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Well, it's here. expanded and enhanced. GTA 5 and GTA Online are finally out, and everyone has the same question on their minds. Well, today I'm going to be covering every single change that Rockstar has made in these new versions of GTA. All of these changes will be exclusive for the time being to the PS5 and Xbox One.

We're not sure if an update is going to be coming to the PC at some stage, and we know for sure that these updates will not be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One. So what are these new changes? Well, let's jump in. Like this: First up, let's just get the obvious out of the way. It's something that people have been doing in the first day or two on the internet with the updated, and enhanced, graphics.

On top of that, once you sort of get out into the Blaine county area a bit more, even things like Cayo Perrico, where there's a lot of trees and vegetation, bushy things, that sort of stuff, you're going to be able to tell that the saturation has probably been turned up on these. They're a little bit brighter.

Grand Theft Auto V - gta

They're a little bit different in color. And again, I'm not sure how well this is going to come across in a YouTube article, but you can tell that the textures are more detailed as well, graphics wise. I know a lot of people were expecting something we haven't seen before, but basically, this is pretty much like playing on high or ultra settings on a PC.

Okay, well, here are the new features. The first thing you're going to notice that's different is actually the entire menu screen. GTA 5 and GTA Online have been completely separated into two different tabs on the startup screen. Now when you hover over online, instead of just sort of loading you into free mode like it normally does, you've got a whole bunch of options to choose from.

So you can jump straight into heists. You can jump straight into rockstar created jobs. You can even see what's new, which is pretty important, especially considering Rockstar isn't too great at communicating. And then we've got three main tabs in the front of the screen here, which right now says unlock house special works, which we'll get into in a second, the next one says new vehicles, and then the other one says the contract.

Grand Theft Auto V - new

I'm assuming that these three tabs are going to rotate each time there's a new DLC released. Of course, the contract is the latest DLC. And new vehicles and special works were just added into the game, so good chance This sort of thing is going to rotate on a monthly, weekly, or just daily basis.

This is a much cleaner interface than I think GTA has needed for a long time, and this, along with a bunch of the upgrades we're going to go over shortly. I don't know why Rockstar hasn't put these on old-gen consoles. I genuinely have no clue. To me, it seems like Rockstar sort of added this as an extra selling point for the next-gen versions, when they could have just done this to the old ones.

Grand Theft Auto V - new feature

I don't know why they have It seems kind of sketchy if you ask me. Also new with the next generation versions are five new vehicles. Well, I wish I could say that was true. That's what we were told by Rockstar, but in reality. These are pretty much reskinned versions of existing vehicles already, so these next-gen exclusive vehicles are the astronaut, custom We already have the base astron in the game; we've got the coil cyclone, 2, and we've already got a coil cyclone in the game.

We've got a weaponized ignis. You guessed it. We already have an ignis in the game. And then in southern San Andreas, we have an s95 and an arbiter gt. Overall, this seems a little bit sketchy to me, seeing as three of these vehicles are just reskinned versions of existing ones, and in the case of the Astron Custom and the Ignis, we actually just got the base versions of those vehicles a few months ago with the contract dlc, so to already get updated versions of these just makes it feel like I wasted money a few months ago.

The upside of these vehicles, though, is that you can customize them at a brand new auto shop called House Special. Well, it's not exactly a new auto shop. It's the existing ls car meet auto shop just with a different name, so if you take any of these five new vehicles into the ls comment and customize them, you can upgrade them with houzz special performance upgrades.

Basically, any mod that you could previously mod your vehicles with that would increase speed performance, braking, pretty much anything like that. You can do that, but it's basically just better and it says hsw. In fact, these vehicles can accelerate so fast that Rockstar put a second bar under the acceleration.

This is one that I don't know why it wasn't added to the old gen consoles. It kind of sucks for those guys that don't have the next gen. I could be wrong, but it just doesn't seem like this is a technical limitation. I feel like the PS4 and Xbox One should be able to handle this. Strangely enough, this new weaponization The Ignis that we just mentioned is a war stock vehicle.

And the nice thing about that is it comes with a built-in, missile lock-on jammer just like all of the Amani Tech vehicles added in the contract, so that's pretty neat. Along with the house, a special auto shop We've also got some new liveries, as well as a bunch of new paint jobs, including an entire new type of paint called chameleon.

These are some of the coolest paint jobs in all of GTA Online. You're probably wondering if you can race these vehicles with these performance upgrades, and the answer is yes, but not in the existing races. They've got their very own racing category now and these are called "house special works races," so just like open-wheel vehicles are put in their own category and have open-wheel races, these ones do as well.

For you guys that like time trials, we've got a brand new type of time trial as well. The House time trial I'm assuming this is going to rotate weekly just like the normal RC and normal time trials do those time trials that normally pay out a hundred thousand each if you do it successfully. But the way time trials pay out 250.000 each, which is a nice little way to make money each week.

A really great quality of life update that we got with these next gen versions is the fact that you can now switch to an invite only or a solo session without having to go back to story mode. Out of all of the updates we got in this next-gen version, this is the one that I'm most confused about as to why they didn't just add this to the old-gen versions of the game.

This seems like such an easy thing to do, and players would appreciate it a lot. This shouldn't be locked behind the next gen pay wall in the LS car meet. If you leave your vehicle in there now and another player walks up to it, they can actually duplicate it and buy it on the spot. If they do that, you're actually going to get a commission on that, so maybe that's a way to make money if you want to leave your car in there.

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