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Dank is back at it again. I've gotten a bazillion comments on DMS, etc., tank design. If they are going to be fighting infantry, then go for something that has soft attack because, if you did not know, in the hearts of iron 4, if you click here, for example, an infantry division has zero percent hardness.

For example, in this one right, soft attack takes 100 hearts, attack takes zero percent, as you can see there right, which means this does not get affected. At all by heart attack, that's. If you're fighting mostly infantry, you want to go for something that has more soft attack. Obviously, you can go for some kind of a balanced mixture if you're fighting both tanks and infantry a bit more, you know what I mean?

I know you do. You're a smart boy. What we're going to do now is go into the research. What you need to do to get these tanks started off, you really don't have a ton of research to do. Looking at the research here, you get some small canons and pretty small canons for close support guns. Whatever, ignore all of this and this and look at this here.

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For example, this is the gun I usually go for. It's the improved medium-caliber cannon. If you research this day one in Germany, you'll have the improved medium. Cannon the 41 Tech like around mid 39. If you're into hardcore, it's really good. It's a lot of soft attacks, and a lot of people tend to go for more softness in their builds, right?

So going for more heart attacks on your tanks, which is basically your entire army, is kind of stupid when most of what you're fighting is softness. For example, if Russia goes for motorized tanks, they're gonna have a majority of softness on their tanks, probably more, like 60 hardiness, or something doesn't matter, you'll still want to be fighting all their infantry, etc.

And you won't be breaking that with a soft attack, so if you want to make some movements, usually going for a soft attack is the better idea. You get the first soft attack cannon in. But you'll probably get this around 38, early 38. It's around when you get this you really want, the soft attack one, though the heart attack one.

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10 soft attacks, 26 heart attacks I'll go into some designs later. For now, though, we'll continue going. You might be wondering, after you have researched your gun, what do you want to do? For starters, you want to have radios. The tank radio gives you a defensive breakthrough. These are pretty good stats, and once you get through to the next levels of radio, like, for example, this one, 65, defense, and 45 breakthrough, you get to this one, and it helps you a lot with your stats.

I'll be researching this all later to show you. For your chassis, what do you want to go for? You can kind of just stay with the 1934 chassis all game. There's no reason not to, like 3.6. It's not expensive, but it's unnecessary in a way, because what you want is glass cannons, as we like to call them, 34 medium to defense.

The next two defenses were a full breakthrough. 12 breakthrough 85 harness 85 harness 5.1 kilometers an hour (5.1 kilometers an hour) The armor, though, compared to the 35, will not matter. Even support will pierce this in the actual template, so you don't really want to go for the second chassis.

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It's just more expensive. You know, it's not really that good of a piece of research to go for. Also, you can devote that into the air, which matters more in this DLC. The third chassis Not that much better either. The only thing you gain really is reliability, which you kind of don't need either.

I'll show the tank design soon and explain why. Some things to keep in mind are: should you go for the engine tech or should you go for the armortex? There are still builds where people go for heavy tanks, and then you really want to go for the pierceable kind. There's no reason to go for the heavy tank to get more stats in a way because glass cannon mediums having a lot of those is just way better as of right now.

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That is now. I think that's new with this DLC is this bad boy, the flamethrower. Yes, it unlocks light. flame tank company, medium, flame tank company, flame tank company. Which one do you want to go for? I'll get into that in a second. Right now, that you've got your bad boy tanks' research, you don't really want to go for the second chassis, but I'll have researched it just to show right.

To create a variant You click on this button, Create Variant, and here you click on the main armament, the medium arm, and you want to go for the improved medium. Cannon is the one that has a more mellow attack. Right, more soft attacks. very good medium For the third type, you want to go for the three-man turret, and then after that, you want to put in a radio.

Radio is great for breakthroughs. I don't have to explain why you do this, but yeah, it's awesome. You want to stay with the gasoline engine most of the time. It depends on the model, so I'm not too sure about vanilla, but most mods, staying with the gasoline engine pays off the most. Then you have riveted armor, and then you have a boogie suspension, so you.

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You'll probably want to stay with that one. You could also go for a crazy suspension, but it costs more to make your tank. You can see the cost here. You want to go for more speed anyhow. We'll get into the other stuff you can put in the tank, so we'll save this for now. There are three add-on slots here you have, so there are people who like to go for a more expensive tank where you go small cannon to wise, which is the max number of times you can go for it.

If you try to go for the third time, you won't get it right. This UPS your stats by a lot. You can see additionally 10 soft attack sex, hard attack, and more breakthrough business armor, which doesn't even matter if you have the special modules completely. It depends on what you want to do. Maybe a wet ammunition store for some reliability, or maybe you want to go for something else.

I mean, there's a lot to do here. Let's just say we go to the web ammunition storage here and we pump up the engine. We want to go at, well, about eight kilometres an hour if possible, because around there the reliability is kind of trash. One thing you could do technically is put the diesel engine on it and pump it up again.

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No, you cannot get to Ethan, so you gotta go gasoline if you want to be eight kilometers an hour sad at the moment. I know you'll stay at this reliability then, but this is even with the wet ammunition storage. This is kind of due to these taking away 10 reliability from your tank that you have to put in this.

This is the ULTIMATE guide to tanks in HOI4, this tutorial will show you what the best tanks in Hearts of Iron 4 are and tell you exactly how you need to build and design them. From light tanks, medium tanks all the way to heavy tanks and super heavy tanks, this is the tank meta in HOI4.
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