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I need the attention of all GTA 5 online players. Yes, if you are a person who plays GTA 5 online, this is a week you're definitely going to want to be playing. The first thing is going to be a CEO's office, yes. Anyway, what you need to do once you have those two things is go inside your CEO's office, come over here to your desk, and simply log in.

Once you guys log into your desk, you're now going to want to come over here to where it says special cargo and go ahead and click that. Before we even get into this, I've made over 63.6 million dollars doing the special cargo missions. So, this is definitely not something that is a joke. You can make serious money off of doing this.

What you need to do next is come over here to where it says Warehouse Map right here and click that option. If you do own a special cargo warehouse, it should already be shown right here in green, but if you do not own one, you can purchase one just by going over here to the options at the top right.

You can click right there where it says small. If you want to buy a small one now, these ones are only from 200, 000 to 250.000, so if you don't have a lot of money, you can also buy the medium ones, which are a little bit more expensive. You can see these ones go anywhere from seven hundred thousand dollars up to a million dollars, which isn't that bad.

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These go anywhere from 2.2 million to 3 million dollars for a large warehouse, but these large warehouses hold the most crates of all the sizes of warehouses. Whenever you guys do own your special cargo warehouses, you're going to want to come over here to where it says owned and then click on any one of the special cargo warehouses that you own.

This right here, my friends, is the reason I'm making the article that I'm making right now. You can see the prices of crates are 50 percent off. This week and this week only, so basically, let's say you want to fill up a whole large warehouse. If you were to have filled it up regularly, paying 18, 000 like before, it would have cost you 666 thousand dollars if you only sourced three crates and filled up a large warehouse.

Grand Theft Auto V - gta 5

But this week, if you were to fill up a large warehouse with the 50 percent off, it's only going to cost you three hundred and thirty thousand dollars, and that's going to be an extra three hundred and thirty thousand dollars in your bank account because that's the amount of money that you're saving.

I'm personally going to be filling up five large warehouses, but I'm not going to be selling them this week. If they do make double money, then I will be able to sell one of my large warehouses for 4.4 million dollars, or if they were to make triple money, which they've done before, it's going to be sold for 6.6 million dollars.

That's how much it would sell for just one of my warehouses. Like I said, I'm going to be filling up five of these warehouses. So, all the math is done if I were to fill up five of my large warehouses. If the special cargo warehouse ends up being double money in the future, I can sell all five of those and make a total of 22 million dollars.

Grand Theft Auto V - gta money

And guess how much money I spent setting that all up? 1.6 million because I did it this week when they were 50 off, so if you were to do it this week, you're only going to be spending 1.6 million dollars to fill up five large warehouses. That will give you 22 million dollars. But if you do not do it this week, you're going to be spending way more than that.

Let me actually let you guys know how much money you would spend if you were to fill up five large warehouses. When it's just a normal price, the grand total it's going to cost you to fill up five large warehouses is At regular price when it's not 50 off it's gonna cost you 3.4. I don't know if you guys saw it in the gameplay that has been playing, but I was just doing one of these special cargo crate missions where I go source crates, but every single time you get a crate it's going to put it inside of your warehouse, and you can see how full your warehouse is literally by just looking.

Grand Theft Auto V - gta5

And let me give you guys a very powerful tip that maybe some of you guys might know, but some of you guys definitely don't know about it. It used to be seven thousand dollars, but now it's only three thousand seven hundred. He can bring you guys back our mystery number of crates that can be anywhere from one to three crates, so you're really just taking a gamble, but either way you're going to be getting crates, but here goes the tip that I was going to give you guys now instead of going all the way back to the CEO's office.

Switch your outfit and switch it back. Wait till you get that orange load. Circle in the bottom right like that, now all you need to do is open up your pause menu, Go to online go to find a new session and then just load into an in-by-only session now. I did not do any editing or anything. I literally just loaded into the session that fast and, just like that, now you guys know a tip to get to your CEO's office and source crates even faster, so definitely drop a like for that.

This tip is something I haven't seen anybody cover yet. I personally recommend filling them all up completely full because, you know, you might as well take advantage that they're 50 off this week, so that's really all we're gonna be talking about in today's article. You guys can feel free to turn off the article.

Grand Theft Auto V - gta5 money

It's not like the MC Club business, where you have to worry about cops rating it. You can literally hold your crates in the warehouses there forever and not have to worry about anything. You can just sell them whenever you want to. Like I said, I hope you guys are going to be doing what I'm doing.

In fact, you guys better be doing what I'm doing. You guys shouldn't sell your large warehouses completely full when it's regular price. Hold them there in your large warehouse until they make double or triple the money, because then you're going to be making even way more money than you normally would.

Anyway, I hope you guys want to enjoy it. It really does help the article get out there, so people who don't know about my YouTube channel, you guys have no idea. Peace

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