Grand Theft Auto V - Ultimate Ceo Crates Money Guide After Criminal Enterprises Dlc

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Love it or hate it, the CEOis Crate Warehouse is one of the most talked about and polarizing businesses in GTA Online. It's well known for having people grind the hell out of it in order to make a big sale at the end of it all, especially during double money weeks. There have been a number of significant changes to how the crates work since the criminal enterprises DLCP was released back in July 2022.

So in this article I'll be explaining the most efficient ways to stock your one warehouse or five and explain the good, the bad, and the ugly, so without further ado, let's get to it. Before you are able to buy a warehouse, you need to get yourself a ceo office, and they start at one million dollars, with the most expensive location costing four million dollars at the maize bank.

The location of your office isn't massively important, but ideally you'll have either the Maze bank or the Arcadius building as they are more central, meaning sourcing crates will be a little quicker. You will most definitely want to buy the accommodation add-on at a cost of 795.000. As this will allow you to use your office as a spawn location, vital for sourcing crates, which I'll get to later, anything you need as a boss when it comes to warehouses, it's go hard or go home, so you only want to buy a small warehouse for 250k.

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For example, if you just want to help feed your nightclub business and you don't plan on using the warehouse to source and sell your crates, for the purpose of this article we'll only concentrate on the large warehouses. So we don't get too bogged down with numbers and data, there are a total of eight large warehouses to choose from, and they start at 1.9 million dollars and go up to 3.5 million for the most expensive.

Each warehouse will hold a maximum of 111 crates. Having a more central location for your warehouse is better as source emissions can be from anywhere around the city. If you're planning on buying more than one warehouse, you definitely want to keep them close to each other for when you're requesting your staff to source some crates for you.

The five I ended up purchasing are these ones here in green. The logic behind it is that they are all in close proximity to each other and pretty much in a straight line, making it very easy and fast to get to each one when I want my staff to source a crate. The five crates I bought cost a total of 13.4 million dollars.

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Now that you have your warehouse, here comes the best bid. Everyone has fun sourcing the crates. There are two ways to source crates. One way which has been around since the crate warehouses were first introduced is sourcing them through your computer in your office or, more recently, through something like the terabyte.

There are many different sourcing missions, but they follow the same premise. Travel somewhere, pick up the crates, and deliver them to your warehouse. Some are harder and will take longer than others. The easiest ones you can get are when you simply pick up a slow-ass fan and drive it to your warehouse.

Hey, want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? These are very solo-friendly. The other type is when you have to drop crates back individually. These have been notorious for being way too hard for just a simple crate mission. Another new mission that's been introduced sees you stealing a van of crates from an auto shop.

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You also want to have a scuba suit equipped at all times while doing these missions, just in case you get the underwater one. As I mentioned earlier, there are 11 types of crates that you can get, but none of this matters as they will pay exactly the same. There are three types of crate sourcing that you can start with, where one crate will cost you two thousand dollars each time, two crates will cost you eight thousand dollars, and three crates will cost eighteen thousand dollars.

You always want to source the three crates as mentioned earlier. Many of the jobs will be just one van load to deliver, which would be the same job regardless of how many crates you choose to source. The three crates are more expensive to buy, but the time you are saving is well worth it. When going out on a sourcing mission, you can leave your office faster via select helicopters you own.

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Ideally, you always want to take the buzzer as it's quick and has homing missiles, which are perfect for missions where other choppers need to be exploded. If you decide to source your own crates and get in three crates each time, it would take 37 source emissions to fill up one large warehouse. The time it takes on average to source crates each time is around five minutes, but there is a five minute cooldown to add on, making each mission 10 minutes before you can start another one.

However, if you own two warehouses, you can bypass the cooldown by sourcing crates for your second warehouse in that time and then continuously switching back and forth between the two. Or alternatively, have a friend and take turns sourcing your crates and helping each other out. If a sourcing mission for one warehouse takes 10 minutes in total and you have 37 missions to complete before filling up a full warehouse, it would take you a total of six hours of non-stop grinding before you were done, but it would take the same amount of time to fill up two warehouses.

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A new way of sourcing crates that was introduced in the update is by getting your warehouse staff to source them for you. Not only will they grab you some crates, but they also have some of the best well-written lines of dialogue in the game. Yeah, hi, hey, sure, they also turn into ghosts when outsourcing.

So that's pretty cool. Getting stuff to source crates will set you back 7500 AP and take 48 minutes, or one in-game day before they have it sourced and delivered. They can bring back either one, two, or three crates, which are decided at random or on rare occasions, or even a special item which can be sold for much more.

However, using my own findings and notes from others in the GTA forums, the chances of getting one, two, or three crates are not all equal. It looks like staff sourcing one crate has a 65 percent chance, two crates have a 25 percent chance, and three craigs has just a 10 percent chance. These numbers are not official, but from lots of data that has been gathered, they look to be quite accurate in real number terms.

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For every 20 source emissions you paid for, you'd probably get a total of 28 crates, costing a total of 150 000. If you only sourced crates for yourself, it would cost 666 but would be done in 6 hours rather than 62. This means you are solely sourcing crates and doing nothing else. I'll explain more of the significance of these numbers later in the article.

This is a comprehensive guide on how the CEO Crate Warehouse business works. It details what it's all about and the best ways to make money in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort.
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