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Fortnite season 3 now adds a free reward you need to claim today. Not only have the ufos and impulse grenades returned, but there's now a free bundle you need to unlock. In addition, Epic Games has now added a free skin to the game that's finally here for the summer event. In addition, Goku has finally arrived on the Fortnite island on which we'll be showcasing.

It's very appreciated. Let's dive straight into this free item shop bundle and claim ourselves this free reward now that this summer skin is finally available. Let's figure out how we can hold the lock for ourselves and go to this island. Go to the island Follow me into the building, and head to the first MPC in the back of the building.

All right, where's the NPC located? Go down the stairs. He's down here all right. Cool now talk and read the message. Okay, go to the hello Okay, so it's like a secret, it's like a secret area. The bat in the back of the plane cooler is all right. You've got to inspect the cooler for the message.

What the heck, that's crazy. Go back out of the plane and go toward the shovel to dig. This is insane. You dig, grab, and head to the vault downstairs. Now enter the key into the scanner. All right, so you enter the key card once again. You can wait, ladies and gentlemen. We've got to go check this out for ourselves.

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This actually looks crazy. This is insane. The games have now begun. Welcome to Viben Island. Go to the rave and grab a drink. So we gotta start this island by heading down the stairs to the mpc, which is where we are able to get this key card. So here's the very first NPC. Yo yo, you are vibrating hard.

Anyways, did you see that crashed plane on the beach? Something went down here all right. This map is absolutely insane, so when we come down from the plane, we have to go and inspect it. This cooler, which allows us mission log entry no. 56, we've lost all contact with home base and crashed on a deserted island far from civilization.

Huss got aboard and took Bravo One down halfway to Stonewood. All right, find something near it, so that is where we can go to the shovel, which is over here, I believe. Yep, there it is. We found it. The shovel is here, boys, so now we've got to dig. Let's get the shovel, which gives us the brand new key card, the Shark key card.

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Let's get it. Boom the key card has been acquired. Now we can go back into this area and then get ourselves into the vault and go into the secret area. Let's go in, insert the key card, and there it is. This thing is going, so let's get ourselves this brand new reward. You guys, no way. We've got the battle pass, we've got the skin, and we even have crowns.

My, this is insane. Let's start it off with the crown winds and then work our way over to the skin that we can unlock. So let's see what it says with the crowns. Congratulations, your next one will be a crown royale. All right, that's actually pretty sick for the next vending machine. We got the battle pass for season four.

It says, "What the heck, all right, if this actually says something crazy, congratulations." You've successfully redeemed the chapter three, season four battle pass. So does that just come when the season comes out? Obviously, a lot of us want to get this skin for free, so congratulations. You've successfully redeemed the underwriter.

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Your request is being processed, so does it just come to your account or how does that essentially work? I find this map very interesting, so go check it out. That's more than Naruto, and as well as when the Avengers first came into Fortnite, back in Chapter One, which is insane to think about, and with four nights of new updates on August 16th, this upcoming Tuesday, there are going to be a lot of cool things coming, so let's explain how you can now unlock Goku for completely free.

Players will now have the ability to unlock Goku for free, and here's why. As we know, with updates like this, which are some of the biggest updates in Fortnite history, content creators like myself, will have the ability to get ourselves these skins early, so we can expect ourselves to be able to get redeemable codes for the Goku outfit, which will also most likely come with a different e-mode, as well as different gliders, and just in general, a lot of cool things in the game.

Fortnite - dragon ball update

It's even been leaked that we will be getting a new mythic item as well, and we're also going to be getting a lot of cool things added on top of that. Fortnite Dragon Ball Z is going to be one of my favorite collaborations, and I genuinely believe this may be one of the biggest weeks inside of Fortnite.

So make sure you guys are here on the channel for that. I think many of us, as well, really hope to see Colombo return, potentially in this update and or for season four. I think that would be amazing, especially with this new trailer and a lot of cool things and details related to it. Let's hook you guys up with a V-bucks gift card, all right, ladies and gentlemen.

So make sure you guys have notifications on as well, so you can always get the V bucks when given out in articles, but you guys have some free 1000 V bucks just for the viewers, so make sure you guys are subscribed. We literally have two players remaining, so let's try to get this win, and I cannot wait for Goku to finally arrive in the game either.

Fortnite - dragon ball z

Man, I think that is going to be pretty much my favorite update. The last guy's right here. He's just flying around, he's so weak all right, we gotta push this, no doubt, gotta push. Come here, mate, let's go. It's amazing stuff, and you guys really love it. Check out all these other articles recommended for you here on screen.

Have a good one. Peace out.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z Item Shop Skins Now in Chapter 3 Season 3 Update.
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