Genshin Impact - How To Prepare For Dori In The Upcoming Sumeru Update. Claymores Only. Gone Wrong

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So, we are back, so Dory is officially introduced as Sumeru's first claymore user, and I'm really excited to be able to get her. This way, once Sumeru drops, there will be no crest restrictions. If you can go straight to Sumeru, before i do this however, there were a few questions on the last article that were pretty interesting and I want to I will take some time to answer them after getting it.

Some questions

What would be my most wanted characters for this account? I look at you, Yula. I would have to go for d-look since there's no PD for d-look. You don't have the luxury of using c5 goro and ninguang to battery it, so the sacrificial great sword is a necessity to act as a battery in order to balance the elemental bursts of time better to have slightly weaker damage but have more consistent elemental bursts, and to have great damage but no elemental bursts to use that damage on.

You can gather claymore billets by levelling the chasm to level 9. I've already played the chasm. Why did I not buy the battle pass? Well, there's no need to. The 7-spine is a really good weapon, but as of right now, I don't really need it. That wraps up the questions. Thanks to everyone who left a comment.

I did read the comments after all.

Progress since last article

Progress since last article

Last Arcon's Quest I wanted to quickly talk about some progress I've made since the last article. My 70 teapot is now level 10 and I've cleared Tatara Tails. While I fully participated during the second in Zuma Island for the teapot, I've been spending multiple weeks running out of real currency and the bottles that instantly create furniture.

Once I had about 90 of them, I went and created a lot of new blue and purple furniture, which boosted the trust rank all the way to level 10. Regarding the adaptil energy, I was able to quickly hit 20, 000 by using the omni ubiquity. The nets you get from this lady to capture the nearby kitunes are for additional animals you buy from the teapot salesman, who appears on Fridays to Sundays.

Getting the trust rank to level 10 has various benefits, but the main ones will be the ability to buy both the transient, resin, and artifact xp bottles on a weekly basis. Both items will be helpful in the artifact grind, which may be coming up, so having these options available will make our artifact grind slightly easier regarding clearing the mikage furnace and clearing the second inner zuma island.

Since Tatara Tales is a world quest which is divided over seven real-life days, I figured it would be easier to just do the quest recording and mention it once it's done. The world quests or other islands aren't time-gated, so I'll be doing it at a later date, and that's about it really, since there are some people who are curious about this kind of stuff and whether I do the recording.

Yes, I do. It's just that some of the content is i'm gated through actual real-life days and it's a bit hard to squeeze that content into a article.

Actual article

Actual article

This one shouldn't be too bad, but maybe the button stuff might be a bit confusing. We have ito, razer senior, and saiyu in our team com ito to deal any elemental damage, razer.

To deal any physical damage, Xiang is there for her shield and her physical buff for Razor, and Saiyu's just there for elemental infusions and also to heal up the team with her elemental burst. There were a few elves we had to take on the way, such as the betel tournament, where you are forced to use the traveler and raiden shogun's, the second story quest, where you're forced to use the raider shogun multiple times during her quest, and especially, the final fights in the domain, but there were some major w's, such as using saiyu to activate pyro before we had senia, and using ito's cow to complete Zhong Li's story quest domain.

Genshin Impact - 2.7

However, the biggest one was definitely the archery challenge, where I glitched out of the area to complete the challenge. Part of me still can't believe I did that big stretch because otherwise I wouldn't be doing this quest today. The elves I had to take so far were based on how the game literally It forces you to use specific characters, and you either have to figure out some obscure.

BS way to progress, or just straight up take the l and use the character however with Sumeru coming soon and with no dendro claymore characters coming up. I feel like once we go into Sumeru we are going to hit a major roadblock. At Swords, you have Dandruff Traveler, but at Bose, you have Kolei, which will be free during her version 3.0 event but claymores.

There's no danger to the Claymore character, so the only thing I could hope for is anything dendro related. Hopefully, elemental reactions can do some sort of area burst damage, which can help trigger dandruff without actually having dandruff. A lot of it is going to come down to what actually happens in version 3.0, so hopefully by next week when version 3.0 drops, we will have a way to survive Sumeru or we just don't.

Genshin Impact - bows only

There's still other stuff we could do, but Sumeru is the big one, and at the very least I should make an attempt to survive that. Yeah, it's been a while since the last two days, so how do we do this? What about these buttons? All right, what do I do? Okay, I remember now, you just need to go for the ones that have the buttons.

There we go, I got it. I got it. Physical resistance and dual resistance are probably this team's only weaknesses; physical resistance and dual resistance, so we're just doomed to die here all right. There we go. That's the lights. That's one down, three to go. Okay, we just need to click on the symbols on this platform, and we should be able to do it.

Genshin Impact - claymore only

I got it. I got this. And there we go. That is the domain, complete. Unless there's some obscure ps you have to do, I highly doubt that. Wait what no what no no, no not happening it's not happening, i can't do anything. I'm not going to spend another 11 hours trying to figure this out. I'm going to do one glitch, which I think might work, but if it doesn't, I'm just going to take the help of the team into the wrong domain.

Yes, I am able to glitch my team into the test run domains, but that's not what we want here. We want to glitch this team into the chasm domain, but it's not working. So yeah, as I said, I'm just going to take the l what, this time it's YAMPHE and YELAN. Okay, well then I guess I'm just going to have to take the l again because I can only glitch the thing once.

I can glitch it twice, but it'll just kick me out of the domain, so even if I was able to glitch it the first time, I'm still going to have to take the l here. I guess either way, you're just going to have to take that out. Okay, well, that's nice really. How many times do I have to take the l in the chasm domain?

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