Hearthstone - Finally The Update We All Wanted. Patch 24. 0. 3. Battlegrounds

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This is the long-awaited big update that we've been waiting for so long. This is patch 24.0.3. Let's go over it together for house and battlegrounds, starting with some armor changes. Lichen ledge basil has been moved to armor tier one and dancing daryl deathwing has been Elise Guff and Snead have been moved to armor tier two.

I usually don't pay too much attention to these, but now there are some actual hero changes as well as solid basil, who just moved to armor tier 1. It's her old hero power used to deal 2 damage to yourself and you get a coin. Now you take 4 damage, which is pretty insane, but you get 2 gold pistons only.

Now it's this turn only. I think this is weaker in general. You could just stack gold now and choose a turn to pop off, which is generally speaking, better now. You can't stack gold. You can only hear power on the turn that you want to do something, and you take four damage for it. So essentially, whether you take two damage and gain a coin or four damage and take two coins, it's the same deal, but it's not on one turn only.

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The thing is, you can take a lot of early damage. You can put yourself super low and have an insane board with two gold every single turn. More than your opponent early on is a massive deal. I think the main buff is that you want to play this with demons. You want the God-drawn-up tier? I think it's called the "three-drop demon." That makes you immune because then you don't take damage as soon as you find the freedom demon.

You're going to take zero damage for two gold returns, which you basically got, plus two coins a turn. If you need demons and will be, you need to find that chord. I don't know. I don't like this change. I don't think it will change the hero a lot. Guff was the second highest win rate hero in the mata.

I don't think the hero is that good in the lower ranks, but it seems like it is now. Instead of giving a friendly minion from each sovereignty or plus three plus two, they now give a friendly minion from each seventh tier plus two plus two, so they brought down the stat gain a little bit, so it's less.

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Easy to skill with and, i guess lower lobbies, but I didn't really see that much play, and you know, higher competitive lobbies. I don't know. I think Goff is just going to get a bit worse now, but maybe still see roughly the same amount of play. So now, instead of giving all minions plus 2 attacks, it is giving them plus 3 attacks, which I mean nothing.

It's been a decent tempo hero over the years, always been in the game and with max beast, it's okay. I think the same thing is going to apply. It's going to be a little bit better. So you might see, depending on if the meta shifts or not, you might see more deathwings in the lobbies, but in the right tribes that have death rules and divine shields, and now you use this hero power, probably not to build a composition, but usually just to be strong and level up to higher tiers and then use that momentum to build a composition, so he might see some more play even in the higher ranks.

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I know that sometimes, I think, this hero can have a decent win rate, so let's see if this will be the push that this hero needs to be viable again. So I thought about this for a second, or even longer than a second, but I don't really see how this changes him or improves him, because I would assume this is supposed to be a buff.

I guess you don't have to, like, buy bad cards now that accidentally got buffed. You can kind of order the way you play them, but very often, very early on the card you buy, you're going to play them in that order anyway. So I'm a little bit confused. I don't think this is going to make us playable all of a sudden.

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Now, a quick word from the sponsor of this article, Firestone, which is a deck tracker that I'm currently using. Of course, the amount of stats that this offers is pretty insane, seeing when you're going to get 99. Lethal, to all the minions that are in the lobby, additional stuff like your lost opponent's board and a bunch of other overlay features like seeing one opponent's level and triple, and then the application itself, where you can see your previous fights, you can simulate all of these battles and see the outcome if you change something, you can track your mmr, you can see perfect boards and perfect games from other people, and my game is included that I had yesterday.

There are a lot of things here to explore and to mess around with. If you want to try it out yourself, it's completely free as well. elise story seeker So when you upgrade Bob Steven, you get a recruitment map, which was really bad. It's now going to be a one-cost hero power. A minion from your tavern tier costs one more after each use.

At first. I thought this was bad because you could press it against one goal to discover from your tier, "Not bad, there's two gold, then three gold, and four gold, and then you just have no hero power anymore for the rest of the game." So, so. I'm not quite sure if there might be some leveling curve that works with this, but I'm pretty sure you just hold the zero power until you turn four, five, or six.

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Your power level This could be really good, actually, if you go four and four, so you just go all the way to tier four, then you're on seven gold. You can buy a card, hero power if you want, and discover a four-drop. That could be a line, although it's just worse than playing toggle right now, but I'll probably just want to go to tier five or tier six, and I'll start here powering up and just getting cards from higher tiers.

I'm not sure if that's good enough because, again, you have no early game really. I saw Elise in the past being good with a two-gold map because you could level every turn just by discovering a chord from your seventeen for two gold, but if it keeps scaling up after you use it. I don't know. I might expect people to say this is incredibly strong, but I'm on the fence about it.

I think it's going to be sometimes charming but not very consistent. It's also an awful hero right now. It is definitely similar to a random minion from the lower third tier. Now it's give a minion deathrattle, summon a random minion from maternity or lower. What's the difference between summoning a random minion and having the same effect right now?

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I think it's just a rewording. I don't think this is a buff or a nerf; it still does exactly that. This is just a rewording, so this here is still awful. Unless I'm missing something, there's only a clarifying text change. Okay, I'm kind of sad to see that because this hero is still pretty bad, Minion changes Gore is now back and Griezmann is back.

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