Fortnite - How To Do The New Strength Training Dragonball Super Quests Easily

Fortnite - damage opponents within a single match

All right, welcome to my Dragon Ball strength training challenge guide. So today, brand new challenges have been unlocked. Let's see, there's one, two, three, four, five, and five new challenges, and you can unlock the number three star dragon ball. I guess technically there are only four challenges because this one isn't really a challenge, so you have to push giant boulders or timber pine logs 500 meters.

You've got to destroy 10 objects with a single kamehameha, attack easily, and then, when these two are staged, use the kamehameha to destroy a small car, damaging opponents within a single match. So, these should be pretty easy. I bet we could do this in one or two matches in team rumble. Let's try it alright.

The first thing you need is the mythic kamehameha, the ability to There are two ways to get this in team rumble. You can buy it from a vending machine or you can get it from a capsule, but in team rumble there's only one capsule that falls. I'm going to go ahead and buy the kamehameha. It's 250 gold and I'm going to buy the Nimbus cloud.

Fortnite - destroy 10 objects with a single kamehameha attack

But this is completely random. You can't land here all the time and expect this, but in order to tell if it's going to be a dragon ball, you could just glide by and look. There's no symbol in the vending machine when it's a dragon ball one, so if you see a pistol, an assault rifle, or a healing sign, then it's not it, so you can casually just glide over that and see.

So we have to destroy a small vehicle with the kamehameha. I think there's one right there, so we'll just bop it right here. I think we have to do this in stages too. Did I just miss or did it not do a lot of damage there? I must have missed it because that barely did any. Let's try again. Okay, there we go.

Yeah, I must have missed the good things about Team Rumble, and this is why I recommend it. You only get three uses for the kamehameha. However, in team rumble, if you die with one left, it'll refresh, so watch this. I'm going to build up, take some fall damage, and come back, and it'll be refreshed to three.

So now I have three kamehamehas again. Now let's see this one says, "push giant boulders or timber pine logs," so obviously you can find boulders all over the place from what I've been told. So if you unleash a boulder here and hit it off of this brick, it doesn't count. You have to hit it after it's unleashed, so that shouldn't count right there.

Fortnite - dragonball challenges

I have to go up to it after it's done rolling and then push it around, so we'll just double check that it's obviously I just freed it. It won't stop, okay, so let's just make sure we didn't get any challenges done there. It's still at 0 out of 500, but now that it's on the ground, let's hit it a little bit, and now it should register.

Maybe you can't use your pickaxe. Okay, it worked there, so you could use your pickaxe. So just push it around a little bit. It looks like you actually do have to use your weapon. But just knocking it down from its perch does nothing. Same thing for the timber trees. You have to knock them down first and then hit them while they're down.

Unfortunately, it breaks as you hit it, so you've got to be careful. It does let you do it. Stage two says use the kamehameha to destroy a big rig semi truck, so a big rig we're going to have to go to. Actually, Shifty Shafts has quite a few big rigs. Let's see if we can destroy them all in one shot.

Fortnite - dragonball quests

Okay, that was pretty easy. Now we have to destroy 10 objects with a single kamehameha attack. That's easy you can just build 10 walls in a row. Let me show you two, three, so there's 10 right there. We do 10. Yeah, we did nice crap. When your screen turns blue, that means someone's about to eat you.

Okay, let's see what else we've got. We damaged opponents within a single match. That's easy and the team rumbles. Just beat bop and scat all over everyone. We need more pine logs. Let's go find a tree. Hey brother, I don't want to give you my thing right now. I'm not done with it yet, so here's some timber.

Let me knock one of these down, and then we'll chop it when it's already down. Okay, so now it's down, we can knock it around. That goes pretty far, so I think the logs are much easier. Chop this one down too. Yeah, that one went rolling, so remember that the initial fall does nothing. You've got to hit them once they're down.

Fortnite - dragonball strength training challenges

I wonder if shooting counts. Let's see i wonder if damaging wolves counts. Let's see where I'm at right now. 478 okay, let's try to damage him. We were at 478, and no, it's not the same thing. No, it did, so wolves counted. Okay, so that makes it super easy. Stage three of three says damage opponents within a single match and it's a thousand damage, but as we just learned, it does say opponents and not enemies.

If it said enemies, it would mean actual human players, but because it says opponents, anything counts. For example, wildlife, which includes boars, wolves, or even sharks, I think sharks have a ton of help. Or you could even go to Darth Vader and damage him or any MPPC. So because it says opponents, anything works, so you can easily get a thousand damage in a single match.

Finally, there's a shark! My goodness. All right, let's see if we can man up. I spent half the match looking for this guy.

If you complete all the Strength Training quests, you get the 3-star Dragonball, inching you closer to the free Shenron glider.
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