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There was once a time when simulators, RPGs, and sports titles dominated the article gaming landscape. Now you could argue the first person shooter is article gaming and as each level mission or chapter weaves those ingredients together, the more intense, absorbing and unforgettable the experience. I'm just from one culture, and here are the 10 best first-person shooter levels of all time.

Belly of the beast medal of honor (2010)

Number 10: belly of the beast, Medal of Honor 2010. This game deserved better critical opinion. It was lukewarm, but with its conscientious, authentic take on military shooters' medal of honor, it won the respect of fans looking for something more thoughtful than COD's relentless action.

In the belly of the beast, things go sour fast. Poor intel leads to an insertion into a hot lz. Casualties are taken and require extraction immediately. Your mission is to secure the second level and hold it. It sounds simple, but it's not. Between you and Xvil lies a punishing engagement against large caliber, aaa, and tense close quarters fighting amid cramped buildings, and when you arrive at the lz, things get real.

RPGs methodically dismantle your cover as enemies pour in from all sides, laying down a relentless hail of fire so thick it's near impossible to shoot back. It's savage stuff, and few if any military shooters do as good a job of making you feel that kind of raw, unbridled desperation. The subsequent immense shattered relief when help arrives, as this one does, makes the mission all the more impactful.

Its and many of the game's missions were inspired by true events, events that often did not end well. The Medal of Honor keeps it respectful, but that glimpse into the harsh reality of combat is what makes this level a powerful must-play.

Surface tension black mesa

Surface tension black mesa

Number nine surface tension black mesa throughout the course of Black Mesa You battle through a maze of corridors, radioactive pits, and ethically questionable lanes. You've taken down soldiers, aliens, and three-story razor beach tentacles. By the time you reach the surface, you feel like a one-man army.

Well, it's time to prove it because now you're up against an entrenched military. The game's toughest, most aggressive, most well-equipped enemies are on their turf, and those are just the grunts. The level also throws a gunship at you while you're on a dam out in the open, and if you panic and jump into the water, there are two alien ichthyosaurs.

It's that kind of level, but persevere and you will be rewarded. This is where the invasion of Earth boils over into all-out war, and it is sublime. You'll see vortigorns blown to literal pieces by tank shells, only for the aliens to return the favor with precision bombing runs that roar in to wipe out the tank grunts and you.

If you're not careful, surface tension is black mesa at its toughest and most cinematic, and fighting your way through is a hard achievement any FPS fan will be proud to own.

The escher labs dusk

The escher labs dusk

Number eight : the Asha Labs Cynics might see Dusk as yet another retro shooter revival title looking to ride on the coattails of Doom Quake and Duke Nukem 3D to greatness, but fans know better. Dusk is no pretender and makes excellent use of modern technology to innovate in ways that those titles could never.

The basics are all there; the movement is fluid. The gunplay is satisfying, and Dusk's unique horror-esque brand of enemies is an ideal blend of kildem-style cannon fodder and pants-terror-inducing motor machines. But what sets it apart is the level of creativity put into its level design. The Escher labs, as the name suggests, are set in an ethically challenged lab with more than a hint of half-life in its dna.

That's the only similar thing about it, because before you know it, the level goes from spooky but familiar, to mind-meltingly. Non-euclidean, where the floor is the ceiling, the ceiling is the floor, in reality it is twisted like a pretzel. It's the kind of trippy, disorientating, brain masher of a level that only half-life Alex executes anywhere near as well.

Time will tell if Dusk becomes one of the greats, but with levels like the airshell labs, it definitely deserves to be number 7.

Hollywood holocaust duke nukem 3d

Hollywood holocaust duke nukem 3d

Hollywood holocaust Duke Nukem 3d Welcome, guys and gals, to gaming royalty. This was the 90's first person shooter perfected. All the fundamentals were here: buttery smooth movement, visceral gunplay, and varied hard-hitting enemies. level design was outstanding. It's intuitive fun and crammed full of secrets.

The interactivity was mind-blowing; mirrors were reflective, light switches actually worked, and no game had done that before. Many still don't know that what sets Duke Nukem apart is the fact that you're not playing as some silent unnamed tough guy. Instead, you're Stallone, you're Schwarzenegger, you're the baddest sob alive and you're here to save babies, kick ass and chew bubblegum all while rattling off some of the hammiest, most hilarious and downright awesome one-liners ever written.

Duke Nukem 3D is an outrageously over-the-top but, for the time being, surprisingly clever pastiche of the 90s Hollywood action movies. The Hollywood holocaust brilliantly encapsulates the experience on one neat, compact, punchy level. Duke Nukem Forever may have proved that Duke's era has come and gone, but this level remains arguably its least offensive and accessible showpiece.

All ghillied up call of duty 4: modern warfare

All ghillied up call of duty 4: modern warfare

Number six All gillied up. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, a stealth mission in a Call of Duty game really, and yet all gillyduck became arguably one of the best Call of Duty and one of the best shooter levels in general of all time. The standard thing is that sniper's perch from which you are to assassinate a terrorist.

The standard thing is that the sniper perch sits right next to the center of Pripyat, the once bustling city abandoned following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. That fact alone makes it an eerie, surreal, and very dangerous place to be. Then add the experience of stealthily and methodically eliminating guards with precisely timed shots while sneaking through the tall grass in a suit that makes you undetectable.

and watch in awe as tanks and soldiers pass literally inches away from you. We're talking complete, electrifying immersion in the experience of being a top-tier special forces operator doing what they only dare do now.

Fort frolic bioshock

Fort frolic bioshock

Number five, Fort frolic, Bioshock. Bioshock is rapture. Yes, the combat doesn't disappoint, but Andrew Ryan's underwater dystopia remains one of the most expertly realized, thematically dense, and intensely unsettling settings in the history of shooters, and Fort FROLIC is its perfect microcosm.

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