Fortnite - The Best Stretched Resolution Chapter 3. Huge Fps Boost

Fortnite - 1750

That was sick. Now I don't know about you guys, but ever since the new chapter dropped, I've seen about 500 different articles showing off the supposed new best stretch dress. Martos uploaded one at 1400 by 1050 and made one at 1656 by 1080. I even saw a use of 800 by 2560. Do you guys not understand how dumb that is?

Therefore, to set the matter straight and to actually provide you guys with the best stretch resolution in Fortnite Chapter 3, I decided to step up to the plate. What I'm going to do is show off how to get the stretched rez. I'm then going to show it off in creative and finally, like I always do, explain why it's so dang good while dominating little kids in the arena.

It's going to answer any questions you have, and you really do not want to skip the tutorial, so watch the whole thing. Thus, make sure to drop a like if you switch to stretching stress yourself, and without further ado, let's get right into it.

Stretched resolution

Stretched resolution

We're going to begin with the stretched res tutorial. But I'm not going to show the display scaling method. If you guys want to use that method, I'll show you the article on the screen right now.

That will technically get you a lower input delay. The only reason I'm not doing it right now is that display scaling does not work for everyone's monitors. That's what GPU scaling does, and that's the method we're going to use. I feel like if you're just going to go and try out one of these stretched resolutions, you might as well start first with GPU scaling.

Try it out before you go all the way into display scaling, but in case you missed it, you're going to begin by right-clicking on your desktop, going down to the Nvidia control panel, and then on the left you're going to go down. I guess you could start by adjusting the desktop, size, and position.

Fortnite - 1750x1080

You can see right off the bat that I actually have mine on display scale. It also says I'm on 360 hertz, which is not true. Why is it lying to us? Since we are using the GPU scaling method, I'm going to change this to GPU. You could technically leave this scaling mode at aspect ratio. You could also just do full screen.

It does not make that big of a difference. The only reason I had it on aspect ratio was because that's what you had for display scaling, and by the way, get ratio, loser. And then what we're going to do is go back on the left under display. We're going to hit change resolution. Also, make sure you have the monitor you're actually using for Fortnite selected, so this is the one I'm using.

What I'm going to do is go down to customize. I'm going to click the customize button. I'm going to click to enable resolutions not exposed by the display. I'm then going to hit "create a custom resolution" and leave Nvidia with their legal disclaimers. Now for the horizontal, this is where the stretched resolution comes in.

Fortnite - best

I am going to put in 1750 x 1080. That is the new godly stretched resolution. The best stretched res in Fortnite Chapter 3 is 1750, so all I did was change the horizontal pixels to 1750, leaving the vertical lines at 1080. So it was really quick, so I just tested it and it looked pretty stretched to me, and now you can see it is in the custom resolutions.

I'm not actually going to change my desktop to it. You don't need to. It kind of makes it a tiny bit easier, but again, you don't have to press "ok" and then boom, it is in the custom resolutions at 1750 by 1080. You could apply it that way, so your entire desktop will be stretched. I'm just going to leave it on native for now, and what I'm going to do is x out of the NVidia control panel.

The final step is in the Windows Cortana search. You're going to type in percent, local app data percent. You're going to click on the file folder under the best match that pops up, and that's going to bring you over here. Jeria I'm going to scroll down to Fortnite Game. That is the folder saved config, windows client, and then we have game user settings.

Fortnite - best stretched res

This is what we need to edit, and to do that, you're going to right click. Okay, I can't right click. Press edit to bring over a notepad that is open on my other monitor, and from here you can see all your game user settings. It says the resolution is 90 by 1080. All we're basically doing is replacing all these 1920s with 1750, but the fastest way to do that is not to do it manually.

Just go over to the top, press edit, go down to replace, then in this little replace box where it says find what put in 1920, that is what we want this to find and we want to replace it with 1750, so make sure this is what it looks like and press replace. All you can see is the notepad kind of changed back to where we were.

Nice all of it is 1750 by 1080. Perfect, perfect we're now going to save this, but don't just quit and boot up Fortnite yet. Make sure you go to your game user settings, right click, go down to properties, and click read only. All you're going to do is take it off read only, go back in, edit it, and replace it.

Just like we just did 1750, you're going to replace it with 1920. That is how you get back to native resolution. It's also how to change different settings because if you're on read only, read only will not let you change things like your textures and other things. I'm leaving it for now because obviously that is how to get stretched rez, but it's good to know and, yeah, that's why it's important to watch my entire article, not just for the money.

Fps test

Fps test

As you guys might notice, I am not currently on stretch rez. This is a native 1920x1080p. But why am I here and why am I starting on a native?

I'm recording this before the tutorial, and I'm showing it after. Looking straight up to the sky, I'm getting around 600, almost 700 fps. Remember, I'm on DX12. I could be getting like a thousand in performance mode, but dx12 just looks so nice. These builds are so creamy. If I look up again, the input delay is around three milliseconds, maybe a little higher as I build, it probably goes to around four, but just keep in mind this is native.

So let's get to it. Even though I already recorded the other part but I didn't yet know what to do, boom, I am now currently on stretch resolution. You guys actually do not see it. It's still native. In the recording you can even see the little black bar on the side, but if I go stretch the screen, it is now stretched, right in front of your very eyes, looking straight up into the sky, and the fps is already higher.

Fortnite - best stretched res in

We're almost at 750, at some points, 770. I saw Dan. I was not joking about the higher FPS and lower input delay. The input delay was three milliseconds, but it's kind of teetering towards two milliseconds. They were definitely a tiny bit lower. They were doing their own little stretched res fps and input delay tests and what they found was 1750.

In this video, I show off the best stretched resolution in Fortnite Chapter 3. Ever since the release of the new Chapter, I have seen a ton of videos on the supposed new best stretched resolution in game. However, none of them were actually the best stretched resolutions for Fortnite Chapter 3. That is why I decided to make this video showcasing the new best res, 1750x1080, as well as a tutorial for how to get stretched GPU scaling method not display scaling, and finish off the video with some 1750x1080 stretched res gameplay.
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