Fortnite - Free Fall Guys Rewards Season 3. How To Unlock

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We have some brand new free rewards we can unlock here in Fortnite Battle Royale. Also, if you want a chance at getting yourself a gift item, all you have got to do is drop a like, subscribe, and turn on those notifications. Good luck and also, once this article hits 2,000 likes. I'm going to load up into a match as well and showcase the brand new firework weapon here in Fortnite, which is a huge win, so let me go ahead and load up into a match, load up into the zero builds, and now before we load up into the match, let's go ahead and showcase the brand new.

Here in Fortnite for Fall Guys, as you guys can see here on the screen, we have had an up-and-coming blog post here for four days now. The blog post is currently not out just yet, as you guys can see if you go over to the four-night website. The page has not been updated yet, but this page will be updated here in the next day or so.

As you guys can see right here on screen from i Fire Monkey, we have the Fall Guys x48, Slash Rocket, and League Recap. As you guys can see, we got the Crown Clash. It's going to be announced tomorrow at 9:00 a.m., so I'll have more info for you guys, so make sure you have those notifications on.

This will run from June 29th. So tomorrow, until July 11th, we can earn five free fortnight rewards, we can earn five free rocket league rewards, and we can also earn free rewards here in the fall, so there's going to be challenges. There's going to be ways for you to unlock this, and I'll be posting tutorial articles on how you can do this step-by-step.

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I did load up into a match kind of late, so there shouldn't really be anybody around me, so I'm going to go ahead and land over here and then we'll rotate over to the new POI location, which is right over here. As you guys know, we did have a really awesome collab, the Among Us Collab, and we got the Among Us crewmate back.

For this to actually be true, we do have somebody right behind me. I'm going to explain what I'm going to explain here in a second. We go ahead and charge after the wolf. Obviously, the wolf will stop sprinting and we'll fully help out. Hey, the wolf gets the elim. That's all right with me. Alright, goodbye doctor, but yeah guys.

I'm thinking we could be seeing a fallen guy's back bling here in Fortnite as a free reward, but we can also see, you know, emotes, we could see a wrap, we could definitely see something along those lines. For sure now are we going to be seeing a fall guy's skin. I guess there could be a fall guy's skin, but it definitely won't be like a fall guy character.

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I can't really see that happening because, like I've said, the Fall Guy characters are pretty small, and you know, being a Fall Guy character here in Fortnite would definitely be a little bit ridiculous, because it would probably be half the size of Midas. Also, if I'm being completely honest, as you guys can see over here, we do have a weapon that did drop somewhat recently.

You could only get it from certain locations before, but now it's basically spawned everywhere around the map, and we do have somebody over here that is letting off some shots when we get the speed limb really quickly. You do have a purple pro right there too. There we go ggs Go ahead and see what this crow has really quickly.

Fortnite - fall guys

I know that. I want to try to find one thing before the end of this article, shout out to you if you're still watching your real one, and that's nothing but the absolute facts, but let me go ahead and see if I can actually find the brand new firework weapon here in Forney, as I assume. I assume we should be able to find it somewhere in this house now.

If I find it somewhere in this house, if you haven't yet, hit that share button. Let's go on the hunt. There's nothing back there. There's also nothing here. I'm going to check the toolbox just in case, because there might be something that you know might come out of there as well. You've got a tent right there at the dinner table.

Another chainsaw Two of them in there actually. It looks like they're spawning a whole lot. I've got some shock waves right here too, which I'll go ahead and take. Then we got the wolf right here too. I'm going to let the wolf live here for a second, or you know what. Never mind GGs, do you have another player right here as well?

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There's a vibe all right. I'll take the pump. All right, let me see if I can go ahead and find this firework. As you can see, when you shoot it, as you guys can see, it literally does some awesome fireworks, as you guys can see. If you do use it above a player, it will actually mark that player on your screen, so as you can see right here, it marks a triangle basically right over their head.

Now it's just marked the hog, but it kind of gives you an idea of how this actually works. Other than that, that's pretty much it for the article. Have a great day.

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