Grand Theft Auto V - 10 Controversial Things Open World Gamers Do For Fun

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the open world acts as a sandbox, giving you the ability to do so many wild and impossible things, and sometimes it's fun to get a little unsportsmanlike. Hi folks, it's Falcon and today on game ranks are 10 devious things you can do in open world games, starting off at number 10 by getting NPCS. For instance, I don't know about you, but in every open world game I eventually get bored and just decide to see what I can do to mess with NPCs.

For a lot of games, it amounts to you killing them, but some games have a little bit more going on under the hood, like GTA. For instance, the obvious pick is It can be fun to beat somebody up for no reason, but if you really want to be devious, the better option is to just trick somebody into doing that dirty work for you.

This is actually a sign that the NPCS's AI is good because there are actually a lot of ways to trick the NPCS. You can trigger a gang to attack you and then call the police. You can anger a bunch of taxi drivers, and eventually one is going to punch another one. There are a lot of different possibilities.

It's not always easy to actually trigger, but when you do, it's pretty fun to watch it play out. When it comes to NPCs and fights, the bigger the better, and with GTA, it only gets more chaotic when you call the police. Another game where you can get NPCs to brawl is Skyrim. Like, throw some weapons down, cast a frenzy spell and watch an entire city devolve into a bloody riot.

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These aren't the only games where you can get NPCs to fight far away from the action, but it's especially fun to pull off in games like this, where you're just doing it to be devious rather than for a gameplay benefit. And number nine, killing guards with their own bullets. When it comes to deviousness, it doesn't get a lot more twisted than this one.

Like, dishonored games give you a lot of tools to mess with your enemies, but probably the most ludicrously complicated means to dispatch a guard is to kill them with their own weapon. They usually have morality systems, so killing them in this way is kind of an evil action. You'd have to be really evil to go to these lengths to kill one.

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How it goes is that you alert a guard and wait for them to shoot at you, and then slow down time so that the bullet stops in midair. Then you possess the guard that shot at you, walk them in front of the bullet, leave their body, turn off slow mo, and boom, shot with their own bullet. Like I said, it's complicated and it's really wasteful, so it's not practical in any way.

It's just devious. It's a hell of a reversal of fortune, let's say. And number eight, you can kill parents and adopt their kids in Skyrim. If that point wasn't evil enough for you, this would probably do the trick. It's exactly what it sounds like, and while the game does little to acknowledge that what you're doing is creepy and evil, it doesn't really matter.

You know what you're doing and what's happening here, so that's more than enough to get that proper devious feeling. I mean, think about it. Adopting orphans is a thing they added to Skyrim with the Heath Fire expansion. So you can add children to your family by taking them off the street or through the honor hall orphanage.

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In Rifton, while the idea here is good, allowing you to adopt kids from parents that might get killed in a random dungeon attack or something like that, there's also nothing stopping you from just murdering parents and adopting kids. You can kill the parents right in front of them, and it doesn't really matter whether the kids are still coming with you, whether they're aware of the murder of the parents or not.

Like, maybe they're just completely indifferent about it. I don't know, you're new around here, so I'll go easy on you, but don't get on my bad side either. There's something truly devious about killing two innocent people so you can take their child. It doesn't even get you anything, it's just a weird evil thing the game lets you do.

And number seven, you can become a hacker menace in the Watchdogs. Games like these, if they're good for anything, are great in how much you can screw with NPCs. Watch Dogs 2, in particular, really lets you run wild. You can cause massive traffic accidents, start gang wars, take over people's cars, or generally just cause mayhem.

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No one suspects you of anything at all. It's basically you using computers to do stuff that would get you a five-star wanted level in GTA, except no one knows it now. You can just brute force your way through the game without using any hacking tricks, but the open world is really most fun when you go nuts with this stuff, like starting a shootout and then crushing people with a crane so they're distracted and have no idea what's happening.

You can terrorize pedestrians in a parking lot, and that never gets old. Just turn on a car while they're passing by and watch people panic as they almost get strafed out of nowhere. Leave guards confused and frustrated by following them around with cars. Just remote control a car and drive it in oncoming traffic.

The sky is really the limit. It's a series where the tools to mess with NPCs are so easy to access and fully integrated into the game in a way few games are so devious. All this stuff, in comparison to some other things on this list, is relatively easy to pull off. That's probably what makes it one of the best open world games to screw around in.

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There's so much you can do to mess with NPCs, and it's so easy to do. And number six is pulling the fire alarm in Bully. Another game that gives you a lot of tools to mess with people is bullying. Outside of the normal stuff like shooting NPCs with slingshots and stuffing people and lockers, in particular.

The most devious trick you can pull up involves the boy's dorm, a bunch of marbles, and the fire alarm, normally. If you do enough things to annoy people, you'll get in trouble with the prefix, but one way to get around that is by hiding in a trash can. From there, he is stuck slipping and falling at the front door.

From there, you can master them even more if you want, but if you stop there, it's a pretty hilarious trick on its own. No joke i could just watch them try to escape forever. What makes it funny is not just how devious it is, but how effective it is. You'd think somebody would start to notice there's something up, but no, they just keep slipping and falling.

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As long as the marbles are active, it's wonderful. And number five is throwing NPCS into trunks and sleeping dogs for a game where you're supposed to be playing as a good guy. Sleeping dogs really let you do some pretty nasty stuff. Case in point, whenever you want, you're free to grab an NPC, throw them in the bag of a truck, and do whatever stunt you want, getting into police chases.

Some players do some truly evil things in games for harmless yet strange fun. Here and some weird examples.
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