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Today is the day, boys. We received a brand new Fortnite update that finally added the Dragon Ball Z event. With chapter 3 of season 4 only being a few weeks away, that also means our next battle pass is right around the corner as well. The rewards can be a little bit confusing, but we'll explain it all here in this article, but first look at how close we are to 4.25 million subscribers.

We literally couldn't be any closer. We have a new emote. The Dragon Ball Z event is here. There are a ton of free rewards to unlock. Let's hop into a game and let's get into it. Before we unlock the greatest Dragon Ball Z reward, the first thing you need to do in order to start claiming these rewards is click on the little dragon ball icon at the very top of the main menu screen, where you will notice that it says that you must complete quests in order to increase your power level, and then we're able to hit the view quest button to see the quests we have to complete, and they all look pretty simple, so I think we're ready to hop into the game and start unlocking the rewards, and here we are on the spawn island ready to unlock the very first reward.

Fortnite - chapter 3 season 4

We're actually going to get a total of seven free cosmetics here in this article, with the very first quest we have to complete actually being located at one of the brand new Dragon Ball Z locations, being the Kame House, and there it is right in front of us. Look at it. It literally looks absolutely beautiful.

No way there's even a Dragon Ball NPC. We are located here as well. Hey, and just like that, we have completed the very first quest, ladies and gentlemen, and we gained three million for our power level. Next up, do you see these weird little floating capsule corpses located around the Fortnite map?

Well, for our next quest, we're actually going to need to find and collect a total of three of those, and here's the very first one right in front of us right now. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe all we need to do is extract it just like this , and we've got the nimbus cloud mythic weapon and we've even got the kamehameha.

Mythic as well we'll go ahead and pick both of those up. Now all we need to do is collect two more of those and we should be good to go. So here we are at the second one. We'll go ahead and collect that. We have already completed it. We only needed two more to gain another four million for the power level.

Fortnite - dragon ball z

Now all we need to do is travel a total of fifteen hundred meters while using the mythic weapon, and we will unlock our first reward. So here we go, boys, we're using the nimbus cloud just like this. Right after this, we're probably going to need to use this a couple of times in order to travel 1500 meters, which is okay, but we have to wait like 20 seconds in between each use.

Here we go. The final distance traveled should be completed right after this. Yes, there we go, we did it. That's what I'm talking about, boys. As you can see, we gained another 5 million for our power level. We also collected our very first dragon ball as well, which I'll explain in a moment.

Fortnite - dragon ball z emote

After backing out, as you can see, we received our very first reward, which was this little emoticon, known as the smiling goku. On the bottom left of the dragon ball screen, you're able to see the very first reward that we unlocked, but on the top right of the screen, you're able to see that we successfully collected the very first of seven different dragon balls, and each of the dragon balls is unlocked after successfully collecting it.

After completing three of the dragon ball challenges in each of the different categories, and after collecting all seven of the dragon balls, you will unlock this beautiful shenron glider. And that's not even the best reward we're going to be unlocking in this article. To unlock the best rewards, we first must complete a few more quests, so we're on the swan island to get them done.

First things first, we're making our way towards the rocky reels where there should actually be a dragon ball vending machine waiting for us if I'm not mistaken. It should be located right here. Look at it. It literally has a dragon ball on it. Obviously, we're going to go up to it and interact with it.

Fortnite - dragon ball z mythic

We'll go ahead and buy the mythic. As you can see in the top left, we completed yet another quest, giving us some more little power levels, and I believe if I deal damage to an enemy with this thing, it'll be another quest, so come on. Yes, we're two out of three there. Here we go. Let's light up this guy.

Come on yes, we got him. No, we still need two more. Are you kidding me? Come on yes, we did it, boys. And there it is; even more power levels have been acquired. You absolutely love to see it, but now for the hard challenge, you see this one that gives 5 million power levels and you have to win a versus battle.

To do this, you actually need to find one of the bouncy boards that have been updated for the Dragon Ball Z event. You will literally see a bunch of the Dragon Ball Z characters located on the bounty board, which is now called the versus board. You obviously want to go up and accept a versus battle just like this.

As you can see in the top right, it says we are currently waiting for an opponent, and we now have our opponent, ladies and gentlemen. As you can see on the midi map, it shows us exactly where he is located. I think this is him right here, man, so come on, you're going down, buddy, you're going down.

Fortnite - dragon ball z quest

Come on, he's so weak, mere buddy. Yes, we did it. We've won the little versus thing, and as you can see in the top left, we just got an insane number of power levels, a total of five million at that, or one more quest away from earning our very next dragon ball. Unfortunately, this reward was just a level up token, which hey, I guess isn't that bad because I'll never complain about a free level, but now it's time to unlock the greatest reward of the article.

To unlock this reward, we first need to find the kamehameha, a mythic ability. To find that, you can either go to any one of the capsule corps that drop in during the game, or you can do what I do and just make your way on over to the dragon ball vending machine, where you can just buy the mythic weapon for 250 gold.

Fortnite - dragon ball z rewards

Dear boys, there are a lot of enemies around me right now. A lot of enemies. Leave me alone buddy, there we go, we got him and I just gained three million power levels as well. Hey, we even got another dragon ball. That is a total surprise, but I will take it. All we have to do now is use the Kamehameha mythic to destroy 28 more objects.

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