here is just a flying head with feet.

Horizon Forbidden West - dunkey horizon zero dawn

Turn back, Outlander. They also brought in the physics of hair from WWF. Watch how crazy her hair goes when she sits down. Hey Lloyd, I think for me though, what really kills this game off is the dialogue, but ba-boom, there was just way too much of it. What was that? I just fell asleep while you were talking.

No you didn't. You didn't fall asleep. You're still awake. She's lying to everybody. She's lying why is she here? I live here too. Why were people laughing? Was that a joke? I just got done playing Pokemon, which had the exact same problem, so I was already beyond my limit with this shit. The story and characters are very generic, and then when you're finally done talking, the game prompts you to start asking them a bunch of questions.

Dying like two had the exact same exact system where you have all these options to ask questions, but only one of them actually progresses. In the game, you remember a mass effect where you could choose between a good or evil dialogue. In this game, you choose fewer or more questions. If you loved The Ghost of Tsushima, you'll probably love this too.

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It's a hundred times more polished than the shitass days gone by, 50 times more polished in Assassin's Creed. It's a market-tested, risk-averse product that most people will enjoy and only a few will truly love or despitate. For me, though. Horizon Zero Dawn will forever be known as that open world game that came out three days before Breath of the Wild, and now Horizon Forbidden West is that open world game that came out a couple days before Eldon Rings.

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