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Fortnite - best console settings

youtube In today's article I will be showing you how to become the smoothest player on non-claw. I've had this issue and so many people ask how I get so smooth on the controller. People like Faceway, and all of them play Claw. If you are a non-clock player and you're just starting out on controller, then this is the article for you.

I will show you all the tricks to be smooth just like I am, so let's get right into the article. The first thing I want to touch on is your settings. These are what's going to control if you are smooth or not. When you're non-claw, you have to take your finger off the joystick to do whatever, which is why you're not smooth, but the settings can help with that.

So what I'm going to go over is that your sense has to be slow. If you're on a high note, then you will look choppy, you won't be smooth, and it's just not going to work. Having a low dead zone is crucial in this game to looking more quick and less choppy, so yeah, make sure you're on a lower dead zone.

Fortnite - best controller settings

It will help, trust me. Yeah, and you'll have aim like this. I'll show an example on screen of people with higher dead zones that look super choppy. I'm sorry my duo, I had to do it too. Here's a clip of someone that is non-claw and exponential. That is a terrible combo because you cannot be smooth at all, so unless you're like, face, who plays cloth, then you're just not going to be as smooth.

The reason people like Sway are so smooth when building is because they can keep their finger on the joystick at all times, whereas if you're non-claw, you always have to take your finger off the thumb to pull out your builds or sometimes do an edit. Someone that is good on exponential that doesn't look as choppy is great, but it's hard to look that smooth unless you've played on exponential for my god.

linear is a much better option for trying to be smooth when building the dead zone range you want to stay in is from all the way to five, which is very low and if you get drift you do not want to be on this. Six is like a good midground, which I am on, and seven and eight are very good. Anything higher than that will make you look choppy on linear.

Fortnite - best controller settings for ps4

The best sense of being smooth and less choppy is around 30. I've tried it from around 36 to 72. I won't go much more than 46, so I go around 41. It seems to be the perfect match. You know, sensitivity is being smooth. The next thing is your build and edit mode. Yeah, and one thing I want to touch on is getting control of fruits.

They help so much with being smooth and having a better life. If you're really trying to work on getting smooth, I highly recommend this map. It allows you to edit certain characters and then shoot other characters. It also has a part that you can enter, and it's like the Mongrel Classic, so you jump a ramp and take the wall.

It really helps with getting smooth, and then after that you could put it into play and go into a map with other people. This one works really well, so I'll leave the map code on screen. Sometimes people ask me why I use Boost so much, and it's a great question. The reason is that if you're on a lower sense and you use boost, it helps you snap onto a target, so looking straight and then flicking onto a target is a prime example.

That's why I'm also doing a giveaway. These are my controllers.

The BEST New Controller Settings for Fortnite | SUPER SMOOTH! PS4PS5XBOX.
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