Genshin Impact - The Final Treasure Of Miitoboru World Quest Guide. Kosekimaru & Ship Furnishing

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I thought you'd be too busy flying around the islands with those wings of yours. I bet you've long forgotten your old friend Metraboro, sitting there slowly soaking away in the ocean. So you said you needed our help. I remember when you helped me find the missing pieces of my body. How can I put it?

I'm not sure if it's because I fulfilled my wishes or if these waters are slowly diminishing my ability to talk recently. I find myself sleeping most of the time rather than staying conscious, I see, so it's because of some contraption that I became your Wave Rider and could communicate with you. Does that mean that once the effects of the machine wear off, Meterboro won't be able to talk anymore?

We gotta do something before it's too late. There'll be no need for that pymon Bird, I am quite content that I had the chance to talk to you at all. I think about it for me as a ship to have gotten to talk to you in the past few days. It really is a wondrous thing, the stuff dreams are made of, but, no, I need to ask you for one more favor.

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Well, since I promised you that once we found my body I'd take you on a cruise, it seems my body was reduced to a slew of sorry shipwrecks and most of the treasure was taken away, leaving nothing good for you. But, this time I swear I have a mighty pirate ship, there be Treasurer Ahoy and a fine treasure at that, or else may I be strangled by seagrass and fed to the fish.

Just trust me one last time. Since Mitaburu probably won't be able to speak soon, and since there really is treasure this time, let's go, set sail. Ah, come on then, me hearties, it's time to come aboard. Oh, look look, there's a lot more lights on the sea. Those lights are from Inazuma. I haven't seen them for many years.

They look just like fishing lanterns. I feel like I'm back in the port, on a sea ride with the fishing. Pirates don't get to go on adventures every day. When Zion had free time, he would take us fishing. He would harpoon fish with his barbed spear. I never saw him. Ah, once you have the catch with you, don't you?

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I've sensed it for some time now. Those were good times. I'm sure he's still sailing across this. I just remember. I've got two things to tell you. First of all, I've remembered my name , so me Tomorrow, no wait, Mr. Chip What's your real name? The maiden of a sausage ride named me Kosukimuru.

Most of my friends were from Koseki Village, and she hoped I could take them back to their hometown. But the pilot still prefers me to borrow, but coffee tomorrow is a nice name too, but I failed them. If only I could have been stronger, I might have been able to survive the thunderstorm and make it back to Koseki village with my friends safe and sound.

Be careful, this thunderstorm is just like the one on that day, and so were the Inazuma lights we saw too. Is this all happening because of my festering fish bait? I'm going to drag everyone down with me. Hi, you're right. I am the proud pirate ship under the command of the mighty pirate. Flesh and Bones and the shrine made in Avasase gave me my name.

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I have sailed the seas for decades, never once leaving my friends behind. Even when fighting the strongest foes, I never feared nor faltered. A little thunder and lightning can't stop me. Watch me breeze through it. That was close. I know we were sure we were going to sink. Ah, Cosikimaru, you're amazing.

A talking ship is still just a ship. The Traveler's superb sailing skills were what saw us safely through the storm. I'd rather not. I'm afraid I may have triggered the thunderstorm. These waters are less stable than they once were, but we've arrived. The treasure is right up there. Isn't this the place we first visited when we were looking for treasure?

There was nothing here but half of a cozy Camaro's hole. I am certain that there's treasure up there this time. It's, what did I call it again? It's the intuition of a mighty pirate ship. Wait a minute, you said you had two things to tell us, and the first one was that you'd remembered your name.

I thought he'd already forgotten. I'll tell you when you come back from abroad.

The last limited-time world quest for Summer Fantasia Summertime Odyssey is now unlocked! This is the continuation of Miitoboru's World Quest "Treasure Voyage". Here, we finally get to know Miitoboru the talking boat's real name and his real hidden treasure.
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