Grand Theft Auto V - Gta 5 - Karim Denz's Journey From "noob" Driver To "pro" Possibilities & Dialogue Changes -updated

The jewel store job

The jewel store job

run into the front door or try to play it smart, but you've grown wise and cautious in your old age. Okay, select personnel with that in mind. As ever, the better they are, the bigger the cut. Now the driver, they'll source the bikes and lead you out through the tunnels. Ah, okay, this one's new blood.

I've seen him drive, but I haven't seen him under pressure. Make sure this is one of them. It's go time. Stick with me, people. Here we go. I could do with some damned ones before we turn. If there's a turn coming up, you gotta tell us, man. No, I'm driving blind back here. Hey, isn't the driver meant to be telling us where to go?

headlights on now, keep going. Okay Yeah, but I didn't know about the split up here. If I knew about the mud, I might have chosen a different bike. Hey, Kareem, these are the wrong bikes to be using down here. Could you have gotten us some scramblers? I picked these for speed. No one told me about the mud.

Damn chief ass crew crashed himself out. I guess we're all learning on the job. Keep going through this shitman. There's a split. I don't know how to hold on. I've lost my bearings. I don't know where to go. You gotta hold on you lost man. Are you kidding me? Where'd Michael find you? Hold on, just hold on.

Let's try this way. You better be right. Yeah baby, we've got it all.

The bureau raid

The bureau raid

So let's go, let's go yo, so for the last time, move it, get the shit out of my face, the Hanes has given us the leftover money from the polito job to pull off this mission, and the crew will be paid out of that. We're keeping the change, so what's it going to be? The driver will be waiting outside on the getaway.

They'll source a vehicle. So bear that in mind. Ah, okay, this one's new blood. I've seen him drive, but I haven't seen him under pressure. Kareem I know Frank didn't dig his drive after the jewelers, but he's probably learned something and his rate's still the same. Ah crap, where's our driver Kareem come in?

Hey, you're not at the pickup spot? Yeah no shit man, it's gonna be another few minutes cut right shit. If it's any longer than that, we're going to have words. Look out for those teams. We've got to hold him up till the driver makes it. Let me guess this driver can't keep it. Yeah, he was only supposed to be a backup.

If the chopper had crashed, we wouldn't have needed him. I'm your ride. Get in here. Okay, if you're ever late for a pickup again, I'm going to leave your ass for the cops. I hope you get that. Now we're clear, I could probably say I never expected to make it out of there. Yeah, sure man, we have it covered.

Ah crap, where's our driver? Right here baby, hey get in the ambulance, come on. If any of you discharge your weapons, the whole illusion that we're an ambulance is going to be lost. Be cool follow my lead. Do some improv classes. All right, all right. We're clear frank, I told Les we could use your place for a postmortem.

All right, Kareem. Hey, good work getting the ambulance when I brought those sports bikes down the tunnel after Vangelico. I thought long and hard about what to bring along this time. Yeah, screwing up once is understandable, but twice is unacceptable. If I ever hire you again, now we're clear, I can probably say I never expected to make it out of here.

Yeah, sure man, we have it covered.

The big score - subtle

The big score - subtle

Michael Subtle or obvious, what's it going to be? Driver number one takes the wheel, and the fourth getaway car is going to be at the bank with you and help load. They're a key part of this. Driver number two helps you hijack the armored cars and will be in charge of replacing the tires. Your stinger's ripped out.

You shit, there goes half the metal. I said to Michael, "Get a good driver." He would keep us. We're the only ones left. Let's catch that train. I rotate them to get them in my firing line. Hold it steady. You missed it. Do you know how much these rockets cost? I'm going for it. He's gone shit i think we're clear.

Let's get these bricks on the train. Where's the rest of the crew, Jesus? You don't even realize the people you employed are dead. You probably knew about it, and the medal went all right. It's been a pleasure to work with you. You'll get paid when we get the cash, but until then, I want you to keep it on the down low.

Grand Theft Auto V - changes

No new cars, no vacation Nothing now comes on sugar.

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