Grand Theft Auto V - Doing The Bare Minimum. Gta Online Conada Helicopter In Depth Guide And Review

Grand Theft Auto V - conada guide

Defend yourself against DDOS attacks by hiding your true IP address with ExpressVPN and visiting my custom link, {940}. It's been two years since we got a new helicopter in GT Online. The last one was, of course, in the character heist. That was the annihilator's stealth. We, of course, know how that went down.

Well, today I'm going to be going over the Konata helicopter that's brand new in the criminal enterprise dlc, and the best way I can describe it before we even get into the actual info is just the bare minimum, the least amount of effort and originality possible put into a helicopter. So this helicopter can be bought for 2.4 million dollars at a normal price, or you can complete the final UFP mission as the host to unlock the trade price for it, which will bring it down to 1.8 million dollars.

You also need to own a hangar to be able to buy this helicopter. If you don't own a hangar, you're not going to be able to buy one, so that's another expense on top of that. It's not just a Pegasus vehicle that you can call in. It does have some upgrades you can put on, like armor, engine handling, and some cool liveries, including a GTA 4 throwback livery with the Higgins helitours one.

Grand Theft Auto V - conada helicopter

That's the one that I put on it, but for some reason, we can't put countermeasures on this new helicopter. Why is that why we are getting a helicopter? We don't get any new storage for the hangar for a helicopter that does not have countermeasures available to put on it. They went out of their way to add countermeasures for the sparrow helicopter that didn't have them in this update, and in the same DL they added in another helicopter without countermeasures.

Gilly, I just don't understand why you're telling me they couldn't put in at least a little bit of effort to add them for this new helicopter. It doesn't make any sense, but gilly, it's meant to be a civilian helicopter. Civilian helicopters aren't meant to have countermeasures. Okay, then why do the Alpha Z1 and Howard planes have access to flares and shaft countermeasures?

Grand Theft Auto V - conada in depth guide

Those are stunt planes, not combat planes. That logic makes no sense and it's shit gta. For crying out loud, the cities of war zones give us the option to protect our aircraft. So there are no countermeasures on this helicopter, so how does the armor hold up without them? Then it doesn't at all.

It goes down to just one homing rocket. The only way you can call this helicopter in is through the personal aircraft menu. You can't spot it next to you like you count the buzzer to the sparrow or even any other agency helicopter like the supervalito, that you can call into the ceo menu. So right there, it just loses basically all forms of utility.

Why would you ever waste time spawning this helicopter, which you then have to drive to the spot location to fly it over something like the Hunter, which is weaponized, way more tankier, and it also has counter measures? There's just no contest. If you really need a four-seater helicopter, just replace the Hunter with the Akula.

Grand Theft Auto V - dlc

It's still going to be a way better option. It is also more proof that this helicopter had so little effort put into it. It has sliding doors on the side of it, or at least they look like they should be able to slide. They're stuck open. You can't close them, no matter how hard you try. They didn't even bother to animate the doors to be able to close when you got into the Super Velito, which was released in 2015.

In the executives, another criminal dlc almost seven years ago, to be exact, the sliding doors worked fine on that helicopter but not in the heli released in 2022. No counter measures, no sliding doors, no armor, no imaginative usage of it with the ceo menu. It would have been nice if you could spawn this in with the ceo menu for free if you own it because they reworked a bunch of ceo business stuff in this update, but nope, you get a helicopter that is so bog standard it might as well have been released nine years ago.

The last thing that we need to go over is performance. I want to preface by saying that helicopters have a weird thing where if you take them out of the hangar, they're actually faster than if you just called them in. I'm not sure why that is, but you can see it in this comparison of the hunters here.

Grand Theft Auto V - ghillie

The one that is brought out of the hangar is noticeably faster than the one that isn't, so what I did was perform two speed test, the hunter and the sparrow in one speed test the hunter and kanata will be called in, and in the other, they'll be from the hangar to show their full potential. The sparrow, obviously, you can't put them in the hangar, so they're just called in for each test.

The new helicopter is fast, don't get me wrong, but it's not that much faster than the hunter, which is overall just a much better choice, or even the sparrow, which you can spawn next to you in an instant. There's just no reason to take out the kanada, and the final performance test was to see how fast the kanada could gain altitude compared again to the hunter and sparrow.

Grand Theft Auto V - ghilliemaster

It gains altitude at a rate which I would say is even faster than the hunter is, but just like the speed test, it's not by very much and it doesn't make it worthwhile to use it over the hunter or sparrow, which have way better perks and features aside from that. You could argue it's solely meant to be a transport helicopter, but at the same time, you need transportation to get to the spawn point of the helicopter to even use it to begin with, because you can't spot it next to you, so what you'd most likely have to do is spawn in the sparrow, and then from the sparrow spawn, you would have to fly your sparrow.

At the spawn location of the kanata, at that point, why even bother with the kanata? Why would you just use the sparrow? It's not even giving it weapons or turning it into a buzzer mark. I made that one article about as awesome as that would be. It doesn't even need that to make it good. You just need four or so changes to make this helicopter really cool and useful as an agency style transport.

Heli Number one, make the sliding doors actually functional. Number two, give it bullet resistant glass, and this would make it unique and also the first of its kind for an air vehicle to have such a feature, and it's also why you would want the sliding doors to be functional so you're protected while you're on the inside.

Grand Theft Auto V - ghilliemaster16

Number three, let us spawn it in next to us through the ceo menu or whatever menu. Honestly, it doesn't matter. Just let us spawn it next to us. Maybe they could even let us call it ULP, so we could spawn in next to us. That would fit with the lore because the kanada is meant to be like an agency, a helicopter.

My In Depth Guide and Review of the brand new Conada helicopter in The Criminal Enterprises DLC in GTA Online. Unfortunately, its just another lousy helicopter that wont ever get used because it lacks any form of uniqueness and is not very useful. Get 3 Months of the rated VPN for FREE by using my referral link.
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