Grand Theft Auto V - Update" Clothing Merge Glitch Without Crooked Cop In Gta 5 Online 1. 61. Merge Belts & More

Grand Theft Auto V - clothing glitches gta 5 online

Welcome back to another article, and today I'm going to be showing you an updated clothing merge glitch method you can do right now in GTA 5 online. So in case you don't know what it is, it's basically the merge glitch we use to merge belts onto different outfits, the trash vest, and other items, just onto different outfits.

We use it for the transfer glitch too, so yeah, we'll get straight into doing this. Before we do that, though, please leave a like if you find this helpful. Also, feel free to subscribe if you're new here; that'll be massively appreciated. However, before we get into the article, a shout out to all of these people on screen for commenting # tjrh on my last article.

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Grand Theft Auto V - gta 5 clothing glitches

I'm using the no transfer glitch version, so I'm just going to be making an outfit that I want to get a belt trash vest or whatever on, so let's say if you're using a t-shirt, or for example, me with no t-shirt, you're going to equip the peach plate carrier number 43 on a utility vest, but if you're using a hoodie or something that lets you equip a t-shirt underneath, you'll have to go for the designer t-shirt and a black print t-shirt,.

You can just skip to the actual merge part. But from here, I'm going to save this to slot one and then go down to Alpha's heist coveralls, grabbing any of the last four. Now over here, we just want to run by spam right on the d-pad and then open up our interaction menu from here could be outfit just run away, and then the glass mask mode is on, so I'm now going to go down to the mask store.

From here, we're just going to save this outfit in slot number one, so overwrite the save and then from here start up a titan on a job, so open up your pause menu. You want to go to jobs, play jobs. So back off this menu. pause menu Job rocks are created. Go on missions and start up a titan of a job.

Grand Theft Auto V - gta 5 clothing merge

And then right here in the mission, all you want to do is go to the ammunition store, so you'll notice your pizza plate carrier disappears, or if you had a hoodie, you'll notice you'll get the invisible torso, so yeah, go to an ammunition store. Now this part here is the actual merge glitch, so basically you want to equip whatever component you want to merge onto this outfit, so I'm going to be using this paramedic belt here, but you can use any other belt in the game, all the trash-based or whatever.

You can also get ripped shirts using this. And obviously, if you're doing the transfer glitch, none of this really applies to you. You can just use the mission that I'm going to show you. You want to go to work, to do your part-time job, where rocks are created. Actually, before we do that, we do need an earpiece, so make sure you have an earpiece purchased, so you don't want to equip it, you just want to make sure you have it purchased, but from here go to Rockstar created versus, start up any one of these air force zones, so I'll just start with number one just to be safe.

Grand Theft Auto V - gta 5 clothing merge no crooked cop

And in this menu here, you want to go down to clothing, set it to player-owned, and then you will need two other players to join, so it won't start unless you have three players in here, so invite two people. So in this menu here, go down to your own outfit and scroll however many times to the right I say.

For example, to transfer glitch outfits, I'll say two to the right or three to the right. You can do that with this one. I only had to scroll one to the right and, as you can see, the belt merged onto this outfit here, so from here, get ready. In the mission, all you need to do is equip your earpiece, so open your interaction menu.

Go to style accessories, equip your earpiece, and then from here you can either quit a job using your phone, or what you can do is go to Rockstar Creator and then start a new online invite-only section, which is what I'm about to do. And there you go, that's how you do this, so that's it for this article.

I hope you find it helpful. Take care of

This gta 5 online video I show a new gta 5 clothing merge glitch workaround without crooked cop gta 5 clothing merge workaround no crooked cop Outfit Merge Glitch GTA 5 Clothing Merge GTA 5 Outfit Merge Merge Clothing In GTA 5 Online! This can be a workaround for gta 5 modded outfits from the gta 5 transfer glitch gta 5 transfer glitch workaround.
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