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This one is to travel 500 meters on foot.

Travel 500 meters on foot in a single match

Travel 500 meters on foot in a single match

And this challenge shouldn't be hard at all. Let's say from my distance to there it's five hundred seven hundred meters. Let's reduce it. Yeah, so, something like this, you need to reach from here to here. On foot, of course, we have a sprint and things, so the sprinting should help a lot since you're moving faster, like do you see what happened now?

I traveled almost 100 meters in a few seconds, so all you have to do is just reach there without dying in a single match and you will be able to complete your challenge. The challenge is simply to swim in icy water.

Swim in icy water

Of course, all this area counts as icy water, so you need to keep swimming for 250 meters.

Yeah, so Troy, I think you should go in this direction. This will be faster since we are moving with the current. Let me see 100 meters. Okay, this is another 100 meters. Let's go, let's go. We are swimming really fast. And as you can see, the 250 meters are already done easily.

Gain 150 shields in different matches

Gain 150 shields in different matches

Of course, if you are playing a solo match, all you have all you can get is a 100 shield, and that means after getting the 100 shield, someone needs to damage you, and you need to get another 50 shield after that, which is not easy because you might die during that, like you need to wait until someone actually damages you, then you get another 50 shield.

Okay, I have another 50 shield now, so I need to find someone who damaged me and he didn't kill me, so I can use 2050 shield. This is if you are doing it solo. If you are doing it in team rumble, of course it's way easier since in team rumble you can just kill yourself and use the other 50 shields.

After that, I think you should do it in a blitz. It will be way easier than doing it solo. And I guess guys, if you're in a solo match and you won't do it, you can still do it. You can use a simple grenade to damage yourself. So now I'm lost. I lost my shield. okay, I didn't mean that. Now you can use this.

Shield, Yeah, and now I have 150 shields in a single match. Let me first explain how this challenge is going, and we're going to talk later about which one will be better.

Survive storm phases

Survive storm phases

So let's start with how to do the challenge. Of course, the circle will start moving after two minutes if you are doing it solo, and after two minutes there will be another timer that will count until it hits the other circle.

So, in this case, a solo match will be better for you, but if you want to do it in team rebel, it's still possible. You can do it in team rabble, by the way, and it will be fast. In two cases, if you want to be afk because of intima, if you die, you will be there, you know, respawning again, so it will be a really good method if you want to stay afk and do the challenge.

Also, if you are kind of dying every time you land in a solo match, you can still do it in team ramble and in team rumble. You can literally do it. It doesn't matter if you died or not; you will be able to survive at least three to four storm circles every match if you continue until the end of the match.

Don't leave it like this. Make sure you kill yourself by any means, just maybe grab something, if you're doing it in solos, of course, and remember, it doesn't matter, just kill yourself, like this, and don't leave the match, okay. For the last two challenges, which are collecting capsules in a Dragon Ball Adventure island or collecting a dragon ball in a dragon ball like version island, as you can see, this is a map.

Collect capsules in dragon ball adventure island

Collect capsules in dragon ball adventure island

If you try to copy this code, just try to copy it, or, I mean, just write it down on something and then copy it.

Then go to here. I'll copy and paste this code and press enter. You will notice that you will get this message. This message error message says that the island code is invalid because Fortnite forgot to publish this map before the challenge. That's why, until now, there has been no map and you cannot complete these two challenges.

Of course, Fortnite will fix the problem, and they will. You know, I just updated this map, so I will just publish the article now, and later I will put at the end of the screen a guide for the last two challenges. Just make sure to go to this guide and you will be able to know how to complete the last two challenges.

Okay, I will give it at the end of the screen.

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