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Fortnite just got a new update, and with that, we got the addition of the boss Goku in Fortnite. So today we are becoming the boss, Goku himself, and eliminating all the new bosses and collecting all the mythic weapons in one game of Fortnite. And with every elimination we get, we are going to be getting ourselves 1000 V bucks.

So this article gets pretty intense. Right now, we are the boss Goku in Fortnite. Our objective is to collect all the mythic items in the game, defeat all the bosses, and get their mythic items in one game of Fortnite. Right now, this right over here is going to give us all the mythic items right now and there we go.

We have got ourselves the nimbus cloud as well as the kamehameha, Mythic in the game. Right now, from here, we are actually going to go to a destination where we can actually meet the next boss in the game right now. And this has got to be awesome because this mythic is gonna help us travel all around the Fortnite map, so right in front of us we have the first boss of the season right now, which is the Darth Vader boss, and we're gonna test out the kamehameha on the Darth Vader boss and see how powerful this mythic item is.

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Can we eliminate Darth Vader with just one hit? Well, let's find out right now. Okay, Darth Vader is actually trying to hide from us and, wait a sec, he's actually over there in the water right now. Wait a sec, Darth Vader has arrived right in front of us right now, and let's see how powerful this is.

There is no way Darth Vader is almost eliminated in just a few hits, and you know what, he cannot catch us because we have the best mythic items. This can only happen in Fortnite, and there we go. We have got ourselves our first elimination, which means we have claimed 1,000 V bucks. This means it's time to charge up.

And there we go. We have charged up as Goku. Let's go ahead, and let's defeat some more bosses, collect more mythic items, and also get some more v-bucks. Since our hair is yellow right now, we can only use mythic items to eliminate the next player. There we go. We have found the next target right now, and they're just fighting right over here.

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All right, let's just go behind them and let's eliminate them with our kamehameha. And there we go, Drift is gonna stand no chance even though he's hiding behind a tree, and there we go, we have got our elimination. All right, here we go. Here is another 1000 free V-bucks for you. This is awesome, but since we've got the elimination right now, it's time for us to power up.

There we go. Since our hair color is now blue, we've got to use blue items to eliminate others. Well, we're not done over here because, well, we're still going to go for more mythic items as we speak. Okay, we've got a player right over here. There we go, she goes out as well. That's gotta be our next elimination right now.

This is where the challenge gets super tough because now we have leveled up and we have got a charge. Let's see our next hair color. Wait, it's actually great, which means we have to use grey items to eliminate the next players. Alright, here we go. Here is another 1000 freebie box for you. This is awesome.

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Okay, this means we have 3000 V bucks, and there we go, right in front of me, we have got another capsule which is going to let us have some more mythic items, and there we go, we have got another kamehameha. Medic with ourselves. Right now we have to search for some great items and wait a sec. I think I've just spotted a great item to complete this challenge, and no way is this the worst item.

We cannot lose right now. This is literally a shotgun, so I gotta be super close to someone and I have no shields, so this is where the article gets super intense. But luckily, thanks to the combos, we have actually got ourselves some clone berries and we have got some shields, and wait a sec, I just heard some people fighting over here.

All right, let's go ahead and check it out. Okay, wait a sec, there are actually two players right in front of us right now. Okay, we have gotta be super careful right now. Okay, I'm sticking up behind Master Chief. Come on, yes he's super low and there we go. We have taken down the player right now.

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Wait a sec, there's another player right now who's trying to charge us. This is not looking good at first because this song is also kicking in. All right, we gotta run right now. And plus, we got the elimination, so it's time for us to go ahead and charge up. There we go. Now we are back to normal Goku, which means we can use any item right now.

Let's escape the song right now. Here we go. Here's another 1000 freebucks for you. This is going well. We cannot get eliminated right now. There's actually a player right behind me, and there's someone below me. You know what, I'm actually going to take them out with lightsabers. This has to be super funny all right.

There we go, he's super low, and there we go, we have got the elimination. It's time for us to go ahead and charge up, and now it is time for you to give me my 1000 bib. And it is now time for us to go ahead and use our kaveh, and yes, there we go, we have eliminated her, so let's go ahead and let's go inside the safe zone, and well.

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I've spotted another mythic item right in front of me, so we are going to go for that right now. All right, so you can go ahead and add another 1000 freebie boxes. Here you go, there we go. All right, we're going to drop this one right over here because it only has three charges. There we go, we have got another one, and we have got to make a run for it.

We're literally inside the song right now, and since we got the elimination, it's time for us to change our hair, which means we can only use blue items right now. I don't have much ammo, but hey, this should do the trick. Wait a sec, there are actually some players right over here. Hopefully they have not spotted me right now.

Well, there we go. We've got another elimination right now, and well, we gotta go ahead and change into another Goku right now because we just got the elimination, and we're literally inside the storm, so we gotta first escape this place. All right, things are getting intense and I'm running out of a thousand V bucks, but doctor, I've got lots of thousand V bucks for you, so here is another thousand V bucks.

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Thank you very much. There was definitely someone below me. I've spotted the player. Come on, come on, come on over here, buddy. All right, Come on, there we go, we took her out and we have to go ahead and change again into another mode for Goku right now. Here we go and this time we can use any item as we speak.

NEW Goku Boss in Fortnite Season 3. In this video I Unlock Dragon Ball Z Goku BOSS Skin in Fortnite Season 3 and we collect the mythic bosses items from the Fortnite Darth Vader Mythic Boss and get the Darth Vader's Mythic Lightsaber and collect the Kamehameha Mythic and the Nimbus Cloud Mythic in chapter 3, so we visited all bosses in game as the Goku to collect all Mythic items and keycards to complete our new challenge with a custom Challenge in Fortnite All New Bosses, Vault Locations Mythic Key Card in chapter 3 season 3.
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