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I believe in you guys, so keep your heads up, keep going forward, don't let any negativity stop you in your tracks, all right. The sky is the limit, so just keep going. Alright, let's talk about solos. As someone who wants to eventually go pro, you need to master your own skills before you start just grouping up with others.

People need to know that you carry your own skills and you can grab numerous eliminations. Well, let's first get my favorite candy. What is that? Y'all help me out with a stab of butcher's crunch, and let's get this going.

High eliminations

You know, one of the more notable accomplishments that you can strive for as a solo player is beating your high score eliminations.

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Nothing shows your fragging skills better than getting 20, or even 30 eliminations per match. Chapter 3 is mated so that fights last longer than ever before. As you know, snipers and shotguns no longer do the one-hit kill, and this gives players just a little more time to make a comeback while forcing others to start thinking more strategically about their kills.

Despite this, you know that there are still plenty of solo players that manage to breach 30 kills per match by applying pressure and using the ad rifle smg meta and just going in for third party kills. However, the number of eliminations is peanuts compared to what you learn. In the process, you're also learning rotation and the population density of poi.

You know, by constantly seeking out more kills, you're learning player behavior. As you learn to anticipate where players are most likely going to start moving towards as the match progresses, so you're also going to learn to find the most optimal positions. As the circle gets smaller and smaller, you know one sound strategy.

It has always been to stay in the center of the circle, the larger, during the early stages of the storm and slowly start hugging the corners of the circle as you reach the later stages. In addition to learning player behavior, okay, you also learn how to use aggressive builds to take down your opponents quickly.

Let's face it, not every player you encounter is going to go down by just simply shooting them. Some are going to start building, and when that happens, your goal is really to just outmaneuver them and just keep the pressure going. Box them in. You know, cut off their escape route and keep them away from any good loot on the ground.

Aimlab is a free program that you can download today and start working on your aiming skills with so many customizable options. If you really practice, you can see improvement in a variety of different games, such as Valerian, Apex, Legends, and yours truly, Fortnite.

Solo on team modes

Solo on team modes

Alright Another way to continue your quest for high eliminations. To also become a smarter Fortnite player is by getting into some trio or squad lobbies on solo. To do this, all you need to do is just turn off Phil Q. In team modes, however, every weapon in the enemy squad is aimed at you, so your mind needs to just keep up with the position of every player.

This makes it more difficult. Now that you can no longer just shake down opponents for the location of the squad, you're going to have to just keep track of every position yourself. This is a perfect exercise for your brain, and after doing this regularly, you'll find it much easier to track player positions.

On solo Keep in mind that as a solo player, it can be difficult to achieve a victory when the final players are all converging. In one spot, you're going to be all alone dealing with a fully equipped team, all of which are most likely going to be carrying epic or higher weaponry. However, let's be real.

However, if you manage to survive, that onslaught Then you're going to be one step closer to becoming a better solo player.

More complex builds

More complex builds

So if there is one skill that you should work on, it's your building mechanics. So, once you've figured out which builds to do what with, it can be quite easier to just fall into the habit of only using them for basic functions. Instead, you need to learn more complex strategies. So, creating a tower can really seem simple enough.

Just create a box and just keep moving upwards using wraps and just rinse and repeat. However, while doing this, you might fail to realize that your building is quite vulnerable. A few smg shots to the base and it's going to bring you the tower crashing down instead. Just try building your structures, using the in-game buildings as a base, and build up a wall or against the side of a hill to really give yourself.

More support makes it harder for your build to be brought down, and you're always going to be able to have that height advantage. Boxing yourself in is a sound defensive strategy, but unless you know how to maneuver around the box, all you're really doing is just putting up four walls and a roof. Once you have to defend that box against another player, your technique is going to be tested, and so if you own the box, then you have the freedom to edit it as you wish.

So if a player wants to try getting in, you have the choice of just trying to keep that wall or lowering your opponent, and while you know you're making an exit through the roof, you can do this by creating a ramp within the space, or just dropping a cone and editing it so that you can just move upwards.

Using a cone as your roof piece can also be a clever way of just funneling players in a specific direction.

Learn to read the map

Learn to read the map

Alright, so reading the map in Fortnite sounds simple enough, like you take a peek to see which direction the bus is headed, and you open it up once in a while to really know where the next circle is. However, reading the map can actually give you guys a bit more information than that, and you can just use it to predict the movement of other players.

So let's have an example. Let's say that you land at Gloppy Groves. Now the first storm circle appears, and it covers up a grand majority of the right side of the map. You have players coming in from Grizzly Grove camp, Cuddle, Logjam lumber yard, and maybe shifty shafts, all headed in the direction of the circle.

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So if you're looking to make it to the late game but don't want to encounter many players while rotating, then consider taking the long way around since many players are going to try to take the shortest route from their current location. If there's a mountain along the path, then expect some players to just try going around it rather than through it.

The same goes for lakes.

Optimal log in times

Like, do you get home from school and just log into Fortnite for your daily grind, or perhaps, do you like to wait until the late hours of the night to start playing arena? If you're a solo player and you want a grind arena to raise those high points, consider logging in during tournaments.

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