Grand Theft Auto V - Top 10 Things Every Gta Online Player Needs To Own. 2022

Grand Theft Auto V - 2022

I don't blame you for clicking on this article once you start out in GTA Online. There's like a million things that the game's telling you to buy, and you don't know what the hell you actually should be buying. I get it. Because I'm going to be honest with you, most of that stuff that the game is telling you to buy is complete rubbish.

Today I'm cutting the BS. I'm telling you what you should buy.

Top 10 things every gtao player should own

Top 10 things every gtao player should own

Subscribe for more awesomeness like this and let's go. We're not going to waste any time straight off the bat. I'm going to tell you the best and most important thing that you're going to need in all of GTA Online right now in 2022. It's the Cassatt submarine, unfortunately. If you want one, they are over two million dollars, so initially you're not going to have that kind of money, but you're not going to want to go spend money on anything else, basically, until you have this.

Yeah, it is expensive at over two million dollars. 2.2 million dollars actually, but once you have this, you're going to be able to start at the Kaiopariko heist, which is the best way to make money in the game, and once you can do that heist, you can rerun it over and over again, and you should be able to get over a million dollars an hour.

If you want to know how to get this much money to begin with, so you can actually buy it, I've explained that in countless other guides on the channel, so check them out, but just keep that in mind. Okay, the best way to make money in this game is the Kaioborico Heist, and to do that you need a submarine to start it up, so that should be your main goal.

Armored vehicle

Armored vehicle

Okay, next up at number two, you're going to need an armored vehicle depending On how much money you have, I'm giving you a cheaper option and a slightly more expensive option as well. If you're looking for something on the cheaper side, I would recommend the armored kuruma. It's worth 545.000 with the trade price, and it's basically an armored sports car.

You can shoot out of it, but other people are going to have a pretty tough time shooting into it, which is nice. If you're using this vehicle for pretty much any type of mission in the game, you're going to be almost invincible, from bullets at least. Because it's just a sports car that's armored, it can't tank any rockets, so one explosive will blow this up, but it has pretty good protection from bullets on the more expensive side.

I would recommend either an insurgent pickup custom or a night shot. Although both of these won't provide as much protection from bullets, they will provide a lot more protection from explosives. Because man, free roam can be a bit of a war zone. Next up, I've got the ceo's office.

Ceo office

Ceo office

Now the ceo's offices used to be one of the best properties in the game, and that's because you needed the ceo office in order to buy a vehicle warehouse or a cargo warehouse, which used to be some of the best ways to make money in the game. While the warehouses aren't as good as they used to be, the CEO's office still provides a lot of value, mainly because you can have a 60-car garage in it.

Garages can be a pain to manage when you're driving cars all across the map to put them in different garages. So having the ability to buy 60 car slots in one building is really useful, not only for convenience, but because you can actually host some really cool car shows with your friends and kind of just show off all the cars you've earned.

If you did want to pick up a ceo office, the cheapest one is one million dollars, which isn't actually that expensive in GTA Online today, or if you've got a lot more money, you can buy the Maze Bank Tower for four million dollars, but keep in mind garages are going to cost more money on top of that, so maybe don't spend that much money if you don't have that much left over.

Okay, next up we've got helicopters.



And again, every GTA online player needs at least one helicopter, and again. I've got a cheaper option, a more expensive option, and I've put an option in the middle as well, so for the cheaper option. I would recommend a buzzer deposit.


It's not incredibly fast, it's not incredibly It's not extremely powerful, but it's not really weak.

It's still got homing rockets, but maybe the best part about it is you can spawn it right next to you through your ceo, interaction, or menu, which means if you ever need to get out of a sticky situation, you can. You can just spawn it in and fly away for the more medium-sized option. I've put the sparrow down now to buy the sparrow.


You're going to need the kasatka, or submarine, because that's where the sparrow is stored. You can look at the sparrow as sort of just a better buzzard. It's not as strong, like it can't tank as much damage, but it's a lot faster. It shoots rockets a lot faster as well, and you can still spawn it right next to you, so that's kind of a middle option.

And at the top end, there are a lot of expensive helicopters. But my pick would be the Akula. And the main reason for that is the stealth mode feature, which allows you to go completely off the radar for anyone in the lobby. That's going to be incredibly useful when you're trying to grind out businesses or if there are griefers after you.

Next to every ridge, a GTA player has passive businesses.

Passive businesses

Passive businesses

Now what do I mean by passive business? A passive business is a business that's going to make you money in the background while you do whatever you want. All you're going to need to do is sell the product occasionally and just rake in the money. There are a bunch of really good passive businesses in the game.

We're talking about the coke lockup. The meth lab The cash factory and the bunker are really good as well, but maybe the best of them all is the nightclub. Even though it seems nice to sort of just have a business that's going to make you money while you do something else, there actually is a bit more to it than that.

Each business has its own ins and outs, so if you did want to go down the route of buying passive businesses, which again will make you so much money you won't even know what to do with it all. I would recommend looking up articles on YouTube telling you how to make the most money with them. The next must-own item in GTa is actually something that's going to help you with your business, and that's the master control terminal, but to buy the buzzer control terminal, you need another business, and that's the arcade.

These are MUST BUY items in GTA Online! They'll help you make a lot of money fast! I guess this is a mini guide.
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