Hearthstone - Day One Patch Review. Rogue Is Beyond Broken. Get Free Stuff Today

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Well, you know, if demon hunter and warrior are really struggling, as you told me, we thought we'd kind of revert some of the old cards we nerfed in, you know, shave a couple mana off some old guards that pretty much see no play and will continue to see no play, but make them, you know, kind of all right.

That sounds great. That'll do the trick surely, so you're going to hit Warlock pretty hard then since it's pretty far ahead of, you know, those other classes. Yeah, I took a stop point off one of the locations. That should be good enough, right? Plus six plus six for two mana. Awesome We also noted that rogue isn't completely broken right now, so even though it's doing much better than demon iron warrior.

Of course, rogue must be tier one as established in blizzard law, written by prophet Ben Brode. You think that'll be enough, though there must be a change that would be better than that. Are you sure you can pull it off? Yeah, that'll be super easy, barely an inconvenience. We'll just make the best legendary minion in a rogue right now that's already included in multiple rank one lists one mana cheaper, so it can high roll even harder and win way easier.

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That's tight, tight. I agree people are going to love it. But what about pure paladins? You know, that's also not doing really well. Should we buff? I know, Carol, back to seven. Maybe we can buff that elitist snob that we hid in the balance testing. Or maybe one of those new draw cards that would break the game, we'll shave a man off one of the invitations right off the invitation card.

We'll shave a man. Anyway, let's not get crazy here. If you're good to go, we'll just print these three men. Edwin and all these buffs for Roger, call it a day right. What could possibly go wrong? Let's get salty. Everyone's Eddie here again, Today we have a brand new article and it's time for our day one patch review.

It's all like the biggest balance change ever to occur and well, there's quite a bit of salt about it on social media myself, all over the places you saw over a very long intro. And by the way, shout out to Ryan George, who I horribly ripped off and terribly emulated. But hopefully you guys didn't mind the cringy intro too much.

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And if you didn't mind that too much, you won't mind entering our giveaway. We're giving away 300 hearthstone packs out of my pocket. We have 58, 000 subs. We're doing another giveaway. We're on the road to 60k. So hit that sub button and make me go broke. So yes, there was the big balance patch where rogues got a lot of buffs.

The Warrior got a lot of buffs, the Paladin got a lot of buffs, and there were a few nerfs and all of that, and overall the consensus was like, my God, the rogue looks really scary, and before we kind of dive into that. I do want to give a shout out to get free stuff at Hearthstone. Logging in right now, there is this daily quest, or weekly quest that's going on for two weeks, at the scene of a murder.

All you have to do is play three location cards. Play rogue Play at the rogue location If you play that three times, you can get a pack, so log in today if you haven't to get that. Also, I will think of something to do after nerfs. You should type "refund" into the search bar and try and get your cards refunded.

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It's always a good idea to disenchant any nerfed cards because you can always just recraft them later. You're getting the full dust back, so there's no reason not to. Take a look at the very early H's replay numbers. Not the most useful because, well, it's been less than 24 hours since I've been recording this, but we've already seen demon hunters and warriors shoot up.

I expect that to go up a lot more near 50. And the top is basically unchanged at the moment, but these numbers again are pretty useless. We'll talk about that later, but the big elephant in the room is rogue. I mean, Tarz tweeted this out within like an hour or so of this board stating it's turning five.

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His opponent has a 40 attack weapon, a 23.23 edwin, a 3-4, and he hasn't even clicked his locations like his opponent's dead. His opponent is dead. This is like the extreme high roll, with the death rattle variant. That's not the variant that's going around that's really popular. The version that's very popular is just a miracle list that's highlighted here by hearthstone top decks.

Yeah, it's basically your shroud of concealment, which almost always gets you your edwin and all that. You have your cheap knolls, and you just cycle and make giant edwins, giant dracas, and giant uninteractable minions. It's a very frustrating deck to face because you can't really interact with most of it.

The weapon can straight out kill you, and again, the stealth minions aren't even silenceable. So this deck is already driving people crazy and was already a ranked one legend deck before the bounce patch, so Edward's going to three is very contentious. It's led to just a pretty polarized ladder already.

It's like when I've been playing it's rogue and the count is just a row because there are counters to it. It's not like it's unbeatable, but it kind of led to this sentiment. I'm going to quote a ridiculous hat here. He tweeted this out. I'm not sure if Rogue is opie or not. He's not calling it like NERF it.

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It's broken we don't really have the stats yet, but I will say that today, I wanted to have more fun than that. I got to try a bunch of new stuff, and some of it was decent, but the way I lost most games against Rogue made me feel bummed. I don't think the team could have seen this coming and I sure didn't.

I'm not sure that I'll keep it going this way. It hasn't even been 12 hours, but if it stays this way, I am concerned. I really hope that someone smart figures out the buff classes because I couldn't and that was my feeling. Like I saw, the warrior seems terrible. Paladins seem terrible because their buffs don't address their issues, like how paladins aren't going to get magically good because there aren't enough cards to make them really good.

They're really good cards, but there are only a few of them. The synergy's not there. It's not like there's a mass draw or mass mana. Same with Warriors; a lot of those cards are good, it's just not enough to make them work. You don't have like a risky skipper, or a battle rages and all of that.

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So, standard just feels like, yeah, it's a rogue dominant imp warlock, but still really good. It's just really fast and these other strategies are just way too honest to try and compete, but there are a lot of answers out there, or there are at least some answers. Theo hit the top 25, legend farming.

Today we go over the first day after the largest balance patch in Hearthstone history.
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