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We got a brand new update, and this one's really awesome with the new Dragon Ball collab. We got a brand new device and some insane changes to the prop mover. We even got some really cool new prefabs. You know, we like to start with the leaks, and our first leak has to do with the cinematic camera device icon.

So that's what the icon is supposedly going to look like. I really can't wait to see what this device is all about gonna be one i hope it's as game changing as the prop mover supposedly is. A prop version of the sequencer device was added. This is not in the game yet, but I pray we get this soon because this has been needed for a long time.

Okay, now let's look at the new Dragon Ball Z stuff because this is important for creativity. So this Dragon Ball collab is really important because, not only is there a ton of stuff that's going on in battle royale, there's actually a really cool map in creative that we're going to check out. Flabs are now starting to use creative and battle royale, and I love that.

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So let's get one of these skins. I think I gotta get this Goku bundle first because, I mean, just check this out. I love that emote. So let's get that and let's equip it. So for this update, we're going to be Goku. I want to feel something cool about this emotion. So the first power up is yellow, then blue.

And then finally we have got something great, like that is so cool, so here's what's cool with creativity. There's going to be a place where you can watch Dragon Ball Super episodes, and they've kind of outlined it here in this blog post, so you can watch episode nine and a bunch of other ones within creative mode, and then on Friday, they're going to release a really cool adventure map that you'll be able to explore and play now.

I don't know if they're gonna have challenges for this where you can earn things, because if you go back to your main screen and click on the dragon ball up here, you're gonna see all these quests that you can do right now. They're all in Battle Royale, but maybe in a few days there'll be some that are in Creative.

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I don't know to me that would make this collaboration. Complete If we're really seeing a merge of creative and battle royale, so I don't know, guys, should I play the adventure map when it comes out? Okay, now let's get to some of the updates. The first and most glaring thing is that we did not get the kamehameha.

The mythic, or the flying nimbus cloud in creative mode Okay, the first thing we've got in creative is a brand new gallery. Let's just throw it out here. Let's see okay, there it is. We've got a really great alphabet library. Now what's cool about this is that these are actually primitive shapes, so you can come in here and change the color of the letters.

So there's our neon green h or sky blue q or iridescent. We've also got the other primitive shapes here. I have the more interesting look to them. So we've got a hex pulsing 5 here. I actually really like this gallery, and I'm hoping at some point we actually get some different fonts. This is a great start, especially considering we have so many visual options.

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Let's see how big we can actually get this. Okay, look, there's a giant h. It's actually pretty big and it seems like the hitbox is all resized really well, so this is perfect. I'm curious to see how small they get, though, because I think sometimes they don't get small enough. I mean, that's pretty small.

I wonder if this does the same trick. So there's a trick with primitive shapes, but if you pull them out of the gallery, in the menu, they're smaller, so let's pull out that one, and let's put it down, and then let's resize. This is as small as it can get. Okay, so that same trick does not work.

Well, regardless, this is still a really good gallery and I'm glad we've got it now. There are actually quite a few updates to existing devices, the first one being the Sky Dome. So now if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the settings, you're going to see post process and then this says day, evening, night classic, and morning, so these are currently the default settings for day.

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Let's see what these do this evening. That is really bright. Yeah, it doesn't look like that in the evening. Maybe that's supposed to be like the sun setting. I don't know. It's night Okay, it's definitely darker, but it's still pretty bright out. I feel like the light should be darker, but I guess we can change that ourselves.

Maybe if I just change the light source intensity to like 40, yeah, I mean, let's check out classic, That is so blue. I don't know why "classic" is so blue. Maybe I don't even know what "classic" is supposed to mean. That's supposed to be like classic, original, fortnight, lighting. I don't know, finally it's morning, okay?

Yeah, that's definitely bright. I feel like the morning and evening feel very similar. Let's just switch to evening, like right now. Here we go. Yeah, that looks almost identical. So maybe it's supposed to be off on the horizon. Let's see if I change the angle of this that does anything, so if I change it down, okay, that actually.

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So much better, so if I put it off on the horizon like that, it feels much better for the evening, which makes me wonder if I put it off at night and then I make the sun go upside down. I mean, that definitely feels more nightish, so be careful which way your skydome is pointing. Next, we've got some updates to the prop mover.

According to the blog post, they've made it so the prop mover works on all of these different devices now, so let's test some of these out. Okay, the one that's most interesting to me is the damaged volume device. Here we go, boom. And then let's add this. Okay, it works. Let's just see this in action.

Here I'm going to start the game, and then there we go. You can see it moving. That's actually really cool, and then when I go and stand in it, yeah, it still damages me in a different area from where it started. For that are kind of really cool, but imagine this for boss fights and stuff like this.

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This is going to be a really cool addition just with this one device being able to move on the prop mover. Okay, supposedly okay, so this also works with the barrier device. Let's place that down and then let's put that in. Okay, yes it does work with the barrier device. I mean, let's see what a moving nebula looks like.

Right here we go. Okay, there it is. There's our moving nebula. I mean, what the heck is this? This is so weird. I love that they added this. Let's see if I can ride on this. What happens if I stand on it? Yes, you can ride the barrier. That's awesome it now works on consumables as well, so you could have a bunch of moving bananas.

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