Grand Theft Auto V - The Best Money Methods To Make Millions In Gta 5 Online. Best Ways To Make Money In Gta 5 Online

1st money method

I do upload lots of daily GTA 5 articles here on my youtube channel just like this one, but now let's get into the very first money method, , so hopping into the first money method for all my people who own an MC Clubhouse, you're definitely going to want to be taking advantage of it this week because of the MC contracts.

Some of them you need more MC members to actually do, but most of them you can do solo, like this one right here. So now you can just start up whichever one of these contracts you want to. It doesn't really matter; they all pay around the same amount of money, but each contract is slightly different, even though the main objective is basically the same.

In each contract, you're basically getting something and delivering it to a location. I just have to take the van and deliver them over to a location, but here's the final result of how much money I got for doing this MC contract. You can see I got 55, 000. This is how much you get per contract.

You guys do, and the contracts take anywhere from five to ten minutes. That particular contract took me like six or seven minutes to do, so six minutes for fifty-five thousand dollars is pretty good if you ask me.

2nd money method

2nd money method

But now, getting into the second money method, we are going to be doing the brand new time trial for this week. If you guys do not know where the new location is, here's the exact location; it's right here at lsia. You can see right here that I got my shotaro, but you can call out another fast motorcycle that you own if you want to anyway.

Come over to the time trial. click right d-pad now just stay still and open up your pause menu. Just go all the way up here to where the checkpoint is at and mark it that way. We have a waypoint to get there now. Just drop your pause menu and open up your phone. Click right there in the middle where it says jobless, then click x and then a to quote the time trial.

Now from here, what you want to do is angle your motorcycle, just like I'm about to do right here, and whenever you guys are ready, just click right on the d-pad to start the time trial. Now all you need to do is follow the waypoint from here exactly as it tells you on your mini map. Now make sure while you're following the waypoint you're trying your best not to crash and go full speed by holding RT all the way down and also your left joystick all the way up.

That's how you get to the max speed on a motorcycle, if you didn't know already.

3rd money method

3rd money method

So yesterday, with the weekly update that came out in GTA 5 Online. Rockstar actually released a brand new in-game event that actually happens sometimes, when you guys go across the observatory. All you need is something that you can fly in, like an oppressor mark 2 or even a helicopter. And you just want to literally be in a session.

Just keep going over it and coming back. It's not too much money, but it is also something really cool to do because they just added it. That's why I thought I'd add it to today's article. Once you guys go over to the observatory to know if you guys actually spawned in the in-game event, you're going to see a blue dot spawn right there at the observatory.

Grand Theft Auto V - grandtheftauto

I'll show you guys in a second what that actually looks like, so here you guys can see I flew over the observatory, and the blue dot finally spawned in. Now you'll see a blue dot on the map right there at the observatory. As soon as you inspect the flare, the time trial is going to start. Yes, you are basically putting in a flare time trial licking thing.

I don't even know what it's called, but basically it's going to spawn another flare somewhere next to you, so just look for it and wherever it is, you just need to come next to it and go right on top of it and it's going to disappear. Now there's going to be another one spawning somewhere near you, so just look around.

It might be a little bit tricky, but just look around slowly. There it is. Okay, you can see it's right there next to the lake, so just go over to where the next flare is and do the same thing we did for the other one. Just go over to where it's going to disappear. And once again, it's going to spawn another flare, so I'm pretty sure you guys get the point.

Okay, this is how you know you actually did it correctly and you finished. It's going to tell you to toggle b to focus on the smuggler, cash. Once it says that at the top left, that's how you know you finished. Now all you need to do is basically stay here and wait until you guys get your $25, 000.

Sometimes it's going to fall out of the sky in a crate or sometimes it's just going to literally give you 25k like it did right here. You can see I got my 25 000. You're going to have to wait 20 minutes if you do want to spawn this in again, so this is kind of a cool in-game event that GTA 5 has.

4th money method

4th money method

You can do this in any HSLB vehicle, which you can see right here. I got my coil cyclone too. This is just my preferred vehicle of choice. Anyway, once you get your hsw vehicle, come up to the hsw, time trial, and click right down to start it now. Just stay still, open up your pause menu, come all the way down here to where the checkpoint is, and once again, just go ahead and mark it so you have a waypoint to get there.

Now, drop your pause menu. So open up your phone. Click where it says "job list," then click x, and then a to quit the time trial. Don't go super fast while doing this. Just go at a kind of medium speed. It'll throw you over the mountain like this, and that's a little shortcut. You basically save yourself like 10 seconds by doing that.

Anyway, it's super simple this week for the HSW time trial. All you need to do is follow the waypoint all the way through. Of course, make sure you guys don't crash. In fact, this hsw, time for this week, if you crash, you're most likely not going to beat it, so try to be flawless.

5th money method

5th money method

251000, a pretty good amount of money if you ask me for just under three minutes , but now getting into the fifth money method, we are going to be doing something that literally anybody can start up, and if you want to do this, all you need to do is open up your pause menu. Go online, go down to jobs, go down to play a job.

So go down to Rockstar, then go down to the races. So you can see the one that I started is the brand new Kale Preco car race just because it's brand new now. As far as settings, you're going to want to set the race type to non-contact. That way, you don't have to worry about people crashing into you, so there we go, we just set it to non-contact.

So the number of laps is just set to the maximum amount. You can see my max is 99. Now don't worry, it's not going to go all those laps because for the next setting you want to put in last place every 60 seconds. So it's going to make the race for me only seven minutes because there are only eight people in the race.

In This GTA 5 Online video I show the best money methods to do in GTA Online right now.
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