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So yes, you guys will be able to edit that fast on PC, Xbox, PS4 and, of course, Nintendo Switch. Also, just go fluxy with hashtags. So as you guys can see, we've made it right into creative and we also have the keyboard control set up, so for the first secret setting. I'm going to show you guys how to do it first on keyboards and then we'll move on to all of the other ones.

First things first. So, as you can see, my builds are actually decent. I mean, they're not the best because I don't sweat out this game all the time, but I mean still, with the secret setting that will be so much faster, even my edits won't be the fastest. Right now I just keep messing up, but yes, this setting will make me so much faster.

Let me tell you guys. As you can see, my edits are decently fast, but I don't think it's fast enough to actually make it invisible. I mean, I can try, but with this setting you go so much faster, and you barely mess up, so let's see if we can get it invisible. And yep, unless you're not fast enough to make invisible, so with this add you'll literally turn into a base and make anything go invisible, so with my regular edits I won't actually be able to flip myself with it because I'm just way too slow at it, but with the secret setting you can, so let's go ahead and try to flip myself anywhere and see if it works, and yep, as you can see.

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I literally feel right three and I can't flip myself. So now I'm going to go ahead and turn on this secret setting to make my edits ten times faster. Let's go ahead and turn them on all right. So I just turned on the secret setting and I'm going to show you guys. My edits are now with this, so let's go ahead and edit this floor.

We will be able to make it invisible, so let's go ahead and do it. I'll show you guys. Yep, as you can see, it's already so much faster and we are editing this so much faster by just a simple change of the easiest setting to change. We should be able to make this floor go invisible in any second, so let's go ahead and do it in three.

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Two one, boom as you can see, we literally made the floor go invisible and we're, let's see, walking on it. Yep, that's how easy it is to make things go invisible. So by just changing a super simple setting. I just went ahead and joined into this world right here, and as you can see, it is literally like an added course and it is kind of glitched out, so with this setting you'll be able to go through this impossible course right here super fast.

As you can see, there are literally so many edits on this that it would take you a very long time to do it regularly. So with this setting, you can go through it so fast. So let's go ahead and do it with the setting, and as you can see, we're literally going through this so fast with the setting.

It's just so fast, like, let's just run through it like this setting is so overpowered. The setting is overly hard and we just made it up that fast, like that was the fastest thing I've ever done. We can go up that really fast just by changing a simple setting. All right, let's go ahead into the easy edit times because if we head into this, you will see how fast we can just add it down.

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As you can see, it's literally so fast and we just keep on falling. We're adding it so fast and, yep, it's already done. That was so fast. So with this secret setting, you will also be able to make walls go invisible, so let's go ahead and make this one invisible. So as you can see, we'll be able to make this wall gun visible in any second, so let's go ahead and do it in three, two, one, and boom.

As you can see, it is not invisible, like it is literally so overpowered, like we made this wall completely invisible, you can see right through it, and yes, it's just that overdeciding, that overbuilding that you can do this with any building. With this setting, you can also make a cone go invisible just like this.

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As you can see, the cone is invisible, and we're literally walking on it like there's a cone right here. It's insane so without further ado, let's go ahead and get into the keyboard settings. So all you want to do is make your way over to the settings and press the cog wheel. Scroll down and the building is right here, so you want to make sure you confirm that edit on release is on, so make sure you turn that on and also make sure the disable pre-edit option is on, and that's one of the settings completed, because if you have edit on release on, you just have to press it and let go, and that's it.

So that makes it so much faster. And then if you have pre-edits off, you literally can't pre-edit, so you won't be able to mess up, so that's another big setting to change. So let's go ahead and get on the keyboard settings, so all you want to do is just make your way down to the building section, and as you can see, we are literally right here, so all you want to do is make your building edit something, which is mine is f, and then you have to make another select building edit, so as you can see, your regular one is just your mouse button, but I also have j because you can have two different options.

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So to make this secret setting just a little bit easier. I really recommend putting two different binds right beside each other, so as you can see. I have f and j, and they're just right beside each other, so they're super easy to press, so there are so many different options you could do. You can let you have like six and seven, you can have seven and eight, you can have n and m, you can actually have any keybinds right beside each other on your keyboard.

Those are just my recommendations. But I have f and g, so now that you changed your settings All you guys really have to do is just practice pressing those buttons together, so there are many different ways you can do it. You can use two hands just like this, which is a little bit harder for me, and I just used to do it with one hand, but as you can see, it's a little bit easier.

Then you can use your left hand like this, and then you can use your mouse as well, but I just prefer to use my right hand, as I am right-handed, and I can just do it so much faster. So yeah, all you've got to do is just practice pressing those buttons at the same time, and then that's you with super fast edits.

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So obviously, whenever you change your binds, you're obviously going to have to try to get used to it just like any other bind, but trust me guys, it's totally worth it and it's super fun to do. Now it is time to show you guys how to do it on all different types of controllers. So let's do it alright.

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