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Welcome back to Forza Horizon 5. Today I'm making my most requested article ever. You guys have wanted to see it. This is how to make money fast in Forza Horizon 5. I'm going to cover a bunch of different methods and some things you might not have known about. There are a bunch of new ways of making money in Forza Horizon 5 that are different to Forza Horizon 4.

Hopefully this article helps you get some more money in Forza Horizon 5. If it does, feel free to drop a like on this article and subscribe for a bunch more Forza Horizon 5 gameplay. So, there are actually a bunch of different ways of getting money in Forza Horizon 5. For those of them, let's start it off with the best and fastest way of getting money in this game, and that's to do wheel spins and super wheel spins.

They are a little bit different to the way they were in Forza Horizon 4. Right now, you actually get way better odds of getting rare cars and way more money than you used to, which makes your wheel spins even more worthwhile. For example, you'll actually get one super wheel spin for buying this house, La Cabana, on the western side of the map.

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This house only costs 150, 000 credits, and when you buy it, you'll get one super wheel spin. When I actually bought this house and did my super wheel spin, I got more than 150, 000 credits and I got a special car, which makes it super worth it. So definitely check this house out. Speaking of houses, if you do have some money laying around, you should definitely pick up this house.

Hotel Castillo. Other than that, hotel castillo that I was saying, the main way you're going to be getting wheel spins and super wheel spins is from doing races. However, there are some things you should probably know about. For example, did you know if you play Forza Horizon 5 in co-op instead of solo, you're going to be getting way more xp than you usually would?

Take a look at this I drove around this racecourse in the McLaren 720s. I did three laps of the circuit and I came in first place in solo. After that race, I got 5000 xp, which is pretty good. After that race, I invited some of the ar-12 moderators out and we did the exact same race in co-op. Just to note, it's not pvp, it's co-op.

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It's your team versus the AI team to take them down again. We did the same race though, and after that race I got only fourth place, but I got six thousand xp, so definitely doing these races in online co-op is 100. It is worth it. It also works for any event in the game, even drag races. Here's another exam I did this drag race in the Porsche 911 solo.

I came first and I got a thousand seven hundred xp, which isn't bad, but after that I invited the air 12 moderators out. We did the same race again. I was only able to come in fourth place last time, but this time I got nearly two and a half thousand xp, so I think you can see where we're going with this.

What's awesome, though, is that you can make this method even better for yourself by using cars like the BMW X5m, Forza edition, and the Nissan 350z. Forza edition, both of those cars will actually come with an event xp boost to give you more xp at the end of the race. Here's an example again: regular BMW X5m, down the drag strip.

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I won the race and got 1750 XP. When I jumped into the BMW X5 M4Z edition, I did the exact same race but this time got 2.100 Xp. And again, though that's not even the craziest part, because in these fourth-edition cars, when you pause the game and you head over to the car mastery section, you can spend some of your skill points on certain perks.

Some of those perks might add to your skill points or event xp. Some will even give you special cars, and some of those perks will give you wheel spins or super wheel spins. This BMW X5M actually includes a regular wheel spin, so when I unlocked that with my skill points and I did the wheel spin, I got 200, 000 credits, which was awesome.

Anyway, after I spent a bunch of my skill points on unlocking special perks to give me more xp. I went back and did the same race again, and I got nearly two and a half thousand xp from the same race, which is awesome. Long story short, definitely combine that with driving Forza edition cars with maxed out skill mastery trees and an online co-op and you will be getting a ton of xp for doing the same races that you're going to be doing anyway, so definitely give that a go anyway.

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Speaking of the car mastery, at the time of recording this article, there was a skill mastery perk that was unbelievably high. And it's probably going to be patched in the future. Right now, if you purchase a Willy's Jeep for 40,000 credits, you can spend five skill points and you'll unlock a super wheel spin.

That is unbelievable. The value of spending only 40 000 credits and five skill points to get a super wheel spin is just unbelievably low. Opps So if you have some extra skill points laying around, definitely throw them onto Willy's jeep and buy multiple of them and you will get a whole bunch of super wheel spins and you can profit.

Just a heads up though, this Willy's Jeep method is probably going to get patched in the future, so don't be surprised if it doesn't work in like a week or two. If this method does get patched in the future, you're probably going to want to do this method instead. This is the car collection screen, which is new for Forza Horizon 5.

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As you've been doing your wheel spins and your super wheel spins, you've probably gotten some special cars. Those special cars will get added to your car collection screen, and what's awesome is when you get every single car from a certain manufacturer, sometimes you'll get special rewards, sometimes it might be xp.

Sometimes it might be wheel spins, sometimes it might even be super wheel spins, and sometimes it might even be special cars that you can sell. These super rare cars that you can find in the car collection screen will be so rare that if you put them on the auction house they'll actually sell for the maximum amount of credits, so if you don't like any of them, just chuck them at the auction house and you'll get a ton of money for them.

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Speaking of rare cars, if you want a bunch of rare cars in the game, definitely check out the festival playlist and the forzathon shop. Both of those will reset every single week with new rare cars for the game. Obviously, not every player can jump onto Forza Horizon 5 every single week, so these cars are no longer available.

They will go for insane money at the auction house, so if you don't like them, chuck them at the auction house for maximum money and congratulations. You've just made a lot of money for doing work for other people. Speaking of easy money, if you want some really easy money, definitely consider turning off some of the assists in the game in the difficulty settings here.

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